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10 SEO Tools for Measuring Small Business Success

You can’t enjoy your favorite meal without having the appropriate utensils, just like you can’t track your SEO success without the right tools.  From free to freemium every small business should invest in SEO Tools to track their Key Performance Indicators to help determine your success.  We hope to highlight a couple of SEO tools and tips to help you with your optimization or to help track you SEO agency’s progress.

SEO Webmaster Tools & Site Health

Signing up for the Webmaster tools for Google and Bing is a must because, with hundreds of algorithm updates launched each year, you want to make sure you are getting all the important messages, which range from suspicious link activity and crawling errors on your site.  The best part of webmaster tools is that they are free and just require that you verify your site. The information from the tools will help provide you with the foundation for your SEO efforts and help determine your overall site health.

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SEO Tools that you can not miss as a web developer

There are thousands of different tools on how to improve a website or some parameters of it, some who analyze technical aspects , other than analyzing the seo and social that is your website and others that help you improve your design.

These tools can show you things that failures or improve your website that you had not stopped to think, like a thousand validation errors, meta-tags shoddy or white, right or wrong that fits your website to different sizes screen popularity in social networks … and Sunday I bring a handful to have nothing better to do ( and free ).


Woorank is a comprehensive service that in its free version rate considering your website 120 + values (traffic estimate, indexed pages, backlinks , meta-tags, seo , response time … well, what is complete).

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Top 14 Free and Paid SEO Tools

If you are offering Search Engine optimization services and is working with Do-It-Yourself method, means doing all analysis and research manually then this is a must read post for you. These tools can cut down your time for SEO analysis and research and you can spend most of your time in doing main implementation and planning.

Here is fine list collaborated by me containing the best free and paid SEO tools that can really do all those heavily time consuming tasks like checking broken links, traffic analysis, backlink analysis, competitors analysis etc in a matter of few minutes. There are a long list of such tools that most of the skilled and experienced SEOs use but as its difficult to keep them all in a post so here I am going to present the ones that looks very important to me and are on the top of my Best SEO Tools list that contains both free and paid ones with proper categorization.

Open Site Explorer is designed by SEOmoz , a very reputed name in SEO industry. This tool has gained a lot of respect and authority in terms of providing great data about a website’s linking profile. This tool provides you option to have a clear view of distribution of your backlinks, the anchor texts specifications, the top pages of your website etc. Also this tool offers you a way to compare your site with 5 different websites which you can use to analyze your website against your top 5 competitors.

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Blekko Launches Suite of Premium SEO Tools

Blekko, a user contribution friendly search engine, officially released a new set of SEO tools, allowing developers and websites access to incomparable data, primarily for the purpose of improving their web traffic.

The Blekko suite also introduced a new user friendly interface to match the new features. Blekko’s new features include SEO report cards, page analysis, full link reports and instant SEO access from its search engine. Subscribers of the service have full access to the new features, in addition to the comprehensive data giving them information about their website traffic, helping them better optimize and improve their websites.

As a part of the new feature set, subscribers can now organize their inbound links by category. Blekko’s slash-tag technology assists this feature, by organizing high quality websites by their assigned topic. This allows website owners to see what topics lead the most traffic to their websites.

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New SEO tools in 2012

SEO is constantly changing and you need to use the right tools to be up to date and successful. SEO tools are develop to accomplish a single or multiple tasks such as tracking backlinks, analyzing content, keyword search and identifying website malfunctions among many other things. It is best to be on the look out for emerging tools are they are usually more superior to the existing ones. Some of the top 2012 SEO tools that you can take advantage of include:

Google SEO tools

Google is your one stop shop when looking for the best SEO tools. This is where you can work with things like insight finder, webmaster tools, keyword tools and analytic programs among many others. Ideally it covers all the basics. Here you will find almost anything you need to be able to measure the effectiveness of your site’s SEO as well as the keywords that you need to be working on.

From this site you can either choose to go with the free or paid version. The free version is ideal for small SEO use as it is fully functional and allows the user to make use of ten queries every day. It is simple to use as all that a person needs to do is type in the domain that they want analyzed and SEMRush comes up with a detailed lists of potential competitors, organic keywords, ad suggestions and loads of other information.

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Off-Page SEO Tools

In Off-Page SEO, building natural authoritative links is a large part of the work that goes towards improving the search ranking of a site. Given Google’s constant strides towards making their search results more useful for users via algorithm changes and strict guidelines on what they consider to be acceptable SEO practices, the skillset involved with building high-quality links that contribute to the web in a positive way is ever-growing.

In order to help their link building efforts, SEOs use a huge variety of different tools to do their job more effectively. The following is a brief breakdown of some of these tools, from the well-known and frankly essential, right through to the more specialist tools that might be useful.

Page Rank Toolbar

Page Rank is an algorithm used by Google that gives a numerical score between 1 and 10 to pages on the web. The algorithm is named after Google co-founder Larry Page, and is used by SEOs, along with other metrics such as mozRank, to determine the usefulness to SEO of a link on a certain webpage. Although it will be obvious to those in search marketing that a page rank checker would be a good idea, a toolbar based checker ensures that when accessing any page a the Page Rank is visible, making link building efforts more efficient.

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5 Awesome Free SEO Tools For The Wise Blogger/Webmaster!

There is no doubt about it, the internet is replete with both free and pay-for SEO tools. Besides, SEO optimization services, sold by both individuals and small companies, are all over the place. Faced with so such diverse options, choosing a decent SEO tool as a Webmaster is always a herculean task – especially if you just want a free one!

However, a careful filtering will reveal one thing and that is, a lot of what’s on offer is nothing but a lot of duplication that give you the same results (with slight variations) from several different companies and optimization tools.

In this article therefore, I’ve filtered through the various options out there and present to you five of the very best free SEO tools you can use today. These tools will help you keep tabs on your most essential SEO metrics, and those of your competitors, without getting bogged down in stats from a dozen different analytics providers.

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3 of the Most Excellent SEO Tools for Bloggers

Blogging still rules as a premier method for publishing website content. With the sheer numbers of pages and sites online now, the need to practice up-to-date and competitive SEO on your blog is critical. It is vital for your SEO tactics to survive the seemingly constant changes in how search engines rank content. What then are 3 of the best SEO tools for bloggers?


Guest posting is a well-established method for acquiring incoming links, which are elusive but powerful elements of SEO. Google loves naturally-earned backlinks. But it is time-consuming finding suitable blogs with owners who will allow you to post, as well as finding good quality authors to post on your own site.

Enter Myblogguest, a free site that connects blog owners and authors for guest posting. After joining, you can upload articles to their Articles Gallery without waiting for requests. Once you have added an article to the database, thousands of blog owners will be able to see it and ask your permission to post it on their sites. In turn, you too can search the Articles Gallery for content to add to your own blog.

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SEO Tools: How Important can these tools be, for your website?

Every business and normal websites are of no use if they don’t have any visitors. Nowadays, search engines are they main source of visitors. So search engine optimization is mandatory for every webmaster. Here I will discuss about SEO(Search Engine Optimization) tools.
Importance of SEO Tools
If you are a webmaster, and you want to rank in google for your targeted keywords you will need some SEO tools for sure. These tools will help you to analyze your SERP( search engine results Page) position and guide through the way up. These tools help you to improve your on-site and off-site SEO.

Features to look for in SEO tools
It is a bit difficult to find out a tool with all the features. So while buying check carefully whether they provide following features -
Keyword Research – Keyword research is an important task to be done; this will help you to determine your target keywords. Some handy tools for keyword research are -

  •   Google Keyword Tool
  •   Google Search-Based Keyword Tool
  •   Keyword Spy

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Build A More Profitable Website Through Search Engine Optimization

With everyone online rallying for attention to their site, maximizing your SEO potential is the only way to effectively get traffic to your web business. People use search engines to obtain information, shop and find new companies. You can use these tips to market your site and see a lot of visitors.

The options are limitless when it comes to ways to improve your sites ranking, but trying to learn them all is not the best option. No matter how much time and energy you put into learning SEO, you will never become an expert at every trick. Select one that work for you so that you can master it.

If your target demographic already has a few known electronic publications, submit articles (complete with backlinks) in order to gain exposure. Exines are saved forever and the links always stay active. This is great because even if someone sees an article of yours a while after it is written they will still be able to get to your site from it.

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