Online Marketing Consultants

Becoming an Internet Marketing Consultant

Modern businesses know the importance of good internet marketing. With all the potential revenue that can be achieved via the World Wide Web it is extremely important for companies to utilise the services of Internet Marketing Consultants if they want their business to grow and flourish. Even the smallest of businesses will, at some point, need to use Internet Marketing to promote themselves.

Internet Marketing encompasses many different elements including Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (including Pay per Click and Web Analytics), Display Advertising and Affiliate Marketing. While this may seem like a broad range of disciplines to cover it is quite normal for an Internet Marketing Consultant to specialise in one niche area. Large Internet Marketing Consulting companies will have several departments, with each one dedicated to a specific niche area.

However, when considering a career as an Internet Marketing Consultant, especially if you plan to be freelance, it is important to have a good understanding of every element that Internet Marketing entails. There is a lot of money to be made from being an Internet Marketing Consultant. Salaries within an established Internet Marketing company start at around £32,000 and, depending on experience and qualifications, can increase to in excess of £70,000 per annum.

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Internet Marketing Consulting: How To Become An Internet Marketing Consultant

Internet marketing consulting is a rapidly growing industry, possibly the most quickly expanding professional specialism in IT today. This is because with the advent of Web 2.0 and the massive success of sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and now Google+, businesses are starting to recognize that they need a social media presence and an online marketing strategy to survive. A lot of these businesses are too busy doing what they do best to have the time to invest in learning how to master the world of internet marketing too, so they hire people from internet marketing consulting companies to design their strategies and manage the execution of their campaigns for them.

Other businesses use internet marketing consulting services to train their people, so that they can develop their skills in house. Others still outsource only some of the work, such as build content that is search engine optimized (SEO) to internet marketing consulting firms.

With all this demand for online marketing consulting skills, it can be a good area for a new graduate to try and get in to, or a new niche for existing IT consultants to diversify in to.So, how does somebody become an internet marketing consultant? Well, firstly, it is important to understand both concepts at an expert level – marketing itself, and the way the internet is used.

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SEO Consultant as a Key Figure in Online Marketing

In order to have a well created website, you should have a whole team prepared, but SEO consultant seems to be the most important one. The work that they do can mean the difference between having a quality website and a website that didn’t achieve much of a success. Web designer knows all the tricks of the trade, but SEO consultant knows the best ways for people to see it, so they are promoters in a way. When choosing the right one for you, you will meet a lot of them with different backgrounds and various methods they use to get higher website ranking.

Besides of the necessity of knowing SEO techniques, SEO consultant should be willing to cooperate, because he should implement your ideas, the appearance of your website should not be changed by SEO consultant; he just needs to incorporate his techniques without visible trace. Therefore, tell him what you need, give him time limit, explain your future goals and see what he can do for you. Good SEO consultant will know SEO trends, skills and techniques that will help him understand what you want and for you to get it.

Search engines match the search keywords with your site content and generate the overall relevancy of your site with a smart algorithm in order to give it a rank. These algorithms change frequently, so updating your site regularly is priority so you can remain visible in the eyes of changing algorithms. Updating the content of your site has to be with the quality and original content so you can get high quality rank.

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Internet Marketing – You Can do It!

In the mid to late 1990’s when the Internet started to become a common feature in people’s everyday lives, businesses started to turn to specialist Internet Marketing Managers and SEO Consultants to help them increase their online profile and revenue. These consultants were good at their job because they knew about the technical side of the World Wide Web and how to make it work in a way that would benefit their clients. At this time website content would quite often be top heavy with keywords, or keywords would be hidden at the bottom of page in invisible text. These methods, among others, were used to increase the page rank of a website.

Since then search engines, such as Google, have taken measures to prevent these types of things happening, with the intention being that only well marketed websites that contain good quality and original content will achieve that much sought after high page rank. In introducing these measures Google have also made the role of the Internet Marketing Manager or SEO Consultant much more transparent and easier to understand.

No longer is Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation purely the domain of a small group of individuals – now, if you have some knowledge of the Internet, and more importantly, the drive to succeed then you too could become an Internet Marketing Manager, either as an employee in a company or even by going into business by yourself.

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Internet Marketing Consulting

If you are thinking of expanding your marketing efforts online or need an experienced online marketing consultant to advise on the best way forward for you company then our Internet Marketing Consulting services may be for you.

With years of experience in all areas of online marketing including: Social Media, Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click Advertising, Conversions, Reputation Management, Web Design and Video Marketing our online advisers offer straight to the point advice on:

  •     Building brand awareness
  •     Increasing online sales
  •     Converting more leads
  •     Expanding your reach
  •     Assessing your competition
  •     Planning an online strategy
  •     Building a sales funnel
  •     Optimising what you have for the best ROI
  •     Which angle you should take in a market

Becoming your market leader online, Building a list in your market,Analysing your site statistics,Viral marketing,Search Engine Optimisation,Affiliate marketing,Reputation management,Tracking your marketing return on investment.

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Internet Marketing Consultant for your Online Reputation Management

If there is one thing a company would want to put on the top of their list, that is to generate a reasonable sum of profit. For that reason, they would carry out every method in order to do this. Apparently, the initial step to take is to establish a good reputation in general.

To effectively do this, you can start off with building a good image online. The Internet still proves to be one of the most prominent venues of social influence. All forms of media tools, such as social networking sites, blogs, video posts, photos, articles and even comments, serve to be a helpful way of extending, and assessing at the same time, the influence your company will make to your target audience. This, however, may be a complicated and arduous task to perform. You have to deal with different situations that may come up as you go through the process. As complex as it may seem, there is a big chance of encountering the troubles that go with it. You should be prepared enough for this.

Good thing though, there is an easy way through. While you want to focus on gaining profit, another person could actually do the intricate task of setting up a remarkable impression on your audience online. A help from an Internet marketing consultant is actually a big advantage on your part. You can work your way in your business, and at the same time, enjoy the confidence that somebody is putting up a good online reputation for your company. A few things just have to be kept in mind, so that there is an assurance of getting what you really aim to achieve.

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How To Be An Internet Marketing Consultant

If you want to be an internet marketing consultant, you’re essentially helping companies make more sales. You do this by.

1) Optimizing what they already have.

For example, making their copy more persuasive would be a simple change. Changing the layout to be more aligned to best case practices would be a simple change.
Adjusting the pricing and positioning of their product would be a simple change.
Develop a testing mentality, running experiments to validate ideas is an advanced stage of this, and allows you to have a longer term profitable relationship with the client.

2) Learning all the Analytics Platforms

Google Analytics
Understanding the numbers online advertising like Google Adwords
Understanding heat maps and their usage

These are basic ones, there are many more platforms.

When you learn the Analytics Platforms and understand how they provide useful business insights, you can provide a free consultation for a clients Google Analytics to lock in work for yourself and identify improvements in only 15 minutes.

You can learn these on the help sections of the relevant platforms that are very detailed.

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Internet marketing consultant

Internet marketing consultant, you probably have heard of the term before. If you are new to the world of internet marketing and have a website that you want to monetize, you might want to consider hiring one such expert to help you get started and lead you to the right direction.

Just in case you didn’t know yet, an internet marketing consultant will help you develop various strategies that will help you get the online presence that you need in order to give your website great ranking and boost your sales. An internet marketing consultant will help you improve your website’s traffic either through content creation, social marketing, link building, or SEO (search engine optimization) or a combination of these things.

You may have heard of these terminologies before, but the best way to understand them and how they work is to hire someone who is an expert in these fields. Not only will you have someone guide you in your new endeavor, you can actually learn a lot through mere interaction.

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Advantages of Internet Marketing Consultants

Every new technology brings with it opportunities to develop your business. Today, Information Technology and Communication (ICT) are at the heart of every company’s heart and therefore it is at the heart of your clients as well. To remain competitive or to conquer new markets, it is essential to integrate the internet into your marketing strategy through various means: e-commerce, social marketing, viral marketing, etc. Blair Stover details how online marketing is great for any business.

Just as your lawyer or accountant is, your Internet Marketing Consultant is a trusted partner, an expert in a strategic area for the development of your business. It is because of this that you must rely on the expertise of your marketing consultants.

The role of the consultant is to ensure that your company takes full advantage of the potential of the technologies and techniques of internet marketing. In this rapidly changing field, they have the specialized training and advanced skills to take your company to new heights.

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The 3 Most Important Online Marketing Metrics to Monitor

While some people get too wrapped up in monitoring web analytics data such as toolbar PageRank, top 30 rankings and number of daily visitors, there are some crucial metrics to follow and act on in order to improve your website and your search engine rankings.

To get a real sense for how your website is performing, spend your time monitoring things that illustrate successes and failure, such as conversion rates, how many backlinks you’ve collected and how engaged you visitors are. Here’s a look at the three online marketing metrics you’ll want to pay close attention to:

1. Conversion rate and goal completion

If you’re investing time and money in building a site and expanding your web presence, be sure you’re getting something of value in return. Whether your goal is increasing online sales or simply educating website readers about a certain topic, have a method for tracking conversion rates — the ratio of website visitors who convert from visits into desired actions, such as signing up for a newsletter or making a purchase.

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