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Top Link Building Tools Just For Fou

Receiving backlinks to your internet site is among the most vital elements of top-notch SEO. Now, if you have a lot of time, you may wish to hand-select every place you will try and get back links from and do all of the work manually. Maybe you’ve got the resources needed to do all of the required research and set up inbound links. Before going down that route however , you should be conscious of the fact that there are a good deal of link building tools that will make things far easier for you.

A great start are tools that investigate links. These tools can show you the number of links going to a domain or express pages, with what anchor text is employed, and to what degree. Link investigating tools are fairly basic, but provide a basic overview. Nonetheless you’ll need other tools to get a deeper analysis.

There’s a Firefox plug-in called SearchStatus which can supply several features at one point. It offers such information as a site’s page rank (as set by Google), WhoIs info, a cached version of the page being analyzed by SearchStatus, any previous versions still free at, and links thru Yahoo SiteExplorer. The add-on also features a way to highlight all no-follow links, which can help you to maximise your link building efforts.

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Link Building Tool Review

Ahrefs is a suite of tools that contains “the largest index of live links.” There is a free version and a premium version, an API, and an affiliate program. They have their own index, putting them into the same arena as SEO Moz and Majestic, and they post some useful stuff on their internal blog digest.

Pricing starts at $79 a month and goes as high as $499 a month for more advanced plans. All plans offer a nice discount if you pay for a year upfront.

Now that the basics are out of the way I have to say that I absolutely love the Ahrefs tool. It’s fast and the graphical representations are very easy to understand (even for a novice I imagine.) In this suite you’ll find a Site Explorer, Keywords Analysis, Backlinks Report, Domain Comparison, Batch Analysis, and Competition Analysis tools.

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Clean Up Old Link Building Habits with Google’s Disavow Tool

Google has done it again. The search giant has managed to shake the world of webmasters and SEO’s everywhere with the release of the disavow tool in October. This new tool fulfills the dreams of many webmasters who may have ever struggled to clean up a less-than-sparkling back-link profile in the wake of the latest Penguin update.

A short history: in the past, many a web development company and SEO’s would boost the rankings of websites by building links on irrelevant sites, particularly by submitting their domain to a link directory. When Google cracked down on irrelevant and spammy links last April, many sites that relied on these directories for rankings were hit hard and their rankings plummeted. Now many webmasters are trying to clean up the mess.

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Essential Link Building Tools

There are many jobs that require an employee to be ready equipped with some sort of toolbox.  The person that fixes the sputtering engine on your car is going to have one.  The company you call to repair your slowly collapsing front deck is going to send over a guy with a rather hefty toolbox most likely.  In fact, according to the New York Times, jobs that require these kinds of tools are among the few that have not been cut so drastically in the last four years.  As Princeton economist Alan Binder said, “You can’t hammer a nail over the internet.”  Link building is another industry that hasn’t seen this decrease.  If anything, the industry is positively booming.  Link builders may not bring a wrench or a hammer to their computers, but they certainly have tools of their own.


Whitespark offers link builders a nifty local citation tool, in which the link builder can simply enter the relevant location and business type into the search bar and a list of potential link targets will appear moments later.  It’s one of the easiest tools for link builders on the market.

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15 Helpful Link Building Tools

Using tools is a necessity for client link building. But how, why, when and who should use them?

What follows is a list of some helpful link building tools you can use day in and day out for guest posting, BLB, and group interviews.

5 “Opportunity Discovery” Tools

1. Majestic Site Explorer (paid)

Majestic has gradually become a go-to link building tool. Its results are so fresh that you’ll often able to find new links you’ve earned through broken link building that went up on pages you didn’t ask about. Anyhow, here’s how it can be used:

Bulk Backlink Checker:

When you’ve found a batch of dead pages or sites, submit them all to the bulk link checker and set it to return results based on linking domains. Presto! You’ve got a list of dead sites or pages ordered by the number of inbound linking domains.

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Tools for Building Link Relationships

LunaMetrics changed its Facebook relationship status to single recently after ending a long term relationship with its link building tool. The two had been together for several healthy, prosperous years, but realized that they had drifted in different directions and needed to separate. They remain close friends.

After a weekend with Ben & Jerry and the latest Katherine Heigl romantic comedy, LunaMetrics decided to get back out there. The search for a new link building partner was tedious. It screened all available suitors, subjected itself to blind dates and even agreed to several 30-day trials. In the end, LunaMetrics found that each had positive attributes but not all could be the perfect companion.

The old fling, Raven, has a great link building tool. That’s undeniable. But LunaMetrics no longer needs an enterprise SEO package. We continuously shop for the best tools and can’t be locked in with one platform or company. We just need a link building partner.

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6 Link Building Tools to Boost Your Traffic

Link building is a concept that anyone involved in online marketing will come across and, more than likely, be involved in. The principle is simple — get high quality, relevant sites to link to your own. In doing so you not only generating traffic from visitors clicking through but also give search engines an indication as to the importance of your site. In effect a link is like a vote; the more high-quality votes you get the higher you’ll show up in search rankings.

Fortunately, there are many link-building tools. These can roughly be split into two camps: Those that help with the data and analysis side of things, and those that focus more on speeding up the process of building relationships with other site owners. So how does someone decide which tool best suits their needs? I tested six of the most popular link-building tools over the last few months to figure out the pros and cons of each. Here’s what you need to know.

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Link Building Tools or Oursourcing?

In Internet Marketing, there are two very important things to look at:

  • How to use your time in a smart way.
  • Does, whatever you do, yield sufficient ROI (return of investment)?

Many webmasters and entrepreneurs are using link building tools, for example SenukeX, Serprobot, Wikiblaster, Scrapebot just to name a few. Here is the deal:

The really good link building tools and software can be very, very complex and need a thorough understanding how to use them, otherwise you will not see any results or possibly even do more harm than good to your own link building.

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Link-building Tips and Tools for Bloggers in a Post-Panda and Penguin World

There have been several great link building posts so far this year on ProBlogger, including 10 No-Nonsense Ways to Build Links, How to Systematically Build a Mountain of Links, and A New Linking Strategy. And of course, Darren wrote earlier today advocating a more level-headed approach to backlinks.

So you might be asking what more can be written about link building for bloggers? The answer is, a lot. Bloggers have an advantage that static and retail websites don’t. There are tons of great link-building strategies that can be utilized to increase backlinks.

Link building post-Panda and Penguin

Before we get started, I just thought I would mention a few Google algorithm changes that you should know about when thinking about link building in 2012.

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Best Link Building Tools for SEO Experts

Building relevant hyperlinks requires time and effort. A high quality link constructing instrument may help with your search engine optimisation efforts and improve your rankings in search engines. Tracking links to your web pages is a key part of any search engine optimisation strategy. Relying in your budget, you should utilize free or paid instruments for backlink building. These tools will enable you accomplish tasks a lot faster and easily.

Open Web site Explorer (OSE)

Open Site Explorer uses elements like domain authority and web page authority to guage the number of inbound links pointing to your website. This instrument may help you identify who is linking to your site and who is linking to your competitors.

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