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Perhaps you have heard that you need to take advantage of the growing and evolving world of internet marketing. Perhaps you have taken that big step and created a business website. The question now becomes, have you realized any real benefit from your shiny, new website?

If not, the focus should probably change now to how best to optimize your website so that you can achieve the highest possible search engine rankings. In other words, you want your customers to be able to find you easily. If your website shows up in the top ten search engine results, this could mean a huge advantage over your competitors.

If your SEO expert tells you that they can guarantee you the number one spot on Google, you should be very cautious. The main reason that this cannot be guaranteed is because Google is ever-changing and constantly updating their algorithms so just when you hit number one, it all changes.

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3 Common SEO Guarantees That Need Warning Signs

Recently we had an enquiry as to whether we offered SEO guarantees and keyword performance based pricing schemes. Like hundreds of other reputable SEO companies around the world, we don’t offer or promise SEO Guarantees, provide no-contract SEO Plans or offer keyword performance based pricing schemes.

Ultimately, in the world of SEO there are simply too many variables to make such promises and guarantees. Companies who do offer SEO guarantees, keyword performance based pricing and SEO plans that don’t require a contract, should all come with big red warning signs.

We have outlined three common ‘SEO guarantees and promises’ made by such companies, with reasons why caution is warranted.

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Improve your website’s Google ranking with A+ SEO

Improving your website’s Google ranking is vital to the success of your business and here is why. The top ranking website for any keyword search will receive over forty percent of all click-through traffic. The first ten results on the first page of Google will receive a massive eighty nine percent of all click-through traffic and websites not ranked on the first page of Google will not receive more than one percent of all click-through traffic. These statistics demonstrate the importance of investing in good online marketing. To improve your organisation’s web design, SEO, online marketing, reputation management, and all-round online success, why not speak to the experts at A+ SEO?

The team at A+ SEO is dedicated to providing New Zealand business’s with the top internet marketing services in the country. Search engine optimisation is the primary focus of A+ SEO and they are experts at improving website’s Google rankings. Years of experience, a portfolio of prestigious clients, and a proven SEO track record make A+ SEO the number one choice for all your online marketing needs. So confident in their ability to rank your business highly, that A+ SEO actually guarantees it. If your website is not on the first page of Google for all of your keywords, within 180 days of working with A+ SEO, they will work on it for free, until it does. Your online marketing investment is thereby guaranteed to be returned with A+ SEO.

Sometimes good SEO, however, is about more than ranking highly. If your business or organisation is in need of some online reputation management, A+ SEO can help here too. Whether Google search results are yielding negative results, undesirable options, complaints, inappropriate information, or your competition, an A+ SEO reputation management package can assist you. A+ SEO can optimise the search results to ensure your business’s online success. Pushing bad feedback listings down, moving constructive feedback to the top, getting positive results on the first page, and re-framing bad reviews are all part of the completely confidential reputation management package offered by A+ SEO.

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Leading the Auckland Internet Business Field with SEO Auckland

SEO Auckland is the best Internet marketing solution that you’ll ever get in Auckland. Local SEO that is directed towards the people in Auckland will make your business more renowned in Auckland. You can get many customers and thus garner more profits once you begin targeting people in Auckland with SEO. In fact, SEO’s return on investment is much bigger than the return on investment expected from many other Internet marketing methods.

What does SEO Auckland do to your website? Let us explore general SEO first. SEO is a bundle of methods and strategies aimed to make your website emerge on the top of the search engine results pages’ rankings. To be on top means that your website will appear on page 1 when web users search for the main subject of your website by using a search engine. You can’t afford to have your website be on page 2 and so on because customers aren’t hanging around there. They are all coming to page 1. And on page 1 it is better to be on the top half of page 1 than to be on the bottom half. SEO, if executed well, will bring your website on top of page 1.

General SEO service is usually done by placing keywords on the content found in your website. Keywords are words that are exactly the same or similar to the words that Web users enter when using the search engines to search for the topic or product that your website is selling. For example, you have a business website for selling used car parts. On the write-ups on your website, you should place the keywords “used car parts”, “used car accessories”, “second hand car parts”, and so on in the proper percentages (usually 3-5% of the article). SEO is also done through link building, or putting links of your website on other websites. Link building can be done by visiting forums and message boards, exchanging links, and leaving comments on blogs.

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SEO Experts Use Uncommon Techniques

SEO professional and seo expert use the quality content and new type of web site promotion strategies with the effective and proper use of web services with maintenance of body care treatment and the use related sites on the given web designers services, Also seo focus on every type of web marketing techniques and for the better result unique and effective content are very useful for fresh level of web maintenance services of regular way of website maintain services while designing a website per SEO techniques are give the better result to another related sites.

The website maintain service basically use of two type of proper use of SEO service which is part of Off page elements and on-page element optimization coupled with SEO website design enable the sites avails outstanding design, usability and content resource for your clients. Such websites are hardly hit by updates, and also should they be hit, it will require just week to be removed from the penalty confinement. People are last business enjoying superior results resulting from fewer competitors remaining after thrashing hits by internet search engine updates. Therefore, it is always mandatory to select a search engine web development company as opposed to just a search engines optimization firm. Some great benefits of local SEO company such providers for projects accomplishment bring five main differences to your websites.

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SEO Web Hosting Service

Web hosting has evolved so much in the past several years. Before, you can host multiple websites on a single IP address alone. As the technology progresses, new and innovative ways have been developed to further enhance the services provided by hosting companies.

SEO web hosting packages include hosting using multiple IP addresses with each IP address on a unique C Class. Each IP address gets to have its own unique domain name server (DNS) too. In addition, an assortment of distinctive web page content can be included in an SEO hosting package and many more.

The reason why SEO web hosting has evolved so much in the past several years is because having a single eye-catching website is not sufficient. If no one that has an idea that such website exists, it will never gain any traffic.

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Seo Expert Hamilton

With thousands of new business owners looking to the internet as another way of advertising. SEO Consulting Services are becoming an extremely valuable resource. In saying that, there are also a lot of so called cowboys out there, so before you settle on who you hire as your Search Engine Optimisation Expert, ensure you do your home work first.

Essentially, there are two methods of optimizing a website, the right way and the wrong way. The wrong way is referred to as Black Hat, and the right way being, yes you guessed it, White Hat. Some say that there is nothing wrong with Black hat methods and that it’s not illegal, and yes, they are right. But there is a high risk of the website being black listed.

People attempting to do SEO will invariably push the limits when trying to get their website to rank high in the search engines. This article will briefly explain what to do and what not to do.

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Never Judge a Website by it’s cover – Website SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Google whether we like it or not is the Internet King, most people think Google is a Search Engine, well maybe so but they are really the largest advertising company in the world and this is why website SEO is important. So when someone makes a website, they have to follow rules, think of it this way. If you want to put an advertisement in the NZ Herald, they ask you where do you want it? What type of advert? What size, what colour etc, etc.

Google as an advertising company, instead of asking you all of those silly questions, TELLS YOU HOW IT HAS TO BE. So if you build a website that does not do it as W3 (World Wide Web rules) and Google want it, IT DOES NOT GET ADVERTISED. Website SEO has lots of little things that you have to pay attention to and if you don’t you end up at the bottom of the pile.

I have looked at about 75 websites this week (It’s my day job) and 50% are really, really, good. Of the other 50% there are half which are ok but need basic tweaking and the other half are dead in the water. Those dead in the water websites, are not even around according to Alexa , (Alexa is a www rating company) and therefore Uncle Google does not know they exist because the rules were not followed.

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7 Cringe-Worthy SEO Phrases You Never Want to Hear in a Marketing Meeting

We’ve all been there. You’re in the marketing meeting and someone brings up SEO. I don’t know how they’re bringing it up, but they’ve done it one way or another. Maybe they used some of the phrases below. If they did, you need to know why you wish you hadn’t heard what they’ve just said.

I understand that quite a few folks learn the basics of on-site optimization. I understand that quite a few folks read SEO blogs, or read marketing blogs that talk about SEO in passing. I understand that quite a few folks learn a lot from the SEO that used to work at the company.

Knowing a little bit about SEO is a good way to be dangerous to your marketing department. Without thorough SEO knowledge, it is easy to do substantial damage to your web rankings. Whether you’re optimizing for the wrong keywords, accidentally using some black hat techniques, or spending all your time on spammy link building, you’re doing more harm than good.

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Seo NZ

When you go into business for yourself in whatever the niche maybe, most businesses sooner than later come to accept that their business needs an online presence. This as usual starts with a business website.

In the beginning you of course need to source the appropriate web developer maker and marketer to build your online presence. Sometimes this can be basic to do or problematical depending on where you look and what criteria you evaluate their proficiency as online professionals.

Once your web is constructed and live active on the internet, it’s time to consider what is called Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. In New Zealand this would be called SEO NZ.

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