Why SMS Marketing is So Effective

Text messages are becoming increasingly popular as a marketing tool.  A part of that popularity is down to the convenience of the medium – SMS marketing is fast, easy and cheap.  You can automate your marketing and get your message out to thousands of people at the touch of a button.  That’s not the only reason that SMS marketing is popular, though. Most of the above benefits of text messages could also be attributed to email marketing and social media too.  The thing that sets text message marketing apart from those techniques is its effectiveness.  Why does SMS marketing work so well?

Smartphones are Ubiquitous

Unless you’re trying to reach an incredibly obscure demographic, you can be confident that almost everyone in your target audience carries their phone with them constantly.  They may only check their personal email addresses once or twice a day, but if you send them an SMS, you can be confident they’ll read it.

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How SMS Marketing Gives Underdog Businesses a Black Friday Advantage

It’s almost that time of year again: Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year. And because mega-chains and big box retailers usually dominate Black Friday, the smaller independently owned shops and boutiques could actually struggle during the buying frenzy. If you’re the owner of such a business, you’ve probably come to terms with the fact that you can’t offer the same deals or acres of shelf space. But you do have one tool that can attract shoppers this Friday: your opt-in SMS marketing solution.

Group SMS is a great way for smaller retailers and businesses to get a leg up on their national competitors. After all, one of the most popular reasons to patronize a smaller shop is the close, personal customer service. This Black Friday, commit yourself to using SMS to offer that same customer service experience when people really need it.

While the usual suspects dominate TV airwaves and newspaper ads, create a group SMS campaign to send deals and store information straight to your customers. Send links to unique products, advertise extended store hours, or even give special promo codes to value hunters.

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The Power of SMS Marketing for Sports Leagues

SMS hasn’t always been regarded as a marketing tool but society has started to notice the benefits of mobile technology. Many businesses have already incorporated SMS marketing but during the past year sports teams are starting to see the light as well. While SMS works great for businesses, sports leagues can benefit the same, if not more, from incorporating it into their marketing plan.

In December of 2011 the Phoenix Suns made it known they would be starting an SMS campaign in order to draw in more fans. There are a variety of ways sports teams can get fans more involved through SMS messaging including providing the latest schedule, scores, team information, player stats, and something most fans extremely enjoy; contests and giveaways. Everyone loves free stuff and sports fans are no exception. Who doesn’t want a football autographed by their favorite football player without having to pay a dime?

Who Benefits The Most

While sports leagues and organizations will benefit the most from using a campaign that is accessible with any phone service or type of phone, not all campaigns allow this. While the Smartphone has seemed to take over the mobile world, you might be surprised to learn that many people do not own a Smartphone. Using an SMS marketing strategy that every fan can partake in will prove more successful than targeting certain service providers or phones.

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How to use SMS marketing with confidence

SMS marketing is still a relatively new form of marketing and many businesses are yet to make use of it. Like all things new and different, that journey into the unknown can leave some companies with a lack of confidence when it comes to starting up an SMS marketing campaign for the first time. Here are some important points to keep in mind to help you build up your confidence when using text message marketing over time.

• SMS marketing is an opt-in service: Your customers would not have chosen to subscribe to your service or consent to providing their contact details if they did not wish to receive information from you. Providing a way for recipients to opt-out of receiving messages from you, such as texting ‘STOP’ to a number, will also allow you to stop worrying about those who do change their minds.

• Practice makes perfect: It is very rare for people to be instantly amazed at something that they have only just taken up. SMS marketing works in exactly the same way. It is difficult at first to know what to say and when. To build up your familiarity of the service start by compiling some practice SMS messages to test subjects. This will help you get the hang of setting up, writing content and sending your messages. Only by keeping at it and practicing over time will help you build up your confidence.

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Boost your Business with SMS Marketing

Marketing by means of mobile devices is called mobile marketing and it includes MMS, push notifications, in-game mobile marketing, mobile web marketing, QR codes and many other types of marketing, like SMS marketing, which is what this article is about.

Every business should bear in mind the importance of mobile communication. This channel is really every salesman dream because hardly nobody ever leaves their home without their phone. This means that as long as you follow the golden rules of marketing (pertinence, convenience and right timing) mobile communication allows infinite possibilities.

SMS marketing strategies to promote your business

Launching your product by sending your clients all of the information about your new product and where they can get it and giving them the chance to respond by offering discount coupons or free samples of your products.

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SMS marketing in comparison with multiple advertising campaigns

Multiple advertising campaigns are nothing but campaigns that help in promotion of products/services by making use of promotional strategies such as hoardings, pamphlets, direct advertising et al. On one hand where multiple advertising campaigns are frequent and popular modes of advertising, SMS marketing have several advantages over them.

1. Ridiculously low cost

The major benefit of Bulk SMS marketing is that it is ridiculously low in cost. This is advantageous for the business in the sense that it does not need to go the extra mile for incurring huge advertising costs that it usually spends on big hoardings, pamphlets, and other traditional methods.

2. Mass reach

On one hand where traditional advertising is reachable to only a few people, bulk SMS marketing have this feature of being able to reach the masses. That way, a large piece of audience gets informed about the product/news in advance and it consequently helps to create awareness about the product.

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US casino expands mobile database with SMS marketing campaign

The gambling sector was one of the few industries always considered to be recession-proof but the 2008 crash hit even some of the largest casinos, especially those based in the US.

A report from the American Gaming Association revealed that even casinos based in traditional ‘gambling Meccas’ such as Nevada and Atlantic City were hard hit. In fact, figures show that Nevada (the home of gamers paradise Las Vegas) experienced a ten per cent fall in casino revenue in 2009 – the greatest decline in its history.

New Jersey casinos saw revenue drop by 14 per cent, while more than a third of gambling establishments in Atlantic City filed for bankruptcy. In light of this, many casinos looked at how to turn around their fortunes by embracing mobile marketing in order to reach out to a larger customer base.

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Is SMS the missing piece in your marketing puzzle?

Mobile phone marketing is one of the easiest and most effective methods you can add into your marketing mix, especially if you already collect your customer’s contact details. As of December 2011, 88 per cent of the Australian population (aged 14 and over) owned a mobile phone, with 95 per cent of a key demographic, 25-34 year olds, owning a mobile phone. (Roy Morgan)

When you couple this information with SMS open rates of close to 100 per cent (Keith Brown and Budde), SMS marketing presents a great low-cost marketing opportunity for small and solo businesses.

SMS is highly effective when used for:

  •     Promoting sales, specials or discounts
  •     Reminders for events or appointments
  •     Competitions and voting
  •     Time-sensitive promotions

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Benefit From The Textbox: SMS Advertising That Gives You Clients

Revenues from cell phone marketing are exploding – and the future seems a lot more profitable. According to study, profits from all over the world mobile messaging the previous year obtained US$202 billion and 2016 revenue projections are viewed at US$302 billion. With mobile internet users predicted to exceed desktop users by 2014, your business should be thinking about how to maximize the textbox. SMS advertising, regardless of what type of business you own, will provide you with the benefits you need now.

This is the time to reconsider your marketing strategies, from the very concept right down to the execution. As worldwide customer behavior changes due to the amazing advancement in technology and the beginning of social networking, your advertising programs should be able to reflect and interact with a revolutionized market. The beauty of this welcome revolution is that it should cost you cheaper than your typical streams for advertising and promotional efforts. Ponder over it. You don’t need to depend on expensive talent to send your information. You simply need short and attractive copy to promote a product or service.

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Should you be Engaging in SMS Marketing?

Couple of “fancy” terms out of the way, first off: “SMS marketing” is just a way of promoting your brand digitally to your customers through text messages. It’s very, very polarizing because on the one hand you get to reach your customers directly and don’t have to wonder whether they got it. It won’t go to their spam folder – even though sometimes it legitimately is spam – and since they’re always carrying their phones around, they’ll see it as soon as you want it to.

Sounds great, right? It’s also even governed by the Bureau of Consumer Protection, meaning it’s regulated by the government. There are rules to follow vis a vis the CAN-SPAM Act, and they’re all clearly stated and easy to follow.

So what’s the problem?

Well, on the other hand is Papa John’s, was, well, allegedly spammed its customers in 2010 with 500,000 supposedly unwanted texts. “Hey, but everyone loves pizza,” you might be thinking. Yeah, sure, but do you really want to be receiving “15 texts in a row, even in the middle of the night.” Do you really want to be woken up and repeatedly pestered into ordering a pizza when you were off dreaming about a delicious new snack item called the pancake bomb?

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