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Real Estate Video Marketing has never been easier! Tech Media Marketing, Inc.’s Automated Real Estate Video Marketing System – Automated Real Estate Slideshow Virtual Tours 425.835.2404 Tech Media Marketing, Inc. provides an Automated YouTube Marketing System for Real Estate Offices.

We pull listing data from your local MLS if they allow it or from an XML data feed if you are syndicating your listings to Zillow or Trulia. We optimize your real estate listing videos for You Tube and Google Videos and also post to your social media accounts like facebook, twitter and google plus. Completely automated and branded to company and listing agent. Tech Media Marketing, Inc. is an Approved vendor for Realty World and Realty World franchise offices as well as Sutton Real Estate. Tech Media Marketing, Inc.

provides accessible internet marketing solutions for small business and real estate listing video marketing. Tech Media Marketing, Inc. is your solution for Automated Real Estate Listing Video Marketing System Real Estate Video Marketing Social Media Integration Internet Marketing Digital Marketing Strategies Search Engine Optimization Video Marketing Mobile Media Social Media Marketing Social Media Coaching Text Marketing Retargeting Online Advertising Ad Campaign Management Video SEO Behaviorial Marketing.

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Real Estate Video Guerrilla Marketing

Real estate marketing and advertising video these days leaves little or no room for a shaky, word wasting, time sucking video that most people are shooting with their mobile devices, flip video, or digital cameras. No longer will a virtual tour of walking up the stairs while huffing and puffing, out of breathe, while showing off the bannister and crown molding, be good enough for a high end or even moderately priced seller’s home.

Company’s like Coldwell Banker who staff agents like “Jessica Edwards in Wilmington, NC.” are creating high end fancy and fun videos that charge the viewer with energy and excitement while subliminally creating awareness of a service with a call to action. They’re also doing it by tapping into the emotional senses and using great visuals and music. No longer will a virtual tour 360 panorama photo/video tour with the voice of James Earl Jones be enough. The bar is raised, are you ready to meet the competition?

Inspired by the Harvard Baseball team, the Miami Cheerleaders, Katy Perry, Mumu Girls, and of course the one and only Carly Rae Jepson, present “Call Me Maybe!” Filmed and produced by Joe Cheshire at I like this video best!

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Melbourne Real Estate Sees Video Marketing Success

Melbourne Real Estate, a property management company based in Melbourne Australia, is the newest addition to the Virtually Incredible list of success stories. Peter Hooymans, the man behind this powerful Melbourne property management services company, decided only a month ago to give this whole video marketing thing a go.

The Virtually Incredible crew immediately set to work hand-in-hand with Peter’s team. After setting up the company’s YouTube channel, we assisted them in populating it with extremely-optimized video tours. There are close to 50 videos now. Additionally, we helped launch and optimize their first promo video shown below.

Through our optimization strategies and tireless efforts to promote the video in order to capture and captivate Melbourne Real Estate’s target demographic, a little magic appeared out of nowhere and the video went viral in an instant. This pace continues as it is generating close to 150 to 200 views a day.

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How Video Marketing Can Help a Real Estate Business Become More Prosperous

To keep up with the times, video marketing is a sure way to advance your real estate business. Everybody is glued to the Internet. Customers are always looking for answers in the Web. If a prospective customer is looking for a real estate property, the first medium he has to look for is the Web. If a real estate owner wants to sell a property, the first thing he does is turn to the Internet.

Effective online marketing strategy entails you to create videos that are able to showcase your merchandise. You need to create a meaningful video that is instilled in the minds of your viewers. In your video, indicate the good qualities of your product. Emphasize the strategic location of the real estate.

Video marketing strategy is the best way to attract customers to purchase real estate from your company. Gone are the days when you need some magazine pages, newspaper classified ads, promotional items, and business cards. Needless to say, these promotional materials can raise your advertising expenses to great heights.

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Real Estate Video Marketing Tip

On Today’s Electric Avenue Show – Greg Vincent shares a simple and effective Real Estate Video Marketing Tip. Behind-the-scenes I have been asked by a number of agents about all the different types of video equipment and what sort of gadgets real estate agents should buy to get started with Real Estate Video Marketing.

Well the best video equipment you can use to get started is probably in your pocket/handbag or sitting right next to you on your desk as you are tuning-in on today’s show OR you may even be using it right now to watch the show? You see, your mobile device not only includes a video camera, but it has internet access and YouTube upload functionality.

YouTube also has built-in video editing tools so if the lighting isn’t quite right then you can make a few changes PLUS if you’re not really that happy with the end result you can either make the video Private or Delete it. Like I said in today’s show, don’t get too caught up in getting equipment like Green Screens, etc and having the best/latest video camera on the market.

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Real Estate Success With Video Marketing

Have you ever tried using video streams to market your real estate company? With ever-changing needs in the market, using social media sites for your business is not a luxury but a necessity. One of the best things you can do to market your residential real estate company is use videos with high quality photographs highlighting the houses in the market. If you don’t start using videos within your marketing strategy now then expect your business to be outdated soon in the market. Here are some tips you can follow in using video for your real estate marketing.

It is simple. All you need to do is come up with creative ways to incorporate videos into your marketing strategies. You can try using SEO to build up your plan. Branding is crucial for your clients to clearly understand what your marketing proposal is. Next, use your videos for lead generation and lastly, include lists, plans, or outlines in the videos to clarify your real estate intentions.

After the different outcomes you’ve made, you also need to do keyword research to decide what will be the keyword(s) you should target with your video. It might sound difficult or messy but it’s really simple and most definitely effective in the market. First you need to search in GOOGLE for “keyword tools” and it will give you results that will take you to GOOGLE ADWORDS KEYWORD TOOLS. In the AdWords Keywords Tools you can enter the potential keywords and Google will explain how you can generate traffic for the keyword(s) you entered.

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Real Estate Video Marketing Success

In this ever evolving world people always find a new way to grasp the market, most of the people this days have turned to video marketing. Video marketing is growing like sand storms all over the world, most of the people who practice real estate buying and selling use video marketing and most of them have derived their ideas from web pages that have made this sort of marketing strategy a popular means for everyone in the real estate business, online marketers such as that has given the real estate market a platform to use their video marketing.

If you are a business man who deals in real estate and you have not yet turned to video marketing you should ask your market level will decrease by a very large margin if you do not. Starting a video marketing campaign is very easy and it only takes very simple steps that are as follows:

Most would think of this like just something your teacher told you to motivate your grades but it is actually a very valid point, one should know what kind of market they want to attract and if they attract that market what they will do with it.

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Why you need a real estate video for your website

Online video has proven to be an effective tool for real estate agents. If pictures can show off an available home better than text alone, then imagine how powerful video can be to the prospective buyer. It gives them the feeling of actually touring the property–outside of them visiting the house in person, there’s no better way for them to truly experience it.

Videos are social by nature. Just as you learned in kindergarten, it’s important to share – and now it’s fun! And every marketer knows social media is all about sharing, whether it’s on twitter, facebook, pinterest etc. Videos stand out. At one time, virtual tours gave agents an advantage over those who offered photography alone. A full motion, narrated, video tour lets agents show clients that they are using the latest technology to market their property to get maximum exposure. It’s all about enhancing your marketing strategy, to set yourself apart from the competition.

A perfect example of a good real estate video is from one of our clients here at Intagent, Tanya Osman. She has projected a simple yet a very informative video that shows the details of her listings such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and the square meters.

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Real Estate Video: DSLR Basics

If you are a real estate agent or REALTOR serious about real estate video marketing you may want to consider buying a Digital Single Lens Reflex camera or DSLR for short. A DSLR is a digital camera with a digital image sensor that shoots HD video. DSLR’s have a wide variety of expandable camera lenses.

If you are a regular visitor to you know that I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on camera equipment I did not necessarily need. This is the price of being an early adopter in anything, especially real estate video. I like to call it “failing forward”.

You see, I didn’t have anyone that could tell me to skip this camera and get that one, skip that editing software and get this one. I had to do my own research and investigation. I eventually landed on the DSLR and I couldn’t be happier.

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Video Marketing For Real Estate Businesses

Vly Goldmine, on the other hand, stands apart from these business owners as the highest-paying and the large majority of trustworthy gold buyer San Antonio has. Share the video on social media web websites and services like Facebook plus Twitter.

To enhance the viewership and reach, introduce your video into your possess blog or article posts positioned on your website. Share the best video on social media domains and services like Facebook actually Twitter. Also, don’t not recall to link out to so it whenever you can; more visitors increase your chance for traffic, branding and community.

video marketing atlanta has quickly become the life for online marketers. Those who are not taking advantage of a exciting new promotional opportunity in order to missing out on something the appropriate approach . revolutionize your online business.

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