Increase PPC & SEO Conversion With Email Nurture

In brick-and-mortar retail, there are hundreds of years of well-studied consumer behavior to guide shopkeepers. For example, putting staple items such as milk at the back of the convenience store so that patrons walk by other items they didn’t intend to buy. “Kids Eat Free Night” is a gimmick to establish family dining patterns that are known to repeat.

But the online world is relatively young and small business online marketing norms are still developing. With so much emphasis on generating leads, it’s easy to lose sight of the real goal. The reality is that conversion is rarely a quick event. It takes nurturing. No matter how great the onsite experience is, it’s important that an online marketing strategy recognize that the sale will be in several parts.

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Learn PPC & SEO and Master Search Engine Marketing

The skill sets for successful Internet Marketing is constantly changing. The challenge is to find the best training to keep those skills up-to-date. Instant E-Training has created an online learning environment that delivers highly engaging e-learning tutorials by the best instructors in the industry. Many of the trainers you will find in the Instant E-Training sessions are highly sought-after industry conference speakers and book authors.

The latest online PPC Training Program with SEO offers everything about building, optimizing, and measuring Paid Search Campaigns (PPC) & SEO. The PPC sessions will be held live online by leading experts allowing you to interact and get the most out of the knowledge and expertise they share. The sessions will also be recorded so that you can return and review as often as you need with full access for 6 months.

Each online training session features live streaming video of the instructor to give you an in-person interactive feel along with the trainer’s slide presentation. A Q&A segment will give you the opportunity to ask questions and to be sure that you are clear on the concepts presented.

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PPC advice from a SEO expert

There have been written a lot of articles about SEO and PPC synergies, and how PPC can benefit a SEO campaign when it comes to both analytics data, keywords and visibility. But today, I will try another angle. How can a SEO geek bring your PPC campaign to a higher level? Here it goes, PPC advice from a SEO expert…

PPC people get invited to cool Google breakfast meetings all the time. Where Google serve cupcakes and great coffee and present their shiny new products:

I been have working in the SEM industry since 2007, and still I am rarely included in these invitations. For instance a couple of weeks ago, I was not invited to a meeting where Google presented this to the Norwegian market, a pure, organic product.

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how to leverage ppc to discover high converting keywords for seo

When starting out with a new search effort or performing a keyword refresh for an existing website, the options for discovering new keywords are limited only by the SEO’s imagination. From the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, to digging through analytics, to leveraging sites like Soovle that discover ‘suggest’ keywords across multiple search engines, keyword discovery options abound.

For those websites driving visitors to a ‘conversion event’ (e-commerce, asset download, form completion, etc.), different keywords will convert at different rates. Not all keywords are created equal and your website might be optimized to convert better for some keywords versus others.

Finding out a keyword converts poorly after spending the effort to work your way up the organic search rankings can be a time consuming and frustrating process, but there is a way to shortcut the process and discover high converting keywords: Paid Search (PPC) data.

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Getting More Bang For Your Buck From PPC

PPC has a few distinct advantages over SEO, the largest of which is its speed of immediate return on investment. When done right, PPC can yield positive results quickly or tell you right away if your online market is large enough to keep pursuing.

Protection from the algorithm – SEO can be a topsy-turvy road as Google rolls out continuous updates that constantly change the game. With PPC you’ll never have to worry about traffic disappearing overnight unless you cut spending.
How to Get More From PPC

Now, while many will try PPC because of the advantages above, many often complain they aren’t getting enough ROI from their PPC. The truth is, some people just don’t know the key to get the most from their PPC. With this in mind, here’s a few vital tips that anyone looking to get more from their PPC needs to do.

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7 Ways PPC Kicks SEO’s Butt

For any of you who manage to spend any time on the trade show circuit, I’m sure you’ve noticed the circus atmosphere or “noise level” that still surrounds SEO at these events, often to the detriment of some attendees’ appreciation of the high priority of paid, targeted, online advertising (such as PPC).

With PPC, you can take a more direct route to achieving serious business objectives. When you have a diverse keyword universe – for example, you sell 500 chew toys and 500 other products for dogs, to say nothing of parakeets – it can be almost impossible to achieve first page rankings for all SEO terms. Paid search allows for wider coverage.

With PPC, you have more control. You buy – or at least rent – the keys. No shovel, no cryptic maps, no digging in the park for imaginary gold. Control over your ad copy (so that you can test it to maximize performance); control over the choice of landing page; control over which keywords you show up on and how visibly, etc. The competitive auction may be a costly and tough struggle, but you can directly manipulate many elements of the process.

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To SEO or PPC? That is the Question

This question has been floating around the online world for as long as SEO and PPC have existed. For many companies these days it is becoming increasingly important to consider utilising such services in order to remain ahead of competition.

Below quite clearly demonstrates the overall perception of voters. I aimed my poll at business professionals who would most likely already have some level of understanding in this area; people who would already have formed strong opinions. The results are below:

On the face of it, it seems that the majority of voters consider SEO to be the most effective with PPC really falling behind holding only 6% of votes. However if we look more closely at these results and the comments we can see it really is not so clear cut.

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3 Things PPC Can Teach Us About SEO

Internet marketing is not only about chasing SERPs for that coveted No. 1 spot. Nor is it all about driving traffic and conversions with pay per click advertising. Savvy Internet marketing is all about taking advantage of every opportunity and using multiple channels to promote your website and business.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t use one channel to learn about marketing through another. Pay per click advertising can teach online marketers how to be better search engine optimizers.

For starters, you can use PPC for keyword research. Create your ads and see which ones get the best click throughs and conversions. Use that information to strategize your organic search campaigns.

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SEO beats PPC & SMM for Lead Generation

One obvious question that digital marketers are always asking themselves is, which medium of marketing can give them the maximum return. According to some recent surveys, it is found that in this race SEO beats PPC and Social Media Marketing (SMM). SEO boasted as the number one source of lead generation for both B2C and B2B marketers, beating both PPC and SMM. For this reason, many businesses are shifting their digital marketing budget to SEO.

Have a look at this Infographic, “SEO beats PPC & SMM for Lead Generation” published by Indus Net Technologies and designed by Infographic Design Team, to know why and how SEO score over PPC and SMM in the domain of digital marketing.

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Running an SEO campaign with PPC

When you are a new site, it is often a month before Google will remove you from the sandbox and give you appropriate page rank, index your pages and list you within SERPS. This can seem extremely lengthy especially when you will not see any results from your search engine optimisation campaign until Google has done this.

If you have researched into SEO you will have discovered that using a SEO agency with a proven track record can be expensive depending on the competition of your market sector and the number of searches per month. A new site will often see no sales unless they come directly from other sources.

Running a PPC campaign alongside your SEO Campaign will allow you to be visible at the top of Google SERPS and therefore bring traffic to your site. This will generate revenue until your organic rankings increase. The Idea is that as your organic rankings increase you wean your site off the PPC Campaign.

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