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How To Master Online Video Marketing?

It’s obvious by now that video marketing is on the rise, and several studies have found that blogs and sites with video capture more viewers for longer. YouTube is now the second largest search engine with 72 hours of video uploaded every minute.

Funny how brands with the same owner are dominating, huh? Consumers love video, because it’s more interactive, personable, and engaging than text content, which means you need to learn how to master video marketing successfully. How do you do that?

Distilled has created a video marketing guide to help you do just that. So how do you excel with video? As a sneak peek to Distilled’s guide, here are the key components to a strong video marketing campaign.

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How Video Marketing Can Help Your Brand Stand Out

If you’re trying to promote your business it makes sense to use all of the latest marketing strategies to ensure the right people know who you are, what you do and how well you do it. Video marketing is a highly proactive way of fighting the good fight against your competitors and getting your message to the masses.

Gone are the days where only top brands use online marketing strategies. These days everyone from sport players to musicians to industry professionals use video marketing to build their personal brand and promote their business worldwide.

Technological developments mean you can share your videos online for free, so once you’ve made a video it can be viewed forever with no further cost. The latest video production technology also means that creating a professional video is affordable for small businesses and individuals who want to get themselves out there.

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7 Of 10 B2B Marketers Use Online Video, Up 35% From Last Year

Online video marketing is spreading from consumer-facing companies to business-to-business firms, with seven of ten B2B marketers now using online video as a marketing tactic. That’s up 35% from last year, and the increase comes as overall money spent on content marketing in the B2B arena rises, according to a just-released study conducted by Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, and sponsored by Brightcove. Videos had one of the biggest year-over-year jumps in tactics used by marketers.

Bear in mind that all of these companies have a vested interest in B2B content marketing and offer services in this arena. Nevertheless, the findings can be useful for those in the online video business, whether tech providers, production companies or other marketers. Videos were ranked 6th in effectiveness as a B2B marketing tactic, behind social media, newsletters, blogs, case studies and articles on one’s Web site, but well ahead of many other B2B tactics from podcasts to mobile apps to Webinars, according to the study of more than 1400 B2B marketing professionals. About 58% of marketers say video is an effective marketing tool.

The study also found that B2B marketers are spending one-third of their marketing budgets on content marketing, up 26% from last year. Also, about 54% plan to boost their content marketing spend into next year. Much of this attention will go to social media to distribute content, but video will play a role in those efforts.

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How Video Marketing Metrics Work

You can spend countless hours making a video, spend even more time editing every little detail, and finally, you can promote your video to everyone on the World Wide Web. But if you’re not using video marketing metrics to track your video’s performance, you’re forgetting crucial steps to successful video marketing.

Before you publish your next video online, make sure you know what metrics to use in measuring your campaign’s performance. Numbers are just numbers unless you know how they impact your business and goals. Here are five of the most important metrics in video marketing and how they work:

My video’s gonna go viral and I’m gonna get 1 billion views. Ok, let’s not get delusional here. It’s common for any excited video marketer to dream about millions (or billions) of people watching the marketer’s latest video concoction. Everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame, and for video marketers, that’s tons of views for each video they create.

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Need Help Marketing Online? Use These Video Marketing Tips

Do you do business on the Internet? Do you want new, fresh ideas about marketing? If you are, video marketing may be for you. You will reach out to a wider audience and keep your existing customers interested by creating some quality videos. Continue reading to learn more information.

Utilize how-to videos. Create a complete video that contains all necessary information. Viewers don’t like it when they start watching something, only to be told that they have to go elsewhere for the “rest of the story”. If you put out a good guide, people will buy your other products and services when they need them.

Be unique. Take pains to make your video different from all others. Your marketing efforts won’t be as successful if you’re simply creating the same videos as everyone else. You need to set your self apart form your competitors. Look for ideas from others in your niche, or perhaps you might draw inspiration through your customers.

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How considering the psychology of your audience can yield more effective creative

I recently read this interesting psychology article about a phenomenon called the ‘False Consensus Effect’, which is directly applicable to so many situations. In a nutshell, it is about how people believe that most other people behave similarly to themselves, and if they don’t, there must be something wrong with them (we all consider ourselves rational). However, in reality it is difficult to accurately predict the behaviour of others, and if they behave differently to us, or how we imagine they will behave, it is simply because they are different (despite usually also being completely rational).

In the article above, the first study of the False Consensus Effect was a theoretical one, and the second a practical one which was employed to test (and ultimately, in this case, prove) the theoretical study.

It is a useful social bias to take into consideration in business. People are inclined to think that the majority of other people agree with their judgements and opinions, which (whether true or not), makes them feel secure in their decisions. Therefore, by suggesting that others want a certain thing (for example a product you are promoting), whether they do or not, you can give the prospective customer the security of perceived consensus with others, massaging their decision-making process in the direction of a sale! It ties into the “Social proof your videos” psychology tip in our recent post on using social psychology in video marketing.

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Small Business Marketing – Great B2B YouTube Video Marketing

Small business marketing in the B2B (business to business) space can sometimes feel a little less exciting than what the B2C (business to consumer) folks can do. I hear a lot in the marketplace that social media and YouTube videos are not for B2B.

While it can be hard to conceptualize how to make businesses like accounting, floor sweepers or cash registers (or now the Square) exciting, I cannot think of something older or more stable than rail transportation. It only applies to large companies who need national transportation for large amount of goods (a pretty small slice of industry).

It is not a market segment that I would think of being on the cutting edge of technology or innovation. That was why I got SO exited to see this commercial, that makes a B2B video fun, interesting and, heck even exciting!

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Video Marketing Strategy 101

Venturing into online video marketing is becoming a significant factor for a flourishing business. Start-ups take the cake in video marketing bycoming up with witty, eye catching videos to promote themselves. Web based video marketing can be intimidating since it’s a new concept but don’t worry; here are three considerations to put forth your video project:

Congratulations you have decided to make your first web based video. First, as the business owner or marketing guru thereof you must define your goals as a company. Ask yourself: what’s the purpose of this video? What do I want the result of this video to be?

Secondly, match your video content with your aforementioned goals. After determining the goal of your video, you should brainstorm content. Determine what platform or video producing agency you’d like to use to produce your video. If your video is set to provide information and awareness of your business your video doesn’t need to be long. A quick 30-60 seconds of content will keep your viewers attention and inform them as well. Longer videos work well if and when it is entertaining.

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Effective Video Marketing – Video SEO

Video Broadcast Services is pleased to offer their Effective Video Marketing and Video SEO for your business, serving Boston, Miami, Chicago, Los Angels, Las Vegas, San Diego, Indianapolis, Des Moines, Kansas City, Dallas, and New York, and of course any location in the United States.

Car Dealers, Attorneys, Plastic Surgeons, Dentists, Health Care Providers and Nursing Homes and Elder Services, Retail and Restaurants, Insurance and Financial Services, Veterinarians, Travel and Hospitality are just a few of the industries we serve. Call us at 480-200-4222 to schedule a webinar to reserve your location and register your business.

Our exclusive services will give the edge over competitors and give your business a prominent presence in the major search engines, boost sales, drive traffic, and replace costly contracts, SEO and Pay per Click.

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Practical Online Video Marketing

Did you know a whopping 64% of people are more likely to buy a product or purchase a good or service after viewing a video? Did you know online videos about your business increases physical store visits by 30% and actual purchases by 24%?

Fellow business owner, within the next five years, online video spending will account for more than 1/3rd of all online advertising. The time to take advantage of online video marketing is yesterday. If you haven’t taken advantage of online videos in your business model, don’t miss out. The time is now. Even if you have a limited budget and no technical expertise, you will see quick results from online video marketing in your business. Lucky for you, your personal guide about how to implement online videos in your business is finally here.

This 75-page, ebook, complete with screenshots, is the one-stop solution to ALL your questions about marketing online videos. After you finish implementing these techniques, your money-stuffed banking account will thank you for purchasing.

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