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New Mobile Marketing Study: What it Means for Content Marketers

With the wild popularity of mobile marketing, you’d figure most marketers would already have a mobile marketing strategy in place, right?

In fact, a recent online survey found only 33 percent of companies now have a mobile marketing strategy. However, an additional 62 percent of businesses plan to launch a mobile marketing strategy over the next 12 months.

The “Mobile Marketing: Plans, Trends and Measurability” survey was conducted by King Fish Media in partnership with Junta42, Maxymiser and Hubspot (Note: Registration is required).  More than 560 marketers and corporate executives participated in the online survey conducted in April. The survey revealed several other interesting trends about mobile marketing that are happening now and over the next year.

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Ramp Up Your Mobile Marketing Basics from Tablets to Smartphones

To make the most of mobile users, you can’t just copy and paste your desktop-focused Web marketing strategy for mobile. You will fail and you will lose out on the massive opportunity presented by mobile marketing. There is still a low amount of competition relative to the value of the mobile market. Here are tips to make the most of your mobile marketing strategy.

When doing marketing for mobile users, you will be communicating to two distinct groups of users: smartphone users and tablet users. Both are valuable, but each have separate goals in mind.

A tablet user is what you can consider a “browser”. They probably have time to read, to investigate and to learn. You should be getting your value proposition across, showing them your high-res images of whatever you might be selling, getting them engaged further into your content.

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What Does the iPad mini Mean for the Future of Mobile Marketing?

Apple product announcements are the stuff of marketers’ dreams. They’re events with huge buzz beforehand, a “stop everything!” viewership during and an avalanche of buy-in afterward. No wonder the company’s customers are called “fanboys” – these buyers truly love Apple, and everything it creates and distributes.

Most recently, Apple launched the brand-new iPad mini: a 7.9-inch version of the company’s popular iPad, which, believe it or not, is already in its fourth generation. Surprisingly, though, this time around, response was divided. Apple devotees were thrilled. Apple scoffers called foul. And the tech media ended up somewhere in the middle with their reviews.

What does all this mean for mobile marketing? Is the iPad mini just a tiny, less useful version of the iPad? Is the iPad mini just a slightly more unwieldy iPhone? Actually, it turns out that answers to those two questions reveal the heart of the iPad mini’s value, especially when it comes to how marketers can use the iPad mini to do their job.

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The Most Efficient Mobile Marketing Techniques And Secrets

You can make as much money with mobile marketing as you choose, it can be your main income or a part time job. These tips will educate you more on mobile marketing in order for you to have success.

Try to gather as much marketing data about your intended mobile campaign recipients as possible, so that you can target their wants and needs. This is a good way to make sure that the campaign you are using is something your recipients like reading.

Build your marketing campaign based off of what you learn from your competitors, and what you hear customers saying. You should also learn what your customers desire, and try to fulfill their wants. You can also learn from the competition. Check out their campaigns and don’t be afraid to borrow a few good ideas.

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Your Guide To Mobile Marketing Success In This Era

“Mobile marketing” can be defined in a number of ways. So it is easy to understand that different businesses would interpret great mobile marketing efforts in different ways. Most experts agree that mobile marketing encompasses marketing on mobile phones and other portable devices. In this article, you will learn some tips for effectively using mobile marketing.

Use of social media is essential for mobile marketing, because social media rules mobile technology. If your customers will share your page or TwitPic your store, you could give them something. This is a wonderful way to reach clients who haven’t heard of you yet.

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Is Your Small Business’s Mobile Marketing Strategy Falling Short?

How does your small business’s digital marketing strategy measure up? A recent study from BIA Kelsey, Local Commerce Monitor Study, Wave 16 found that small businesses are expanding their digital marketing efforts. Some 40 percent of small and midsized businesses in the study say they plan to increase their digital spending budget in the next 12 months; just 3.7 percent say they plan to cut digital marketing spending.

Beyond spending more on digital marketing, small businesses are also expanding their reach into more channels. In 2007, small companies in the survey said they used an average of three media channels; in the latest survey, the average almost doubled to 5.8 channels.

Overall, small businesses’ spending on all kinds of advertising and promotion is holding steady, at about $3,000 annually. Given that limited budget, it’s probably not surprising that Facebook was the top digital channel for small businesses. More than half (52 percent) of small businesses use Facebook for marketing. By comparison, 25 percent use email marketing, about 20 percent use Google + for marketing, 17 percent use online videos for marketing and 14 percent use online ad banners. “Social media appears to be rapidly evolving into a core medium for SMB advertising and promotion,” the study reports.

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Direct Mail and Mobile Marketing Compared

Many small businesses have relied on direct-mail marketing as one of their primary advertising tools. But these days a new kid is in town—mobile marketing. Companies have already found many creative ways to use smartphones to increase their brand recognition and connect with customers. Businesses now give customers mobile coupons for their products, restaurants text specials to people nearby. Realtors ask people to text a code to connect with buyers interested in more information on a house. And healthcare companies even provide text reminders to patients to take their medicine and refill prescriptions.

While it is tempting to just jump on the bandwagon for the newest technology and abandon direct mail, it is important to understand both types of marketing and when each is most beneficial. While mobile marketing can be a cost effective solution that yields impressive results for some businesses, there are still situations when the old standby of direct mail is your best bet.

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BII MOBILE INSIGHTS: Mobile Marketing Stats You Should Know

Marketing understands new technologies better than IT. Social media is the most obvious example. Also, mobile marketing and mobile commerce are two fast-growing fields where understanding the technology is less important than understanding customer behavior. But so are collaboration and unified communications, technologies that are generally easy to use but which require an information-sharing mindset to take advantage of them. Isn’t that what marketing is good at? Many companies are starting to create a new position to help bridge that marketing-IT divide. Whether via revolution or managed change, the balance of power in technology is shifting inside enterprises. That can only be good news for mobile.

More companies are responding to mobile trends and designing websites for phones and tablets, but many are still not even testing how their sites look on mobile devices.  According to Econsultancy’s Conversion Rate Optimization Report, the proportion of organizations designing their websites specifically for mobile phones has increased from 25% to 35% since 2011.

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Mobile Marketing Is Heating Up for Franchises!

The International Franchise Association (IFA), also recognizes the importance of mobile marketing. You’ll see many expert speakers on the subject at their 2013 IFA Annual Convention in Las Vegas – Feb 17-20.

You can see our own CEO, Jeremy LaDuque, speak on the topic at one of the many educational sessions at the convention. Mr. LaDuque will be addressing How Consumers Use Mobile and What You Can Do About It. The IFA’s Technology Summit will also focus on the rapidly evolving state of SoLoMo, or Social / Local / Mobile, marketing.

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Why Mobile Advertising Is Such a Headache for Marketers

Mobile computing isn’t that “mobile.” About 70% of tablets aren’t linked to a cellular data plan, and a recent study by AOL found that 68% of time spent on smartphones occurred in people’s homes. If you think about it, the mobile revolution arguably started in 2008, when laptops outsold desktop PCs in the U.S. for the first time.

For marketers, though, there’s a big difference between mobile advertising and the desktop kind. The term refers to an ecosystem created by Apple for the iPhone in 2007 that has since evolved to include tablets and may in time creep onto the desktop as well. This is an environment in which marketers are deprived of most of their favorite tools from desktop computing. Moreover, mobile isn’t one thing, but a bunch of potential screens and situations within a category that right now comprises just 5% of all digital ad spending, by revenues.

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