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2013 Online Marketing Trends: The Year Of The Consumer

Trend #1: Let Consumers Be Your Marketers

More consumers are being vocal about their product and service experiences. From Angie’s List and Yelp to Twitter and Facebook, consumers are sounding off about their good and more often than not, their bad product and service experiences with businesses. Businesses need to capture and communicate effectively with their consumer base in 2013 if it wants to succeed. Bad customer reviews can cripple a business. 2013 will be a “culture shock” for businesses that don’t take social media and consumer reviews seriously.

Trend #2: Online Reputation Management

In 2013, proactive businesses will be dedicating significant time on a periodic basis for monitoring and controlling their online reputation. Businesses who disregard their online reputation will feel the impact of loss of revenue to businesses that take online reputation management seriously. Google Reviews, Yelp, Angie’s List, and Merchant Circle are a good place to start.

Trend #3: Business, Service, and Product Validation

With increasing competition in the marketplace, businesses need to find a way to differentiate their product and services. Companies in 2013 will spend more money on public relations and online press releases in order to get the “word out” to their target demographic. With more people taking to the search engines to conduct research prior to making a buying decision, a business’ track record weighs heavily on the overall consumer decision buying process. Sculpting consumer sentiment is crucial in swaying the buying decision in their favor. Businesses who make themselves seem like a subject matter expert or industry leader will win the consumer buying decision in 2013.

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New Internet Marketing Company in Reno NV Helps Local Business Owners Increase Their Online Presence with Internet Marketing Services

The new internet marketing company Vexcom Solutions, at http://vexcomsolutions.com/ has been created in order to help local businesses in the area increase their online visibility.

The goal of Vexcom Solutions is to help some of the local businesses who may not understand how they can be found on the internet, and provide them with a simple plan that will get them some needed exposure. As our society increasingly uses the internet to find products and services at a local level, and relies less on the traditional phone book it is becoming increasingly important to have an online aspect of ones business.

Wally Brown, owner at Vexcom Solutions said: “I remember how confusing all of this SEO and internet marketing stuff was for me when I started out, so I just want to provide these services for Reno NV business owners in a way they can easily understand and get results.”

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Internet Marketing Companies – Internet Marketing Strategies for local businesses

When it comes to internet marketing and selling their products or services online methods are changing almost constantly. A marketing campaign today is not complete without an online campaign because the Internet is full of potential customers. And the more potential customers a business can reach customers more real than likely end with the final. But not everyone is quite computer savvy enough to succeed in online marketing. Fortunately, although there are local companies that can help make successful business online marketing campaigns and get more potential customers online.

There are three individual marketing strategies that can be used to make a campaign successful Internet marketing. And these three things alone can double existing business.

1) video marketing is used as an Internet marketing tool because many potential customers would rather watch a video that describes a product or service you read lots of text without visual aid. The idea of being able to learn about a product through a single video help companies be more online consumers to view their products or services. A clear picture of what is being offered by a internet marketing company can better determine when a potential customer can see or hear what is going to get. The problem is that many people feel they lack the skills needed to produce a video quality and quality is important when a company is trying to attract potential customers through Internet marketing. Internet Marketing company with video quality that is sending customers exactly what they are offering in the most effective way for consumers online and give visibility to your company.

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Be A Better Business With Better Internet Marketing

A few companies have become giants in the business world, while many others have remained small and local. Unfortunately, most businesses will fail. Internet businesses tend to fold at a high rate. Avoid failure by using these great marketing tips.

Oftentimes, marketing consultant services are prohibitively expensive for small business owners. Luckily, the internet has a wealth of information to help you. Instead of spending a lot of money look into free options for advertising your business like business communities, blogs and various networking opportunities.

Use Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites to your advantage. These social media websites give you the perfect way to keep in contact with your customers. They are perfect for promotions, updates and even deeper conversations. Do not share promotional material only; provide your audience with interesting and useful content as often as possible. You could share links to external sites, ask people to react on a topic related to your industry or share fun and original content for instance.

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Strategic Internet Marketing Partnerships

These days, it’s becoming more and more difficult for companies to bring in new business. Competition is becoming fierce and consumers are now more sophisticated and informed than ever. Many of their purchasing decisions rely on reviews and referrals from a trusted source – whether it is a friend, family member or a company they already do business with.

It is especially true for online marketers because there is still a lot of skepticism about search engine optimization (SEO), affiliate marketing, paid search, reputation management and online lead generation. Internet technology branches out so widely, making it impossible for one person to offer every product or service, which is why it is essential for companies in the same industry to form strategic partnerships.

What is a Strategic Partnership?

A strategic partnership in business is an agreement, based on a strategy, where the members of the partnership contribute “something” to the partnership that is essential towards the achievement of the business objectives of each participant in the partnership.  Typically, the needs of each partner are unique to the others and the strengths (expertise, products or services) are also unique but essential to make the entire partnership work.

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How to Build Your Internet Marketing Expertise

Have you ever wanted to be one of those SEO experts? Have you ever wanted to be one of the few people who can give advice about websites and their internet marketing strategies? Unfortunately, this is not an easy path to take. Once you start learning about every internet marketing service available, you cannot stop, otherwise, you cease to be the expert you wanted to be. In today’s fast paced internet society, internet marketing is an evolving industry. The only way to become a real expert is to continue learning and practicing your skills.

If you’re a beginner who hopes to learn more about website marketing services, here are a few paths you can take to build your experience and sharpen your skills.

1. Learn from the experts

What better way to study than under the experts? If you really want to become an expert in this field, you need to know how the internet marketing experts work. The only way for you to do that is to work for an internet marketing company that will generously train you to be an expert as well. Internet marketing is never a one man job. Experts usually form a group so they can be one expert company. If you want to learn snippets of every online marketing service, a company is your best bet to getting the closest look.

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The 6 Pillars to Local Business Marketing Domination

Internet provides the opportunity for businesses to reach their customers whether local or around the world. Yes, you heard it right. Online marketing is not only about global domination for big giants it is also for local businesses who wish to dominate their own backyards.

FACT: ?83% of U.S. households now use the Internet as an information source when shopping locally for products and services? the Internet will soon surpass newspapers as a local shopping information resource.? Source: The Kelsey Group

As consumers started to use the internet to search for local products or services and if you are on the local niche then the visibility of your own business via online will mean success. But how can you achieve success through local business marketing? In order to succeed in a local market you will need these 6 pillars.

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Why Online Marketing Matters to Small Business Owners

How is the economy affecting small business owners’ thoughts and plans about their companies’ finances? In a recent Small Business Sentiment Survey conducted for Local Corporation, 92 percent of small business owners said the economy influences their financial decisions. Here are some of the changes small business owners have considered making as a result of the up-and-down economy of the past three years:

51 percent have considered reducing operating costs
46 percent have considered raising prices on their products or services
40 percent have considered reducing marketing spending
24 percent have thought about laying off employees
19 percent have contemplated cutting back their operating hours
16 percent have considered cutting either employee benefits or salaries

Most drastically of all, 16 percent have thought about closing their businesses either permanently (16 percent) or temporarily (11 percent). This, despite the fact that entrepreneurs are so dedicated, 61 percent have thought about taking a pay cut in order to keep their companies running.

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Integrated Internet Marketing Companies vs Specialized Ones

Many businesses realized the power of internet marketing as a method of promoting their goods and services. As a result, the number of businesses utilizing the internet to market their products has significantly increased. However some businesses benefit more than others because they usually choose the appropriate companies to assist them with marketing and hence are able to achieve more. Some of internet marketing businesses offer specialized services while others combine different services. It is paramount for every business to compare the cons and pros of having online marketing services being offered by more than one company that specializes in a particular line of service or by those that offer integrated services at the same time.

The advantage of using an integrated company to provide online marketing services is that it is relatively cheaper when compared with using different companies to provide different services. This is because most of the integrated companies ask for a single discount payment for the different services provided. This is unlikely while hiring different companies to provide different services, of which charge can accumulate to high amounts. Some of the ideal businesses to use integrated companies are the small and upcoming businesses which do not have a lot of resources to hire different companies.

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Local Internet Marketing & Google Maps SEO

Google maps is an industry leading tool created by Google to help people searching for businesses/addresses pinpoint their location. When a searcher enters a product/service along with a geographic location in which to find it Google Maps gives either the exact address of the business being searched for or a list of businesses that offer the product the user is interested in. The directions could be driving, by foot, bicycle, or public service.

Google Maps SEO provides an enormous opportunity to generate revenue and help people find your business. It is of cardinal importance for any business to be utilizing this service. Besides providing directions the tool also provides features such as street view, Google Places, and Google Local maps. With Google places and local  maps people are able to see pictures of your business along with customer reviews, business hours, and contact information. The beauty about local searches is that the people looking for your product/service are in the same location and chances are that if they are looking for something your business offers it will result in sales!

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