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Local Business Marketing Strategy – Dominating Video Marketing

Video marketing is the next big thing online, take advantage of it as a local business marketing strategy. It is underused by many marketers and fantastically profitable for those that do use it.

Many marketers don’t use video marketing simply because they don’t know how to get started on it. It isn’t actually that difficult and you will find it remarkably easy when you do use it.

Videos can very easily go viral and you will find yourself getting a lot of traffic from them. Plus, the search engines love video because it is very popular at the moment. You can often see a selection of videos in the top five ranking for any search term in Google. Creating the videos doesn’t have to be difficult. You can create a live action video using your mobile phone or digital camera, or if you live in the dark ages, a webcam.

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Local SEO Guide: 15 Marketing Techniques to Promote Your Business Online

Launching a business online can be quite intimidating to any small business owner. Fortunately, any business can benefit from search engine optimization (SEO), which can make a small investment go a long way, as well as making sure that local buyers find their websites. Therefore, local SEO is an obvious choice to promote and market your business on the Web. The following blog post provides 15(!) low-cost marketing techniques to help drive traffic and sales to your website.

What is local SEO?

Local SEO is a specialist technique that aims at getting your business name and website in front of people that are physically located near it. Search engines are the modern-day yellow pages, and your potential customers are looking to find you where you and your products and services are located.

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Local Business Marketing: Social media is the new bare minimum to sell to Generation Y

Let’s face it: Marketing used to be easier, especially for entrepreneurs running small, localized businesses. You once needed nothing more than a Yellow Pages ad to secure a steady stream of business as, let’s say, a local tire shop.

Then came the Internet, and it was still just a matter of having a webpage with your address and contact information. A minor inconvenience, but worth it for those businesses whose customer segments dictated taking extraordinary measures to reach the most tech-savvy people.

Next came Web 2.0, and suddenly it wasn’t enough to just have an online presence anymore. The Web was becoming social. Also, as the bell curve of innovation adoption for the Internet shifted toward mainstream acceptance, it became necessary to engage a wider range of age groups in digital format.

Can potential customers easily research your company and product?

Generation Y has proven itself to be savvy beyond belief in terms of product research, and discriminating to a fault against those brands that don’t make themselves available for online investigation.

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DIY Small Business Marketing – What You Can Learn From Bob Vila

Fall is a popular time for home renovation projects, as home owners gear up for the holiday season. Design choices and creative ideas abound for today’s renovators, thanks in large part to platforms, such as Pinterest and DIY yourself websites.

One look at Bob Vila’s website will cause an eager renovator to salivate with excitement over the plethora of advice for any and every project under the sun. While perusing these tips, a lightbulb went off in my head: There are striking similarities between a small business and your home– both need constant care and maintenance and can always use an upgrade now and again.

With that in mind, there are three DIY small business marketing tips to be learned from the dean of home renovation and repair:

1. Regular Maintenance is a Must—Many small business folks jump into marketing projects with great gusto in the beginning. They set up a Facebook and Twitter account, they research local advertising, and perhaps even place an article in their local newspaper.

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Vital Tips for Local Business Marketing

With the increase in competition and the need for growth, many investors are using local business marketing as a way of sustaining their organizations in the respective production. This way helps to inform potential clients of the existence of this business and its products. This approach has benefited many within the industry. In undertaking it, some key considerations have to be put in place to ensure that the targeted goals are achieved.

With a wide variety of tips in the market, it is easy to navigate the approach towards achieving the intended goals. At first, the organization has to make use of the internet. In the world today, there are excessive changes in information and technology. In this perspective, setting up a website with as many details as possible is the key answer. Moreover, social media are others with high potential for use.

Building the presence of the organization in the community comes in handy as a necessary tip for consideration. This means that it is fundamental to develop a positive image when it comes to the society around. Engage in publicity and promotion manners that are appealing.

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Promote Smarter, Not Louder: Holiday Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

As a small business competing against retail giants during the holiday season, you may be tempted to play the “Who can shout louder?” game. Not only is this hard on a small business’ time and budget, but it could also potentially alienate the loyal customers you’ve worked so hard to get. So, what can you do this holiday season to market your small business and get heard in spite of larger competitors? Follow the path to success on our Small Business Saturday infographic and try these five tips to promote your local offers during Small Business Saturday and the holiday season.

When developing a content marketing strategy, it’s important to understand the different platforms you are using and create quality content that is specific to your small business for each. Consumers use the Web for many different activities, and tailoring your holiday messages to each can help you stand out. For example, your messages for social media posts on Twitter should include trending hashtags, like #BlackFriday, #SmallBizSat, or #CyberMonday and should be different from your Facebook messages that ask fans to “Like,” comment or share your post. If you are leveraging seasonal online advertising or email marketing, they should contain a coupon or special offer, related imagery, and a strong, effective call to action.

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Local Marketing with Pinterest

When Pinterest came on the scene in mid-2011, it grew a huge following of middle aged women who chose to share their interests in creative arts and crafts, home design, fashion, art, cars, travel and other similar interests.   Pinterest grew from a few thousand users to 11.7 million users in about six months (see Pinterest for Business Statistics) and currently boasts 2.2 million active daily users with roughly 80% women and the second highest amount of average time on site behind only Facebook.  Needless to say, Pinterest is likely the newest and most popular social media platform growing in following.  So what does all of this mean to local marketing?

Local business leaders are beginning to realize the significance Pinterest has in local marketing particularly with middle aged women who are most likely homeowners.  In fact, many custom home builders, home remodeling companies and interior designers are using Pinterest more and more to share their work with friends, family and customers who then share with their friend and family growing a following and an interest in their work.

One of the greatest things about Pinterest is it’s ability to share high-quality photography and link that back to your website helping build more web traffic to your website.

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Local Business Marketing with Social Media

Those were the golden days when all you needed to stand out from the competition was a website. And if you did a bit of search engine optimization, then you could easily achieve page #1 ranks at Google. It was particularly easy for local businesses, simply because there was far less competition here. Good things don’t last forever, and it didn’t last here as well. Achieving a high search engine ranking and good web visibility has become particularly difficult to achieve for small entrepreneurs.

There was a time when local businesses just had to get listed in the Yellow Pages. Do this, and you were assured a steady stream of business. With the popularity and reach of the Internet, it became slightly more complicated, because the businesses needed to have a website. It was worth it, because they could reach out to more people easily. The wider the reach, the better the business prospects!

With Web 2.0, it suddenly looked more difficult. Just an online presence was not enough anymore. The Internet had become social. It was no more just a one-way communication from the company to its audience. Everybody could interact online, between themselves and with the business. But this presented a great opportunity for the local business as well. It could attract and engage with many more people in a digital format. The Internet had become mainstream.

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How to use local business marketing even if you’re not ‘local’

Local business marketing is one of the hottest topics in internet marketing today.
While it’s easiest implemented for bricks and mortar businesses who have a single location, with some careful planning and implementation and leveraging of local business directories, it can work just as well for multi location businesses or businesses that serve a national or global market.

The trickiest thing about this type of marketing is remaining consistent across the board in all your web presences and staying on the right side of Google’s many regulations. http://google.com

The guiding principal behind effective marketing – as discussed in our post on branding, is to disseminate a clear and consistent message in all instances.  This is not a new concept.  It’s the basis on which all traditional marketing and public relations operates.  But, it goes a lot deeper than the visual aspects of corporate logos and colors.  It even goes deeper than the company slogan and mission statement.

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Five Important Local Business Review Marketing Tips

Five Important Local Business Review Marketing Tips

Having your business stand out over and above your competition in an increasingly competitive market place can be tricky. But instead of instigating the latest and greatest marketing trends and technologies, have you thought to stop and ask your customers what they think about your business? Maybe you should.

Here are 5 reasons that can help you get the most out of your customer testimonials.

1.) Ask for them.

The chances of a satisfied client leaving a customer review for your business are slim. You need to ask them politely to do so, explaining how it can really help you.

If the client is truly satisfied then spending a few minutes for a business that has just provided them a great service is not too much of a hardship. Get into the routine of asking your clients how your service was. This will move your business towards creating a culture of customer service, further enhancing your brand and reputation.

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