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Tweet This! Top Tips Behind Successful Social Media Campaigns

Have you ever wondered what it takes to run a successful social media campaign? You know, the ones that grab a reader’s attention from the start, with videos going viral while spawning memorable Internet memes? The ones where everyone is re-tweeting a creative image or story, tagged with the brand’s logo or other identifying characteristics?

Internet news site Mashable covers successful social media campaigns on a regular basis. It noted that usually the best campaigns feel like well-oiled machines. But its authors asked a crucial question – “How do you make each and every user who interacts with the brand on a handful of platforms feel like his interactions with the company are personal and unique?”

Advertising Age compiled a list of the best social media campaigns from the recent past. In the list were these amazing executions:

Heinz developed a UK campaign based around its Facebook fans at the start of the cold and flu season. For $3, Heinz’s Facebook fans could send cans of soup to their sick friends through its social promotion. Soup was delivered to the recipients in a couple days, with the sender’s name and targeted greeting included.

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Indian Social Media Campaigns Need a Breath of Fresh Air

Its been a while since we at Social Samosa started reviewing social media campaigns and contests. While we do ask agencies to share the campaigns they are running for their clients, our team is also on the look out for any new campaigns out there.

We must have gone through scores of campaigns by now and covered a good bunch of them. But going through all of them made me realize one thing.

The Indian social media ecosystem needs a serious fresh breath of air when it comes to campaigns. There’s is so much to do on social media but it looks like we are lacking somewhere.

Lack of Creativity

A great deal of the contests that we went through were no brainers. Most (if not all) of them either required you to ‘upload your photos’ or else ‘share you story’.

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Social Media Campaign Aims to Help NYC Restaurants Post-Sandy

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, a group of New York City-based marketers decided to use social media to help local restaurants get back to business as usual.  The social media campaign urges NYC diners to chow down locally in downtown Manhattan, which lost power for several days after the storm, and encourages them to tip generously and to spread the good word by posting their bills to Twitter using the #EatDownTipUp hashtag.

With seven years of restaurant serving/bartending under my belt, I couldn’t help but bring attention to this terrific use of social media for the industry. I’m particularly fond of the “tip generously” part.

The brainchild of Paull Young, Bryce Tom, Carla Blumenthal, and Meghan McCormick, the “Eat Down, Tip Up” campaign was actually inspired by the social media activity of celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain.

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6 Social Media Marketing Tips to Ace the Holidays

The holiday season is the perfect time to rev up your brand’s social media marketing strategy. Consumers are buzzing with holiday spirit (especially the spirit of giving and receiving…and the shopping that goes with it). They’re lighting up social networks with talk and opinions about the season, and thinking about what they’d like to buy.

Social media is playing a significant role in holiday consumer journeys. 44% of shoppers surveyed said that they’ll consult social media as part of their holiday shopping process, and they’ve already started—54% of consumers are shopping before Black Friday. To capitalize on this surge of activity, here are six holiday social media ideas you can use to turn up your social media marketing:

1. Launch promotional campaigns that reference common pop-culture holiday themes

Jingle bells anyone? As many holiday-themed pop culture references as you can imagine, is how many you can use to create a clever spin on creative holiday promotion ideas. For example, TomTom launched a holiday-themed sweepstakes giveaway and called it “TomTom’s 12 Days of Giveaways.”

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Don’t Stay Stale! Change Up Your Social Media Campaign

As a consumer, there is really nothing more annoying than seeing the same company tweet the same thing day in and day out. Being consistent with posts and tweets is great but if you aren’t offering your followers something new you can fall flat in their eyes. That viral marketing campaign back in March may have brought you tons of new followers but just like a traditional marketing campaign you run into diminishing returns.


Variety is important when it comes to creating line and services, why wouldn’t it be just as important for your digital marketing campaigns. People are drawn to the new, and love to be the first of their friends to share new and exciting products. The Loyal customer appreciates the continuity of a weekly deal but in reality, your loyal customers are not your target market.

Change it up!

Do something your company has never done before. Look at your competitor’s social networks. What are they doing that fans seem to respond to and most importantly, what are they not doing that your brand can. Offer prizes, make an interactive event between you customers, social media, and brick and mortar stores. Lay out a schedule for the next 6 months. Take a look at upcoming company events and nation wide holidays. Pick a theme for your social marketing campaign and change it every few weeks.

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5 Ways to Run a Social Media Campaign Like a Pro

Social media strategy is now an essential part of any business.

Unfortunately, many small-business owners don’t have the resources to hire someone specifically trained to do this task and it falls to existing employees.

Social media expert David Lee King has a few easy tips that will make any business’ social media campaign more appealing. From simple photography advice to producing better content, King’s advice makes any business’ campaign seem more professional.

“Visual-based social media, like photographs, graphic images, and videos, is becoming a highly useful tool for small businesses to use,” King says. “Visual media is actually pretty easy to create, too.”

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Social and Anti-Social Media

On election night, it became the most re-tweeted photo in the history of social media: a picture of President Obama hugging his wife, Michelle.

But the dissemination of that iconic image is only the tip of a far larger iceberg that sank Mitt Romney. Yes, demographics helped Obama beat him. But so did the changing landscape of media consumption. The very groups — young women, Hispanics, African Americans, Asian-Americans — that made the difference are among the fastest adopters of social and mobile media.

The Obama campaign understood and rode this convergence of demographics and media, even as Karl Rove spent $300 million on television advertising that helped garner nearly two-thirds of white males only to find himself, to his everlasting surprise, on the losing side of the national election.

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Successful Social Media Campaign For Charities

We all know that charities are stretched for resources. Funding is limited and personnel can be spread thin across many tasks. However, in order for charities to reach audiences, hit fundraising targets and affect real change, it is essential that they communicate their message authentically, and this can be done by putting resources into a great social media campaign. Here are some top tips for planning an effective campaign:

1. Get specific

Outline some very clear goals at the start of your campaign. Is it a fundraising drive, an awareness push, a call out for volunteers or a call to action? Be clear about what you are trying to achieve and set a time-frame. It’s good to hang the campaign on a real-life event; an example of this is a year-long Penn State University fundraising drive for pediatric cancer, culminating in a 48-hour dance-a-thon.

You’ll also need to be specific to the platform – find multiple entry points from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and blogs but tailor your message to each medium – you can cross-fertilise but remember that Facebook and Twitter are very different beasts.

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Five steps to optimize your social media campaign in real-time

Optimization is critical to success, yet when it comes to social media, brands are often several steps behind the action. When a campaign ends, marketers set out to assess whether it was successful or not. The insight is then used to improve the next campaign, but what about optimizing a campaign as it happens…in real-time?

Running a campaign is like playing for a sports team. Waiting until the end of a campaign to perform analysis is like skipping a game and then checking the highlight reel afterwards. As a team member, you need to be on the field influencing the final score.

Here are five steps to leverage real-time optimization in your next social media campaign:

1. Determine which parts of the campaign are “optimizable”

When you boil it down, social marketing optimization is about improving the performance of content, links, calls to action, channel choices, etc. Your first step is identifying which parts of your campaign can be optimized. In short, you’re looking for which elements can be changed and what will have an impact on the ultimate goal(s) of your campaign.

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Build a Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign on Foursquare

Foursquare has proven itself to be a major force in social media marketing, especially for brick and mortar businesses. With 20 million members and growing, and over 5 million check-ins per day, the Foursquare community are active trendsetters in a growing market. They are great people to bring into your establishment because they go on to share it with their friends just by checking in to your place. They might even leave tips that will bring others in or comments and reviews on your FS page.

So how do you go about enticing these individuals to check out, or more importantly, check-in to your business? There are many different tools to run your social media marketing strategy on Foursquare, and you may find that a multi-tiered campaign can help bring in brand new customers as well as encourage your most loyal customers to keep coming back. I’ll take a look at some ideas for building your campaign and how to use some of these tools. They’re all free, and most of them are easy to set up, and with a well-run social media campaign you will find that the rewards and additional business are well worth the little time it takes to set them up.

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