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Learn Some Fast And Easy Mobile Marketing Solutions

Are you curious about mobile marketing? Businesses can employ a variety of methods that use mobile devices to promote their products. Since there is a wide range of mobile marketing techniques, it may be difficult to know where to start. Use the following tips to get started.

Make your mobile marketing advertisements easy to share, and they will be shared. When you are cleaning up your ads, make sure that they will be easy to send to others, and consider adding an incentive for those that do forward it.

Minimize the number of offers you send in a week. There is evidence to suggest that the most effective messaging frequency is from once weekly to no more than three per month. Your customers will believe that the offer is only for a limited time and is going fast, if you only send them out sporadically. If a customer thinks they can just wait for next week’s offer, they are unlikely to act.

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Broadcasting Giant Starting Mobile Marketing Company

In another striking illustration of how everyone wants in on the lucrative and perpetually-expanding mobile marketing industry, LIN Media, one of the largest broadcasters in the United States, is launching a new venture called LIN Mobile, LLC.

LIN Mobile, a mobile marketing company, will – it goes without saying – provide mobile marketing solutions for clients nationwide. Digital industry veteran Kevin Wassong will serve as Chief Executive Officer.

LIN Mobile says it will further the company’s goal to be advertisers’ preferred choice for multiplatform marketing opportunities and provide its customers with a unified digital media strategy.

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Mobile App Marketing Costs Plummet and Clients Benefit Greatly

Once upon a time, mobile app marketing was expensive, time consuming and frustrating, but recent changes have altered the marketing landscape for app developers.

Mobile app marketing is vital – everyone agrees. However, the high price tag and need for significant expertise in the mobile app industry often made effective marketing impossible for companies and individuals. There’s good news, though – the price for mobile app marketing has dropped considerably in recent months, putting the power and effectiveness of cutting edge marketing methods within reach for virtually everyone. What’s behind this seismic shift?

Growth and Adoption

When something “new” debuts, it’s costly. This is true across the board, whether you’re talking mobile app marketing or a new type of engineered wood for construction purposes. There’s a good reason for this – demand is low, so the price must be higher in order to realize any profit. As demand grows, the cost of the service or product goes down, because there’s more profitability to be had. It’s a simple law – supply and demand. With an estimated 116 million smartphones in the US alone by the end of 2012, the demand for mobile marketing solutions is greater than ever before.

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How the Next Gen iPads Will Influence Mobile Marketing?

The iPad has transformed everything from print media through to television and social media. And it has also heavily influenced the way mobile marketing is delivered to the masses.

For years, mobile marketing was on the edge of a major breakthrough but was limited to the small screens of smartphones and slow mobile web speeds. Then 3G, tablet computing and clever apps came along and changed things forever. Now with the launch of 4G and the new generation iPads mobile marketing looks set to ramp up even more.

What’s more, the iPad is fast overtaking the desktop and laptop as the dominant casual computing device and more and more people are embracing this way of surfing the web, watching media and catching up with what is going on with friends and the world at large.

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Mobile Marketing | The Mobile Phone Purchasing Revolution

Not too long ago a little device came along that changed the way that people searched for information on products that they wanted to buy. It made the search process much easier and the purchasing process too.   Everybody loved it, and it revolutionized the way companies, heck entire industries, did business. That device was called the home computer.
Today another revolution is taking place, and another device is fast becoming the go-to method for searching out product information and making buying decisions. That device is the mobile phone or smart phone. Don’t believe me? Take a look at some recently released stats on the subject. After seeing a TV, newspaper or radio ad 71% of mobile phone users used their phone to search for the product that they had seen.*

How about these stats that relates to the new shopping trends; 79% of all mobile phone owners use their phone for shopping related activities, 70% use their phones while actually shopping in the store and a full 74% of smart phone owners have made a purchase as a result of the info they had gotten while searching with their phone.*
Those are some powerful statistics to be sure, and they are in fact much stronger than anything ever seen during the computer revolution.

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Learn Some Fast And Easy Mobile Marketing Solutions

The new big thing in advertising is now mobile marketing. Read the following information for some great ideas on how mobile marketing can help you with your business.

Listening to the wants and needs of customers is the first step to successful mobile marketing. You should also learn what your customers desire, and try to fulfill their wants. Use your own mobile device to see what your competitors are doing. Learn from their mistakes and adopt successful strategies.

Gather information on your audience. You should know your audience and what their preferences are so that your marketing efforts do not go to waste. Will they use cellphones more often than computers? What OS is on their phones? Find out lots of information about the audience you are trying to target, you will be more successful in reaching them. Avoid sending texts to consumers in the early morning or late evening. No matter what you are offering, it is not worth the risk of upsetting a customer by waking them up.

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Solution For Local Business Mobile Marketing | mobile marketing solution

Mobile Marketing Solution For Local Business

A mobile marketing solution for local business does not have to be expensive nor difficult to deploy. At SRI Services we specialize in in designing mobile marketing solutions for local businesses in all industries.

What Is A Mobile Marketing Solution?

A mobile marketing solution consists of several items. Of course you can buy one or even several mobile marketing product but that does not make it a solution. A solution by definition is a strategic plan and the implementation of a product and or multiple products that are proven to solve a business problem. Thus it is called a solution. There are literally thousands of vendors and products for mobile marketing. Our research shows that less than 1/10 of 1% of the vendors and products on the market deliver a complete mobile marketing solution.

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nFluence Nominated for Two Effective Mobile Marketing Awards

Seattle and London based nFluence Media has been nominated for the “Most Effective Mobile Affiliate Solution” and “Most Effective Mobile Couponing Solution” in the 2012 Mobile Marketing Magazine awards for its innovative ‘Brand Sorting’ technology.

nFluence aims to show the world that effective marketing solutions can be achieved by putting control of what is targeted towards digital media consumers back into their own hands. The brand sorter technology is designed to gamify personalization and give nFluence’s partners a way to target their consumers with content that interests them, thereby enhancing lead generation and the likelihood of much higher click-throughs. For consumers, it’s a chance to inform companies what content they are interested in receiving, without having to reveal any of their personal information.

The results of empowering consumers through nFluence’s technology have been remarkable. dealBoard, a leading daily deal application for iPhone has seen a 52 times increase in lead generation over normal industry averages. nFluence plans to continue integrating its technology with mobile carriers, shopping mall owners, satellite and cable television companies, and more over the coming months.

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Mobile Marketing Solutions

Are you looking for information on how to take advantage of mobile marketing? Have you considered mobile App marketing? If not, or if you’ve never heard of using mobile apps as an effective mobile marketing solution, please read on. Apps offer businesses an incredible opportunity to market their business to a quickly expanding mobile market.

So, why use mobile Apps as part of your mobile marketing solution?

One of the most significant features of apps, compared to a simple mobile website alone, is they come with features that help you get your company’s message to a broad spectrum of users (and potential customers) and generally, it’s all for free.

For example, one feature you want to become familiar with is push notifications. These are text messages that can be sent via your App letting you promote your products and services, absolutely free. You can also let those who have added the App to their phone know about certain discounts or time-sensitive offers. Because the user has agreed to accept to receive such notifications, you can expect a high open rate. While SMS text messaging is similar in many ways, and can be just as effective, push notifications don’t cost you a penny while each SMS text generally costs you per message sent.

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Mobile Marketing Solutions

Are you trying to find data on the best ways to maximize mobile advertising? Have you taken into account mobile Application advertising? If not, or if you have actually never ever been aware of utilizing mobile applications as an efficient mobile advertising option, satisfy continue reading. Applications deliver companies an unbelievable option to move forward with their company to a promptly developing mobile market.

Why use mobile Apps as a component of your mobile advertising answer?

One of the most considerable characteristics of applications, compared with an easy mobile site alone, is they possess functions that aid you obtain your provider’s information to a broad spectrum of customers (as well as possible clients) as well as typically, it’s all for free of cost.

One component you desire to come to be recognizable with is push notices. These are wording information that can easily be delivered by means of your Application permitting you advertise your services and products, positively free of cost. You may additionally permit those that have actually included the Application to their phone learn about specific rebates or time-sensitive promotions. Due to the fact that the customer has actually accepted accept to obtain such notices, you can easily anticipate a higher open price. While SMS wording messaging is comparable in lots of methods, as well as can easily be merely as efficient, push notices do not cost you a cent while each SMS words usually costs you each information delivered.

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