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Promotional Videos and Net Etiquette

If you are a business owner who traffics in e-commerce, no doubt you’ve overheard a colleague – perhaps an IT person, or a web guru – tell you, “Don’t do that on the web page. Nobody likes advertising videos. It’s poor form.”

It doesn’t matter that the worker is looking at the World Wide Web from a potential customer’s viewpoint rather than a business establishment’s perspective. Much too frequently, the harried business owner, insecure about his own grasp of Internet commerce, will succumb to these types of outcries. He is terrified of turning off and repelling potential customers. But, how is that different from a network executive determining to pull all of their advertising campaigns because “folks hate marketing?”

In one critical regard, Internet commerce is no different from face-to-face purchases that have definitely run human economies for millennia. It’s this: nothing sells like a real man or woman talking to another real person. The notion that a business may be managed based on the wishes and inclinations of the customer, surfing the Web at 3 a.m., is a myth

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5 Reasons to Create Promotional Videos for Your Business Online

One really smart way to market your company is to create a promotional video. That’s because, in this world of “wanting information quick, fast and in a hurry”, it’s a really effective way to get your message across in a limited amount of time in a way that is both creative and user-friendly.

That’s the bottom line reason of why it’s a good idea to create promotional videos to post online for your business. But, if you’re not completely sold yet, we’ve enclosed five more reasons below:

It’s a great way to drive traffic to your website. Of course, what would be the point in having a video if you’re not going to share it right? By putting your video on your website (preferably on your home page), you make it more interactive, which is a great way to draw more attention to the other links on your website.

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5 tips for football players to make a great promo video

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. What about a video? Our guess is that it has the power to say everything needed about an athlete – if made in the right way and with some important guidelines in mind. Remember, your video presentation might be crucial for your upcoming career opportunities (potential transfer). Here are Fieldoo’s five tips on how to make a great video presentation.

1. Make a plan

Before you can make a presentation (promotion) video, you have to know that you have enough material. If your games are not on TV and nobody is filming them, it is up to you to get somebody who will catch you on tape. In today’s world, where great digital technology is available at reasonable prices, it shouldn’t be a problem. All new DSLR photo cameras have a video option – if used correctly, the outcome can be at least as good as with an amateur camera. Using mobile phones is possible, but not advisable. Hiring a professional to make footage is an option, but probably not worth it (more about this under tip 5) What is important is that your skills are filmed and that you have enough material to make a good compilation out of it.

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Exploring The Use Of Promotional Video For Your Business

Online Promotional Video is fast becoming one of the most popular forms of internet advertizing today. Each day millions of people go online to shop, surf, or research products and services. Video marketing makes learning about those products and services more pleasurable and more through.

People remember what they see and hear easier than they remember what they read, and it’s not as easy to get bored when watching a well designed Promotional Video as quickly as it is when reading page after page of printed promotional material.

A well designed and scripted Promotional Video is meant to capture the attention of consumers as well as to educate and inform them about products and services. Businesses that choose to use Promotional Videos as a way to advertize their products or services often see results overnight.

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Boost your Christmas sales with a promotional product video

Another competitive Christmas period draws closer, meaning businesses will need to look for ways to differentiate themselves and attract new customers. Have you thought of using a promotional video to entice sales?

Creating a promotional video for your company is an effective form of marketing that can encourage existing and non-existing customers to interact with your brand. It can be in the form of a demonstration, images to music or an `interview’ style film to interact with products on a multimedia level. At WPS Media, we feel that this marketing method is underrated and is in fact is a brilliant tool for increasing revenue. Here are ten reasons why and how a promotional video can benefit your company.

1. Presents your company in a professional manner
Using a promotional video will show customers that you care about the product or service. It shows that you want your customers to feel reassured of its quality and how it can benefit them, making them more likely to make a purchase.

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How to Create a Promotional Video (and Why It’s a Good Marketing Tool)

Let’s say you have a product or service and you want to make a short video to tell people how awesome it is. What’s that? You don’t have any products or services? Why the heck are you in business? Go make something revolutionary and come back when you’re done!

Ready? Great! Here’s how to make a promo video:

This is the easy part. Okay, maybe the not-as-hard-as-the-other-parts part. Nearly all modern video cameras can capture at least 720p HD (High Definition) video, although 1080p is rapidly becoming the norm. That’s more than enough resolution and detail for anything you’re likely to shoot. As someone who makes videos for a living, I would recommend using a dedicated video camera (as opposed to the one built into your mobile device) with a decent lens featuring optical zoom (digital zoom = AWFUL!), manual focus and exposure setting capability. Auto-focus and auto-exposure are handy if you’re in a rush, but learning how to set these manually is worth it in the end. If you don’t already have a camera with these features, there are several fine makes and models available from around $300 to $1,000. DSLRs (Digital Single Lens Reflex) are the weapon of choice for most videographers today.

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How to Get your Promotional Videos Seen

Video promotion is a great strategy available to increase the visibility of your business. There is no disputing the fact that a picture says a thousand words and video can be priceless. That said, your promotional video needs to be thoughtfully edited, interesting to watch and capture the attention of your audience. You have about 10 seconds to capture your viewers interest and keep it there long enough to know what you are about. On virtually any topic you can think of, there are hundreds if not thousands of videos offering everything from how to change a tire, to training your cat to use a toilet seat, and yes, even flushing one when done. The task is to create original material, or at least material that presents your ideas in a unique way.

When You Smile, The World Smiles With You

It doesn’t matter what you are selling, promoting, or offering, the way you do it will determine how successful you are. Injecting humor, or anecdotes in your marketing attempts will set you apart from the other 500 videos promoting door hinges.  Turning the mundane into the inane, can help you, so don’t be afraid of being silly and letting it all hang out.
Shock and Awe Campaigns

Tabloids sell for a reason. They give readers an outlet that can be tiltilating and exciting. With video, online graphics and animation, your imagination is the limit. Give your audience something to talk about, and they will be coming back for more. A little sexiness sells, just look at the Go Daddy girl. SInce when are domain names sexy? Since a pretty 25 year old in a tight zip up overall became the voice of URL and Web Hosting.

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Perks of a Promo Video

Just this past month a HUGE business dream and goal of mine came to fruition: I completed and released my professional promotional video for my photography business. This video is much more than video marketing, it is an inside look into who I am, how I run my business, and a look behind the scenes. This video allows future clients to place themselves in the shoes of the featured models in the film. With the freedom to show off my personality, I was able to solidify my brand and put a true face behind the camera. Why does that matter? Does the video really make a difference? If I were to make one, where do I begin? All of these answers and tips are featured below.

Video marketing, by means of a promotional video, is a way you can promote your photography business by not only selling your art, but by selling YOURSELF. A promo video also gives you the perfect opportunity to stand out, capture your clients attention and give them a way to connect with you more than they would just by looking at an online gallery or portfolio of images. In a business where the number of “professional” photographers grows everyday, you have to continue to look for innovative ways to grow your business. You have to attract new clients and convince them that you are THEIR photographer. That in essence, their search is over.

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The Best Way To Market Promotional Videos On The Web

Most people marketing products on the internet either create a promotional video for their company, products and services now, or get them created professionally by a production company using professional actors and actresses. You need to jump on this bandwagon. This is the web 2.0 phenomenon; don’t wait until web 3.0 is here before you take advantage of the opportunities in front of you right now! Growth of your business depends completely upon how you promote it. The best, effective and result oriented approach is creating a promotional video.

The more you promote your product and services, the more will be responses from prospective clients resulting in expansion of your business. In this era of digital technology, a promotional video offers most user-friendly and successful methodology to grab attention of target audience. Internet is the major source of information where these videos can be put up and made accessible to the people all over world. Creation of a promotional video is a very crucial task which involves various procedures. It should strongly convey the intended message to the potential clients. The dedicated team of experienced professionals in script writing, directing, branding, marketing, designing, animation, graphics, cinematography, sound and editing are required.

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Top Tips In Protecting Your Promotional Videos

Distributing promotional SEO videos is now the trend among companies who desire to reach their target audience fast. In accordance to the purpose they have in mind, businesses create and post clips of different nature. They vary from tutorials to testimonials to free online courses.

Internet users desire to acquire information as quick as possible. In response to this, businesses are creating and posting relevant clips online in a snap. They do this without even thinking about the security of their original content. Owners or producers must understand that without proper security, their masterpieces can be easily distributed without their permission.

To combat similar situations from happening to your business, here are some insights which can help you secure all your promotional videos.

Select Online Streaming – Online streaming is the option most owners choose today over progressive download. Progressive download is as effective as online streaming when it comes to information dissemination. However, it is online streaming which allows full control over social media content distribution.

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