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3 Ways To Calculate PPC ROI

Calculating ROI is one of the basic tenets of PPC, and yet many advertisers don’t consider it or even understand it. A lot of advertisers perform campaign optimizations based solely on conversion rate or cost per conversion, choosing the ads and keywords with the best metric and calling it a day.

This might be sufficient if you’re collecting leads and not selling goods. You’ll probably end up with more leads in the end. But even if you’re just using PPC for lead generation, you should still calculate the return on your advertising investment.

So what are the different ways to calculate PPC ROI?

Before we get into that, let’s define ROI. It stands for return on investment. The term comes from the finance world and will sound familiar to you if you’ve ever taken accounting.

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How to create a successful Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing campaign without overspending

Search is the biggest driver of leads for many small businesses and increasingly start-ups are investing in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns to drive traffic. However, it’s easy to buy hundreds of keywords and then end up with a budget that’s out of control, or an expensive campaign that’s not generating the return you want. Here’s some practical advice and tips on how to create an effective paid search campaign without overspending.

1. Choose your keywords

Firstly, broadly speaking, the more specific you are, the better. Specific search terms should mean more targeted traffic, a better conversion rate and a higher return on your investment.

So if conversions are your goal, keep your keywords very specific to what you’re selling and use words your potential customers would be familiar with. Choose them based on what people are searching for (rather than choosing obscure marketing terms, for example), and make them relevant to what you want people to buy. If you’ve set up a cupcake delivery business in Manchester, bidding on a keyword ‘cake shop’ or even ‘cupcakes’ could end up wasting you a lot of money. The phrase ‘gluten-free birthday cupcake delivery in Manchester’ might get you less traffic, but it would be much more targeted, and will save you wasting money on irrelevant clicks to your site.

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The All Dominant Google Pay-Per-Click and Cashmere Online

It’s amazing that selling anything online, even cashmere sweaters, has become dependent upon Google and pay-per-click. I mean, I can totally see why the newspapers are DYING. If you advertise in an old media platform, you are paying for lots of people who will never buy your product to see it. At least with google, you can pin point buyers with laser like focus. For instance, we have PPC ads for terms like “men’s pink cashmere sweater”…that is so focused—it has FOUR qualities someone wants, sweater/cashmere/pink/sex.

Don’t get me wrong—I LOVE LOVE LOVE ppc because it let’s you deliver your product selection to someone who is exactly looking for it—however, we can see the costs for those words are being driven up by competition from other cashmere brands. To get seen for a PPC ad in the US for “men’s pink cashmere sweater”, it used to cost around 40 cents. Now it costs around $1.50.

Google Adwords is incredible for a small business if you are well organized, disciplined and do things yourself. We think these so called PPC experts who keep contacting us are basically snake oil salesmen. Google tells you EVERYTHING you need to know in simple videos. You just need to watch them and try out the platform to learn it. Heck, Google even gets you started with a bunch of credits for you to learn with the house’s money.

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YouTube Pay Per Click Webinar

Recently, one of the industry’s PPC experts, Rich Hazlett  showed how to get thousands of super high quality visitors and leads through Pay Per Click advertising on the SECOND largest search engine in the world.

This was a “generic” call, meaning it is relevant to any home business niche – NOT just network marketing.  I invited  you to this free webinar on Thursday, where Rich Hazlett and Ann Sieg uncovered some of the best kept traffic secrets in the industry.

To get access to the recording of that webinar PLUS a follow up detailed training on using YouTube PPC  you can join the Daily Marketing Coach Team.

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Baidu Pay Per Click: How To

Like Google is in America, Baidu happens to be a wildly popular search engine out of China. With more than 400 million Baidu users, marketers in the west are considering breaking into the Chinese market. The first channel in which to accomplish this is by learning how to launch a successful Pay Per Click campaign using this particular search engine as a tool.

Western companies are already thoroughly familiar with Google’s popular AdWords, but have never heard of Baidu. Below are seven vital tips for using Baidu to your advantage as well as the how to navigate through the most common concerns when embarking on this uncharted territory.

Content Localization
China’s market is every bit as competitive as the American market if not more. Because of this, consumers in China are already familiar with companies who know how to market to them quite efficiently. This means that when looking to operate at the bare minimum, you will want to be sure that all of you content is of course in Chinese. However, there is a great deal more than merely communicating in their language.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Rockstar Pay Per Click Management

In the United States, PPC has evolved into a $19 billion dollar industry. Today, the competition for acquiring clicks, conversions, and customers is fiercer than ever. Proper pay per click management will maximize your paid campaigns. Even if you’re only spending a few cents per click, your investment needs to yield a return so that you don’t end up wasting your valuable marketing dollars.

Effective PPC management means more than just bidding on a couple of inexpensive keywords. You need to think about important factors including the time of day that you’re advertising, what you’re writing in your marketing copy, how you are capping your budget, how you are structuring your ad groups, and what paid channels are the strongest fits with your brand.

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Focus Your Calls to Action, Boost PPC

Do you want them to make a reservation online? Be clear on your website and in your pay-per-click (PPC) ads about what you want prospects to do or they might not do anything at all. Let’s assume your website is dialed in with clear on-page calls to action and we’ll look at what specific calls to action in PPC ads can do for conversions and PPC cost per lead.

A client of mine decided a little over a year ago there was more value for them in call leads than in online form leads. We had been tracking PPC call leads through dynamic call tracking numbers associated with our PPC campaigns and online form leads through Google analytics. We had a baseline of data to compare lead sources and decided to test calls to action in the PPC ads. The calls to action were designed to elicit telephone calls to the client instead of online form completions.

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Google PPC (SEM) vs. Facebook Ads (SMM)

The game of advertising has ever so much changed since the birth of the internet. Most businesses nowadays channel their advertising campaigns online. It’s so much more cost effective compared to traditional advertising methods, extremely efficient and is proven to work! Online advertising through websites, blogs and search engine platforms are the craze in this day and age. Let’s take a peek at the two giants of online and see which one fares better: Google AdWords or Facebook Ads!

Google’s Pay per Click Advertising

-What is PPC AdWords

AdWords is a Pay per click method of advertising used by Google mainly on their search engine but also on blogs, and other types of websites. Advertisers are paid on a pay per click basis, meaning basically for every person that clicks on the advertisement.

How does it work?

Adwords functions through the use of keyword tagging, call to actions, links, language, network and other means. An advertiser will bid on words that are most likely to be used by their target markets on searches.

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The Importance of Keyword Classification in PPC Marketing

In the process of keyword research and expansion, advertisers must understand that even though keywords all look the same when they are grouped together, they all have different intents and interpretations which require different levels of classification. This organization of keywords is not only good for the building blocks of Quality Score and effective Adgroup structures, it also serves as a best practice to understanding how to reach customers with the highest level of intent to make a conversion. Let’s discuss.

Keyword Research Levels

When keyword research is being performed, many advertisers rely on keyword research tools to do the hard work for them. So, for example, an advertiser who sells Ford Truck Parts online would typically use a keyword research tool under the base term “Ford Truck Parts,” and they would get a big list of related keywords about Ford Truck Parts. However, even though the keywords phrases that were suggested are related, many of them would have different levels of intent that would either convert into a sale or just a possible returning visitor in the future. Let me explain.

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All About Pay Per Click Management Services

Designing and hosting a website to cater for your personal or company’s online business affairs is not enough. There are millions of sites selling similar products hence the need to improve your online visibility using advertisement techniques such as Pay Per Click. This form of Internet marketing is cost effective and can yield good results if used and administrated well using efficient Pay Per Click Management strategies.

You really don’t have to be very conversant with PPC to execute a successful search marketing campaign. You can execute the implementation and management of PPC campaigns to a digital marketing company. Some of the key services that you can expect from a PPC management company include: Keyword research and strategy, A/B testing, Ad testing, Ad copy and development, Landing pages, and Campaign optimization.

Keyword discovery, Keyword choice, Landing page creation, Conversion tracking, Ad text creation, Ad submission, Conversion tracking, PPC monitoring, Post PPC management, and many other services to name a few.

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