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Strategic Internet Marketing Partnerships

These days, it’s becoming more and more difficult for companies to bring in new business. Competition is becoming fierce and consumers are now more sophisticated and informed than ever. Many of their purchasing decisions rely on reviews and referrals from a trusted source – whether it is a friend, family member or a company they already do business with.

It is especially true for online marketers because there is still a lot of skepticism about search engine optimization (SEO), affiliate marketing, paid search, reputation management and online lead generation. Internet technology branches out so widely, making it impossible for one person to offer every product or service, which is why it is essential for companies in the same industry to form strategic partnerships.

What is a Strategic Partnership?

A strategic partnership in business is an agreement, based on a strategy, where the members of the partnership contribute “something” to the partnership that is essential towards the achievement of the business objectives of each participant in the partnership. Typically, the needs of each partner are unique to the others and the strengths (expertise, products or services) are also unique but essential to make the entire partnership work.

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New Internet Marketing Company in Reno NV Helps Local Business Owners Increase Their Online Presence with Internet Marketing Services

Reno, NV, November 12, 2012 –(– The new internet marketing company Vexcom Solutions, at has been created in order to help local businesses in the area increase their online visibility.

The goal of Vexcom Solutions is to help some of the local businesses who may not understand how they can be found on the internet, and provide them with a simple plan that will get them some needed exposure.

As our society increasingly uses the internet to find products and services at a local level, and relies less on the traditional phone book it is becoming increasingly important to have an online aspect of ones business.

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How to Hire an Internet Marketing Company to Help Grow Your Online Business

Internet marketing companies come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re shopping for one, it’s important to find an Internet marketing company that’s a good match for your organization. What makes an Internet marketing company a good match for you?

After working in Internet marketing for almost two decades, I’ve seen more failed relationships than successful ones. Each Internet marketing company worth its salt will have a framework that defines its approach to the art and science of online marketing. Some organizations will specialize in pay-per-click advertising. Others make their living building and testing effective shopping carts. And still others, like Mequoda Group, are specialists in organic audience development (increasing website traffic using free content, search engine optimization, and social media). It’s entirely possible that you may need more than one firm that’s a specialist in an area where you need help.

Key advice: Pick an Internet marketing firm that specializes and aligns with your needs. If you need more than one firm, make sure you understand which of them will be helping you set your global Internet marketing strategy.

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Businesses fine-tune marketing online

With most New Zealanders using social media such as Facebook, Kiwi companies are increasingly turning to online communities to see what customers really think about their brands. Sentia Media employs 200 people in Wellington to scan all forms of media including online, radio, print and television.

“More and more we see our clients wanting social media reports,” chief executive John Croll said. “They are asking us for what is influential . . . Someone having 10 followers on Twitter and only using it occasionally is just a bit of noise out there.

“It’s about understanding the level of engagement – the number of followers, retweets and what else they’re linking to is the other part of what clients are expecting.” People often speak candidly on platforms such as Facebook without being aware that the company they discuss could be listening.

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6 Traits To Look For When Hiring An Online Marketing Agency

When you’re getting ready for a website redesign, you need to make sure that you partner with a certain kind of online marketing agency. Anyone can say they design websites nowadays; but not everyone can say they produce websites that look great, are easy to use, and have a real, measurable impact on your revenue stream.

Your website is your most valuable marketing asset. It is your #1 salesperson, connecting with people 24/7/365. And it represents a major business investment. You want to make sure that your marketing dollars are going to get a solid return.

When hiring an online marketing company, look for these 6 critical traits. If they can pass this litmus test, you know your marketing is in good hands.Your website isn’t there just to be another pretty face. It’s there to answer customer questions; it’s there to generate leads; it’s there to help close the sale.

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Company and online marketing, the importance of a good strategy

Today’s world moves at the pace of internet. Multiple applications posé internet allows, for example, is the most used in the search for work by young people. In fact, many studies claim that this is the more capable medium for communicating with people.

Large, medium and small companies have corporate websites, blogs, platforms, etc.. adjust their content to the needs of its customers. And is that for businesses, internet has become the window through which to promote their products and services in order to reach a wider range of potential customers. In this sense, online marketing has become an essential tool for all companies seeking to consolidate or expand their business. According to the business area, the characteristics of the product offered and the characteristics of the company, online marketing techniques employed will vary, based on different campaigns designed to improve and promote the image of the company in question.

The structure of the web can be very varied and can respond to preset templates or particular designs, but in any case should be able to organize information in a clear manner. In general, experts maintain that corporate websites should be clean and clear. They should always contain the name of the company and propose a selection of content that is useful and appropriate for potential visitors to the website. The information should be easily accessible to users, especially in the section on customer contact. There are multiple methods of contact, such as details, email, phone number. In this sense, the novel voip internet based technologies are revolutionizing point of customer contact through the website. This technology uses IP networks for telephone data transmission, therefore it is very effective, safe and fast. It is an innovative tool that allows visitors to the website, with one click, initiate a call Tel no downloads without entering any number. This service can greatly enhance the role of the corporate website as a means of communication with the customer, increasing the possibility of increasing sales quickly and contact with potential customers, reducing the waiting time.

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How To Choose a Medical Internet Marketing Company

When I was approached recently by a member of our sales team to do a post on how doctors can choose an SEO company, my first thought was, “They shouldn’t choose an SEO company.” Instead, doctors should be looking to companies that offer comprehensive Internet marketing and not just SEO. Doctors need to be looking to companies that are looking at Internet marketing as a whole, because these days SEO is just one piece of a much larger puzzle and it alone won’t produce the results you need. So what should doctors be looking for, and what questions should they be asking?


Oftentimes Internet marketing companies claim to have a magic formula to earn rankings, traffic, and exposure for your website. The fact of the matter is, Internet marketing should include insight from you and your practice. At no point should an Internet marketing company keep you in the dark about what they are doing.

We recently started working with a doctor who came to us on the tail end of an existing program with an SEO company that had been managing their efforts for a couple of years. As we transitioned the client and integrated them into our services the client was still in contact with the previous company during the transition due to some difficulties we were having with account access. After speaking to the owner of the company the client was informed that the company was dropping out of the business because their SEO techniques were no longer working thanks to Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithm updates. The problem with companies that only do “SEO” is that they are only focused on rankings and backlinks, often ignoring the bigger picture when it comes to the needs of search engines and consumers.

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Follow the Right Online Marketing Strategy This Shopping Season

Christmas is approaching and for many online marketers it is the time to pull socks up. Studies have unveiled the facts about peoples high shopping spree for Christmas creating an opportunity for E-commerce businesses to increases their sales and attain benefits from the profit margins. Internet marketing experts at TIS India suggest that a right marketing strategy should be employed in this holiday rush to get the maximum benefit.

According to a study by, almost 63% of the UeS shoppers plan to do most of their Christmas shopping online. And, only online business entrepreneur with planned marketing strategy can win the game by drawing maximum traffic on their site.

TIS India, one of its kinds Internet marketing company has come up with a Holiday Marketing plan that involves planned integrated marketing strategy for the businesses wishing to improve sales this holiday season or want to start up with their online marketing campaign they have always been waiting for. The company immersed in holiday spirit offering a 10% festive discount on hiring dedicated search engine marketing services. Discount can be availed through the coupon code FESTIS-121.

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Things to Look for When Hiring an Online Marketing Company

As a business owner, proper marketing tactics are essential to your online business success. Since so many consumers are going mobile today, and rely on the internet for so many things, it is important to strategize with a quality online marketing company, to ensure you are hitting on all major points when marketing your company. Regardless of the type of business you own, who your target consumer audience is, or how you try to reach out to them, proper online marketing tactics will go a long way to any company’s online success and reaching out to their consumers, and niche target audience.

SEO Services

Search engine optimization (SEO) services are a must, no matter what kind of business you are in. SEO focuses on making your business more visible on the major search engines, by using the right key words and phrases when customers are searching online. When you hire a professional online marketing company, they are going to have a professional SEO team on staff to determine what keywords and phrases should be used on your site, based on your products and services for sale. Allowing the professionals to do the work is the best approach if you want to ensure your site is ranking as high up as possible on the major search engines.

Website Design

A second service you want the marketing company to hire is website design services. From the layout of the site, the online checkout page, shopping cart, blogs, services page, and the entire site layout should all be professionally designed. Therefore, looking for an online company that is going to provide your business with any and all of these design services, and different packages to choose from, is something all business owners have to look for when hiring the marketing company to work with as well.

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who handles your companys online marketing

Over the last few weeks I’ve spoken to a large number of business owners who either have a dedicated person in-house working on their online marketing or have hired a firm that specializes in something other than online marketing to handle their online marketing. Let’s just say that the results these companies have seen have been terrible, in some cases they have actually hurt their online presence, and they have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars with virtually no return on their investment.

So it left me with the question of just who is handling online marketing for the majority of small businesses? As it turns out, there’s really three people handling online marketing for small businesses that shouldn’t be, and in my opinion only one good solution for small businesses to utilize.

In house online marketing teams can work for certain things, like posting to social media sites, updating a website blog, and responding to reviews and complaints. The problem is that business owners often rely on these in house teams (or individuals) to handle website updates, link building, creating viral content, pay-per-click management, and a whole host of other online marketing activities. These teams or individuals rarely have the proper training or experience to handle all these elements, and what ends up happening is things are done improperly or not done at all. Having an in house individual or team that knows all these elements is going to cost a business far more than hiring a specialized online marketing firm to handle it, and if they find a team or individual that costs less chances are they’re going to get what they pay for.

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