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Raising Awareness Through Social Media: Mashable’s Social Good Summit Recap

As the Social Good Summit began its final day on Monday, September 24th, the audience was brought in on a three-way call between Beijing, Nairobi, and New York. New York’s opening message, which set the stage for the day, consisted of these three takeaways to remember:

  •     We, the connected people of the world, are the agents of change.
  •     Social media is our tool.
  •     We have so much to learn from each other.

Well said, New York. With Digital and Social Media, we have this new found way to communicate and reach people. We need to take advantage of these tools and share what’s important to us. There were many great panels and speakers that day, but I was curious to find the best ways new media is being used for social issues.

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Introducing the New Mashable: Social, Mobile, Visual

The new Mashable can be described in three words: social, mobile and visual.


Our community has always been one of the most socially connected news audiences online. Our current design, however, doesn’t let you find the stories that are bubbling up on social media sites. The new Mashable does exactly that. While you can still read our latest stories in the “New Stuff” column, those articles gaining traction on social media services now hop over to a column called “The Next Big Thing.” Meanwhile, the stories being shared the most progress to the “What’s Hot” column. At a glance, you can see what’s new, what’s next, and what’s hot around the social web.


The new Mashable is also focused on giving you the best possible experience on every screen. Last month, Mashable was accessed on more than 2,000 different types of devices — our site will now look great on all of them! Using responsive design techniques, the new Mashable melds to fit any device, all the way from mobile phones to giant desktop monitors. With more than 30% of Mashable readers now consuming our content on mobile devices, we’re delighted to provide a great reading experience on the go.

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Mashable Recognizes USF for Social Media

The popular Internet news blog, Mashable, recognized the University of South Florida twice in September for social media successes.

In an article on the “most social colleges”, USF was ranked alongside Texas A&M University and Duke University for use of the popular pin-board style photo-sharing site, Pinterest. The USF Pinterest page just launched three months ago, making the ranking all the more impressive.

During the opening weekend of college football, Mashable ranked the schools with the most Foursquare check-ins on game day. USF Athletics had the tenth highest number of stadium check-ins, alongside schools like the University of Georgia and Ohio State University. The Big East Conference led the nation with the highest average number of check-ins during opening weekend.

With more than 20 million unique visitors each month, Mashable is a leading source of news in social media, mobile development, technology, web development, entertainment, and more.

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Mashable Style Social Media Widget for WordPress

Offering a Subscription form in the blog sidebar is one of the best thing you can do to your blog. It will let your readers quickly subscribe to your blog updates and help you to create community. Now, the hard part is creating a stylish and converting Social media widget required coding knowledge or you may have to hire a Freelancer to get this work done for your blog. In any ways, it’s either going to cost you money or time. How about I share a free Social media widget which looks exactly the same as popular blog Mashable. Since, mashable is one of the top blog in the industry and there is no doubt, every element is placed for higher conversion. More over, Since people are already accustomed with mashable Style  Social media widget, it will be easier for your readers to quickly subscribe to your blog updates.

WordPress Mash Social widget plugin:

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Social Media Marketing Tips For The Inexperienced

You know that you can use social media websites to keep in contact with your friends and have fun, but you should know that they are also a very powerful marketing tool, as well. On the other hand, improperly used social media sites quickly eat up your time. This article will help you get the most from using social media.

Find ways to help your followers share your page. You should be sure that you place a Facebook share button on your posts. Although this might take up some of your time, it is definitely worth it in the end.

Videos posts on YouTube and other social networks need to have excellent titles for a number of reasons. These titles need to have relevant keywords to your industry and products. If your videos turn up easily with the use of good keywords, then follow through with truly helpful content; you will get a greater number of views.

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The Elegance of Tellagence in Social Media Marketing

The major problem we have today in the social space when it comes to measuring influence is that we do not yet have a solid definition of what online influence is. Real influence is not based on just celebrity or popularity.

Marketers already have plenty of tools at their disposal that claim to measure online influence, but all these tools really do is measure awareness. True influence is the ability to change behavior. When someone hits “like” on Facebook or retweets a message that may be a sign of agreement or interest, but it is not necessarily an indicator that any behavior has changed.

In addition to their failure to define influence properly, current measurement methods do not take into account that the flow of information itself is constantly changing, or that influencers can change from one topic to the next. They also do not consider the ability of people in a network to make a decision or create relationships. These companies believe influence can simply be boiled down to a formula of how many people are following or liking a specific person.

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13 Social Media Marketing Trends For 2013

How will social media marketing evolve in 2013? What about the platforms themselves?

Perhaps Twitter will further position itself into becoming the newsroom of the future. Will Facebook shift its focus from paid ads to paid content, and make that long-awaited move into search? Possibly Pinterest will prove it has the legs to become the key player in social shopping. Or maybe, just maybe, somebody will have good things to say about Google+ (who doesn’t actually work at Google).

This infographic takes a closer look at how social media marketing will take flight in 2013, identifying 13 key trends that are ready to take off.

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6 Social Media Marketing Tips to Ace the Holidays

The holiday season is the perfect time to rev up your brand’s social media marketing strategy. Consumers are buzzing with holiday spirit (especially the spirit of giving and receiving…and the shopping that goes with it). They’re lighting up social networks with talk and opinions about the season, and thinking about what they’d like to buy.

Social media is playing a significant role in holiday consumer journeys. 44% of shoppers surveyed said that they’ll consult social media as part of their holiday shopping process, and they’ve already started—54% of consumers are shopping before Black Friday. To capitalize on this surge of activity, here are six holiday social media ideas you can use to turn up your social media marketing:

1. Launch promotional campaigns that reference common pop-culture holiday themes

Jingle bells anyone? As many holiday-themed pop culture references as you can imagine, is how many you can use to create a clever spin on creative holiday promotion ideas. For example, TomTom launched a holiday-themed sweepstakes giveaway and called it “TomTom’s 12 Days of Giveaways.”

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Social Media Marketing: Understanding the New Consumer Mindset

While “the individual” is still the focus, the shift in perspective from “you” to “me” is truly a game changer. “I” took the reins of technology to make the social media planet revolve around “me.” It’s no longer about a generic “you” like a faceless rider cruising anonymously down the information superhighway. The customer, enabled by technology, has transformed into a more powerful social version of itself. This shift has massive implications for how we all do business today.

Our co-founder and CIO at OpenAmplify, Mike Petit, puts it this way: “People that use social media have an expectation—and never mind if it’s unreasonable or not—that even though they’re one voice in a million or a billion, when they express a need or an opinion that somehow the appropriate party is going to hear that and respond to it.”

On Facebook alone, there are nearly one billion versions of me, myself, and I. Dots revolve around each of them in the form of likes, friends, and the actual comments expressing opinions or needs. The social customer “me” can be quite demanding. It doesn’t matter to “me” if neither Twitter nor Facebook is your company’s official customer service channel.

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