Online Video Production

Online Video Production – How to Get Your Script Right

Online video production is all about understanding your audience and writing a script that will keep them engaged with your video throughout is key. People expect to be entertained or kept actively engaged by a video; even more so than with textual content so you must ensure that your video continues to give real value to the viewer – this could be in the form of tips, humour, ideas, advice or knowledge – it depends on what they are looking for.

Web browsing as an activity carries no loyalty or obligation to view your content; viewers need to be entertained and need to feel that they are getting value from the very first second that they come into contact with your content. Otherwise they click off. There are loads of stats out there but basically you have a few seconds to win someone over to make the decision to continue watching your video and you need to offer consistent value throughout your video to not lose viewers at different stages of your video.

They may be watching it to solve a problem or to overcome a hurdle. Therefore at the very beginning of the video you need to address this problem that the viewer may have and you need to tell the viewer that you have a solution (I am hoping that you do).

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Content and Online Video Production for Blogs: Read Before Shooting

Video and podcasts are being imbedded into blogs throughout the Internet and they can provide a blog with increased visibility and on-site viewer time. Viewers often relate better to video communication. Even erudite and funny prose can have trouble competing with video as an entertainment medium. There are hundreds of articles about how to technically add a video to your site. However, there is very little information about how to create great video content. This article sums up the important parts of video content creation and includes numerous sources to learn more about producing video content.

Using video makes sense for bloggers because the same content can be used across a multitude of channels. The key to good blog content creation ROI is to create excellent content once and then get the longest ride out of it possible. Content creation is expensive and time consuming. Despite the latest rage in transient mediums such as Twitter and Facebook, true Internet winners are those sites that have longevity and staying power. Using a variety of mediums, including video, makes it easier to sustain continuous creation and therefore achieve and maintain high SEO and conversion rates on your blog.

Invest some thought and energy into video production. A good video script will be much longer than you initially anticipate. Video literally eats words because the average person talks much faster than they read. In general it is best to keep your written blogs fairly short (600 words is normal). You can then use video to elaborate on the same topic. Whenever possible include a transcription of the video following the piece. This transcription can be read by bots and by viewers who don’t have access to video.

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Why Web Video Production is Becoming Increasingly More Important than other forms of Video Production

Creating an ambitious marketing campaign that has a high chance of becoming successful is all about hiring the right people and groups. If you need some posters and banners done, go hire some graphics designers or let freelancers help. If you need to make some radio ads, find another group that offers those special services.

If you have a long list of things to be done on your campaign roadmap, you better find a digital video production that has the workforce to handle your needs in your given timeframe. Buffalo has plenty of companies that avail all kinds of services and encourage potential clients to make use of them all. Services like digital video production can sound promising if you are on the go and need to make presentations and distribute DVDs. But with so many people with Internet access, you may not need that kind of service if there are tons of ways in reaching a broader online audience.

Therefore, web video production should be one of the main services to take. Here are a few characters of web video production that define its importance. Since you won’t be needing any DVDs for distributing your videos, all you will get are video files. Normally, the digital video production company would give you the highest quality or uncompressed version of the video. With this file alone, you can use a free converter software to convert the video into various sizes so the content looks better on mobile devices, laptops and large displays. You can also decide the file format in case you want to trade video quality for file size which is important if you expect many people to see your video. The scalable nature of web videos makes this type of content the best for distribution.

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New Product Simplifies Online Video Production for Advertisers

Advertisers can now integrate video and other rich media in their online ads more easily with A2 a new product from ad company SteelHouse. The firm, which specializes in real-time offers and retargeting with video and display advertising, has simplified the video production process, with a product that condenses the amount of code needed to configure ads relative to other content.

The new process reduces the amount of time needed to create a professional-quality online video ad according to SteelHouse President and CEO Mark Douglas, who added that even repurposing video ads from other sources, like TV, will only take a couple of days rather than the usual four to eight weeks. Additionally, the upgrade circumvents Flash and HTML5, which in addition to their complexity have compatibility issues.

Ads produced with A2 are automatically compliant with Interactive Advertising Bureau standards and compatible with Macs, PCs, iPhones, iPads and Android devices. A2’s capabilities allow advertisers to include features like product carousels and offer deadlines and countdowns.

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Budgeting For Video Production Costs

If you are striving to market your small business effortlessly and effectively, video is now widely used and recognized, partly because of the availability of YouTube and similar web sites. Of course, video production, just like any different kind of marketing or advertising strategy does have costs associated with it, and many small businesses proprietors do not have a realistic or even accurate picture of these costs.

The most expensive object in most pre-production budgets is truly the script, although you may also incur costs for any preparing and generating of ideas. Depending on the size of your production, you may need to pay for the costs of actors as well as to cover location searching. Basically, pre-production costs can be defined as any kind of costs or expenses as much as the first day of real shooting.

You can get a good idea how many hours or days it will require to shoot the actual film from the free lance camera person that a person hire, once they have read the script. However some videographers charge by the hour, the majority of freelance video professionals demand by the day, or for every half day proved helpful. If your video is on a small scale, you can save money on production costs by shooting the idea entirely at the business location; a larger scale video may need to be shot at several different locations. You will need to reckon over these costs, especially if a location depends upon the weather cooperating.

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perfect length for an online video

How long is a piece of string? There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the length of online videos. It is not as though you are paying for airtime for a TV commercial which would restrict you to 30 seconds. Instead, you have the freedom to think about how to get your message across most effectively – whether that be in 30 seconds or 30 minutes.

When producing an online video, it is because you want someone to watch it. So when deciding how long your online video should be, there are a number of things to consider in order to make it as accessible and conducive to its purposes as possible. The aim of your video will help you decide how long it should be.

Coupled with this should be a consideration for how people are likely to watch your videos. For example, if you are making an educational video through which you are hoping to share a lot of information and ideas, a longer video is more acceptable. Audiences watching educational videos are more likely to pause it and take notes. Or watch it all of the way through, and then watch it again to take notes. Top tip: when making longer videos for educational or training purposes, consider making a collection of shorter videos e.g. ‘chapters’ or ‘levels’. These can be easier for people to digest.

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Do’s and Dont’s for Corporate Video Production

With the wide availability of high-speed Internet connections, capable browser plug-ins and dedicated websites, online video is becoming a dominant force on the Internet. Text is still the primary medium through which information is relayed online, but video is beginning to catch up. Videos have a number of advantages over text; videos allow individuals and companies to create a personal touch that text cannot match, and videos are often better at keeping the attention of viewers. There are, however, a few keys that companies will want to know before creating a corporate video.

Make sure to plan the video carefully and spend extra time on the script. Remember that the script is being spoken and not read, so try to make the language sound as natural as possible. When creating the video, do pay extra attention to good video production practices. Make sure that the background is appropriate and attractive, and pay extra attention to audio quality. Too many video authors are lazy when it comes to ensuring good sound quality, so make sure that you audio is an appropriate volume. Further, budget extra time for the post-production phase. Many errors can be corrected after the video and audio have been captured, so be sure to take all possible steps present the best finished product possible.

Be careful to avoid common traps many fall into. Avoid clichés and common phrases. Exercise extreme caution when trying to be funny; jokes that fall flat can be a turnoff. Do not, however, make the video too serious and do not forget about your audience; a video targeted toward an older demographic, for example, will need to avoid excessive references to pop culture figures and ideas. It is important to make the video stand out, so stay away from common production elements. Try to use different fonts that most videos out there, and make sure that any music used is not common in other videos. Do not be afraid to ask for advice or input. If time permits, run viewing sessions with people who were not involved with making the video, and use their thoughts to make improvements.

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Peter Jackson Presents Final Hobbit Production Video Blog

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is having its world premiere in New Zealand on Nov. 28, and director Peter Jackson has released a new video blog detailing the post-production efforts at Park Road Post Production in Wellington, New Zealand.

The video takes viewers from the editorial section to the area where The Hobbit animators work to the sound design department, and hits everything in between. Our personal favorite area is the beard room, which seems like it might be the most fun department on the entire set.

“[The film is] due to be completed literally two days before the premiere … hopefully,” Jackson said with a laugh at the start of the video. Judging by how much fun everyone seems to be having in this blog, it doesn’t seem like the crew is letting the stress get to them.

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ontent/uploads/2012/10/Online-Video-Marketing-Tips-2012-604×427.jpg” alt=”Online Video Marketing Tips 2012″ width=”300″ height=”212″ />Online videos are one of the most effective ways to market your brand or your business to improve on profit. The reason that they are so effective is that people use the Internet more for leisure and business purposes than other forms of media. Videos are able to grab people’s attention quite fast and easily. They are also able to convey a lot of information in a relatively short period of time.

You have to make a compelling video which will capture people’s attention in the midst of plenty of videos, photos and other types of competing messages. Some online video tips that you can use are that you must know what kind of information that you want to pass on. A cluttered video with too much information has the same effect of an online video that has too little information.

Before you shoot the video, make a plan and know what you would like to say so that you can say effectively. Most people assume that just shooting an online video is good enough, but in the face of increasing forms of online advertising you want a video that will stand out. Pictures and music are great way to attract people’s attention but content is the most important part of the video.

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How Online Video Production Helps Win Enterprise Deals

More case studies are being published on how online video content marketing is driving action to improve conversion across all points of the sales cycle – from getting found on search engines to providing information on what distances your company from the competition and closing the sale, according to

If you are selling into enterprise level clients you know that there is more of a diverse set of busy decision makers out there than ever before. With decision makers having access to a ton of information and the ability make their own assessment in the buying process keeping all the decision makers engaged enough so you can navigate and overcome any objections is the key to winning more deals.

A Forbes Insight Study reveled that 59 percent of C-level decision makers prefer online video to reading text because it helps them make deeper connections with your company and better understand your product / service, team and value propositions. However, most sales peoples till use white papers, case studies, websites and other pieces of paper. Because paper does not provide a personal connection, it is no wonder why decision makers don’t “have time” to sift through the information your marketing department spent so much money on. Therefore, decision makers, may not be educated on how your company and solution can support their business objectives.

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