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24 Must-Have Social Media Marketing Tools

Why is this so valuable? Well, today everyone has a Like button on their site. But if you want your audience to share your stuff, you need to give them a little incentive! That’s exactly what this plugin does.

In my most recent experiment, I had 452 people land on a page where they had access to royalty-free music they could use in their videos. If you shared the post, I gave you an additional five music tracks. Out of those 452 visitors, 379 shared to unlock those five extra songs! That’s 84%!

This isn’t a “new” tool, but I’m amazed by the number of marketers who still don’t use SlideShare as a main staple in their social media distribution. According to the latest research from Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, just 23% of B2B marketers and only 7% of B2C marketers leverage SlideShare (which now sees approximately 60 million users per month).

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Social Media’s Role In Understanding and Influencing Reputation

SEO professionals have always made use of rising searches on Google to create content that drives traffic to a website. Twitter Trends now offers a more readily available opportunity to jump on a trending topic or hashtag. However, before that, it’s critical to understand the reason why a topic  is trending before deciding whether this is appropriate.

On 20 July 2012, Celeb Boutique, a UK-based online store that lets people fashion themselves in the style of their favourite celebrities, saw #Aurora was trending and, ignorant of the fact it was related to a mass shooting at a cinema in Colorado, tweeted.

Despite issuing an immediate apology, in which the company said that “it had not checked the reason for the trend”, the damage had been done and search results for the store on Google are now dominated by reports on its “misguided tweet”.

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13 Social Media Marketing Trends For 2013

Perhaps Twitter will further position itself into becoming the newsroom of the future. Will Facebook shift its focus from paid ads to paid content, and make that long-awaited move into search? Possibly Pinterest will prove it has the legs to become the key player in social shopping. Or maybe, just maybe, somebody will have good things to say about Google+ (who doesn’t actually work at Google).

This infographic takes a closer look at how social media marketing will take flight in 2013, identifying 13 key trends that are ready to take off. Do you agree with these predictions? Hit the comments to let us know, and please share your own forecasts for social media marketing in 2013.

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Social Media Isn’t Dead: It’s Boring

When Julien Smith and I wrote The Impact Equation, we had a very specific goal in mind: help people get attention, understanding, and eventually a relationship of value. We built the book around the premise that well-defined goals were needed to craft ready-to-understand ideas, and that people could build a platform to spread those ideas to a network of people who cared enough to share those ideas with others. That’s the simplest possible summary of the book.

What people maybe thought they were getting was a book about social media and social networks, about marketing and campaigns. Some people believe that’s what Julien and I do. Social media are a set of tools. They’re not all that interesting to talk about in and of themselves. The “gee whiz” has left the station. We want to talk about action– or if you’ll pardon the self-reference, impact.

There are details and technologies you must master if you want to succeed. But that’s the keyboard-level and tactical part of what you’ll do. We wanted to give you something more encompassing.

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It’s impossible to stay up-to-the-minute on the ever changing terms of use for every social network, but here’s an overview of where you stand as of now on a few key sites, with a brief introduction to intellectual property as it relates to social media.

First, and foremost, if you create it, you own it, until you say otherwise. From the moment you “fix” your original creative work in a “tangible medium,” you own copyright in it. Typing a blog post on your laptop or taking a picture with your smartphone counts.

Content that you create and then post to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or anywhere else is still yours. You may have made it easier for people to infringe your rights by copying your work, but you haven’t given up those rights.

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15 Ways New Freelancers Can Use Social Media to Boost Business

Social media is a great way to connect with new people, including potential freelance clients. Having a presence on one of the hugely trafficked social-media platforms can also help your own freelancer website rank better in search and help you get found by prospects.

But here’s the problem: You’re not supposed to be salesy on social media. It’s supposed to be mostly a place to hang out and socialize. As a result, it takes a little finesse to use social media for prospecting, since messages like “Got any design work for me?” tend to get you unfollowed, disconnected and/or blocked, depending on the platform.

Also, each social-media platform has its own flavor and etiquette. It’s hard to make time to figure them all out and use your time on them productively…without becoming distracted and ending up playing Mafia Wars or forwarding funny YouTube video links. But if you focus on specific marketing and network-building activities, social media can be well worth your time investment.

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How social media can help companies improve internal communication

While many organizations get their feet wet with social media campaigns, once they try to do more with social media integration they encounter challenges that come with social media touching all the different parts of a company, says Maddie Grant, Social Fish’s chief social media strategist. She says that what often happens is different departments of a company do different things with social media that all falls under that company, revealing a need for enhanced communication.

“So this is one example where you may start off with individual departments, doing individual activities, but at the end of the day, there has to be some changes in your internal communication and internal collaboration in order to really optimize and maximize what you’re doing with social media,” Grant says.

She notes that social media is a good way to help a company with “deeper organizational changes,” and setting up social media guidelines is a good place to start. Grant says that social media guidelines should be the same for all of a company’s employees and they should define what an employee can do with social media and how he or she can represent the company. That way, more people can use social media within the company.

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What We’re Reading: Social Media

Social Media Today: 16 Experts on the Future of Digital Customer Service – Digital customer service is on the rise. More and more companies are finding their way to the social web to answer questions of clients and prospects. A study conducted earlier this year showed that about one out of three companies is currently helping clients in the digital world.

Social Media Today: The Timing of Tweets – Catching the attention of individuals on Twitter is challenging at the best of times, however could it be that some times are better than others? In particular we observe an increase in the number of comments received when a post is made on the weekend, presumably because people have more time.

Social Media Today: How to Effectively Listen on the Social Web [Infographic] – For an easy two-step guide on monitoring and acting on social media conversations, take a look at our infographic below! It’s time social marketers went beyond simply counting ‘Likes’ and comments, and uncovered the deeper meaning of social conversations.

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11 Social Media Mistakes You Don’t Even Know You’re Making

Spotting the mistakes of others is easy: The cringe-inducing Facebook status message. The ill-advised “after hours” tweet. Using Foursquare to check-in at an establishment of questionable repute. While social media provides a multitude of opportunities, the flip side is indelicate revelations are always just a click away.

We know, we know… YOU would never do that. But there are other social media blunders that are far less egregious you might be committing. And those mistakes could be holding back your job search or attempts at advancement.

Navigating social media is no “one and done” endeavor. It’s all fair game and enlightening information is generally available to all. Privatizing the personal is basic good sense, but consider the following tips as well.

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Turning Social Media Follows into Content Marketing Leads

Followers, “likes”, and connections may give some indication of the size of your potential audience. But those numbers say nothing about whether your audience is really following your lead, liking what you have to say, or connecting with your message.

If followers are all you care about, hundreds of services and tricks can help you drive up those numbers with very little effort at all. You can buy hundreds of “likes” for your Facebook page for just a few cents each. Or you can use a Twitter follower service that automatically or manually follows hundreds of people every day from your account in the hope that a percentage will follow you (and then, after a few days, automatically “unfollow” those who don’t).

But you have to ask yourself: Why? What does any of that actually do for you, your business, or the reputation of marketers in social media? To “like,” follow, or share a campaign requires approximately one second of commitment. Then what?

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