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Organizing Your Link Building Campaign

If there is one thing that site owners need to understand about link building it is that it requires consistency. You can’t just build a couple dozen links one month and expect that to carry your SEO program for the rest of the year. But in order to be consistent you need to be organized, which requires a little bit of planning and a lot of reporting.

Here are 5 ways to help DIY SEO site owners and marketing managers organize their link building campaigns:

1. Create a 6-12 month link building strategy.

A link building strategy isn’t set in stone, but it can help you keep your link building efforts focused and consistent. You want to keep your link building as natural and diverse as possible and a link building strategy ensures that everyone knows what it going on, what is expected and what you plan on doing that month. It’s a good way to ensure you’re getting a good mix of links each month and a solid way to remind yourself of valuable link building opportunities that might be coming down the road like a webinar (which can be turned into shorter videos), a big promotional push (which will require a blogger outreach program), and more.

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SEO Link Building Made Easy with The HOTH

Since the beginning, link building has been one of the most important cornerstones of any search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. However, the changes brought upon by the Panda and Penguin updates from Google have thrown a wrench into much of this thinking, placing a greater emphasis on usability and higher quality content. Conventional link farms are far more likely to get punished than they are to get rewarded.

SEO link building can be a time-consuming, challenging, and frustrating experience, which is why it is oftentimes a better idea to consider outsourcing the task instead. The HOTH offers an aggressive and multi-faceted link building strategy that will help propel your site to the top of the search engines. And no, there does not appear to be any relation to the Star Wars frozen planet. Let’s get down to today’s review and see what they’re all about.

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New Google SEO Rules – Part 3 Link Building Myths

Back to our regularly scheduled programming. If you have not been following this series of blog posts, we are focusing on the way SEO is changing and how to stay ahead of the curve. This post is focused on link building, so lets jump right to it.

Link Building

Traditional link building depending on what school of SEO you graduated from involved a series of meticulous tasks to get back links from websites that were relevant to your niche or market. The higher the PR/DR, the more contextual back links you got usually meant more link juice, however that is not exactly the case nowadays. With the constant refreshing of the Panda and Penguin updates you need a much more strategic approach to link building. One of the secrets to some of the most effective SEO gurus is very simple but easy to forget if you get into habits. The secret is keep it natural, this means if you do go out and build back-links which Google actually doesn’t like you to do; you should build them in a natural way. How do you do this you may ask, well the best and most natural links most always comes from truly interested readers who find your content so helpful or informative that they want to share it with someone else. So again a lot of link building goes back to writing good content, this is especially true if you are trying to do guest blogging.

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Reasons behind getting seo link building company!

Not all web optimization corporations will be the same. It’s so easy. Several Seo hyperlink constructing businesses provide excellent service, amongst others. Obviously, you are going to ensure you own a superb seo link building company to enable you to be certain that you might be getting the absolute best outcome for working on your internet existence. Therefore, simply how good can be your seo link building company? First thing you have to do is investigate how efficiently they’ve handled their unique site. How do seo link building company market offerings in case they cannot even arrange classify suitable for the main thing vocabulary they’re targeting?

Consequently, check out the phrases they’re targeting then determine where these arrange classify to them. For instance, suppose the net optimization firm is focusing on the term “SEO hyperlink constructing.” Google that time period then determine one thing their very own rankings are. When they aren’t inside the top a few places points that won’t be a superb indicator. It is really an indicator which they can’t rank fine for the important thing vocabulary they are shooting for. Needless to say if they can’t get excellent stage, how can these encourage them to you? But that’s not things you need to look at. Browse the exertions they’ve got finished their customers.

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The basics of link building for SEO

What is link building?

Link building involves developing inbound links to your website that help your website rankings and send traffic directly to your site. However, link building is about quality, not quantity. Yes, you can go out and find thousands of places to leave your links, but if those sites are irrelevant or not well ranked themselves, your links will be worthless. The trick is to leave links on websites that are relevant to your business (so you get targeted traffic) and recognised by the search engines to be of good quality themselves.

Where should you start building links to your website?

As we mentioned above, there are plenty of “link farms” – sites that are basically a huge directory of links to websites. These sites used to be quite useful for SEO but Google now knows that their sole purpose is to host inbound links so those links no longer carry any weight. Instead, you need to look for relevant, high quality sites where leaving links is a more “natural” thing to do. The best places to leave your links are forums, blogs, social media sites (in your profile and your updates), review sites, bookmarking sites such as Digg or StumbleUpon, wikis and local directories. We’ll look at each of these type of site in a future post.

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What SEO Link Building is Going to Look Like in the Future

Link building is the backbone of your SEO campaign. But in the aftermath of Google’s Penguin Update, millions of online businesses saw their rankings (and web traffic) dip, or even take a huge drop. That’s why in the second half of 2012, we’ve been trying to explain how you should think about link building in a Post-Penguin SEO world.

Our answer: you need to think about how to create an organic footprint on the web, in places that your customers are looking for information about the products and services you provide. Not only will this create the kind of backlinks that Google loves, it will drive customers to your website in natural way that doesn’t rely on SE rankings. So, the benefits are two-fold. One, you will boost your SEO campaign and drive more traffic from Google. Two, you create additional streams of traffic and lead generation.

To get a better idea of what we mean, check out this video on new link building strategies for the future.

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How to bounce back from Google EMD Penalty

Another month and another Google slap to worry about. This time, there has been a focus on “low quality exact-match domains” in search results but as usual, the impact seems to have gone a lot deeper than Google suggest. A lot of websites, including ones that would be classed as quality sites, have found that their rankings have dropped by a considerable amount after this latest change.

It seems as though the age of the EMD has had an impact on the recent switch. Many observers have noted that EMDs that are under 1 year old will have been more likely to suffer a drop in the recent algorithm change. This creates a problem for some marketers. If a site is new and has been marked down, there may be an idea to start from scratch and build up a new site with better SEO. However, given that the algorithm seems to be harsher on new sites, does it make sense to go out and build an even newer site? You may be able to rectify many of the mistakes you make on the existing site but if age brings its own benefits, there is a strong argument for staying where you are and trying to improve matters on your current site.

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Why Link Building For SEO Is So 2000

If you are a local business aiming to get to page one of Google, it’s important to know a few facts about SEO.

The truth is that SEO is not just about building links. Link building for SEO is just so 2000. SEO is about keywords, social, site architecture, links and content. Awesome content. Content that is so good, useful and helpful to people that they just want to share it with others.

Content that is about giving users a balanced view so that they can appreciate your integrity and transparency and trust you for advice.

Why give people a balanced view?

Because the openness of the web means that they will find out anyhow. And if they are going to find out, why not let it be from you. Why not become a trusted and valued source of information.

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Linkbuilding is Dead; Long Live Linkbuilding!

We’ve had a number of discussions in our office regarding what’s become of linkbuilding, and how that aspect of SEO has radically changed over the past year. Before we go much further, a brief history.

Within the past year or so, Google has launched two significant algorithm updates: Panda and Penguin. While Google’s Panda update and its multiple iterations mainly focused on content issues (scraper sites, duplicate content, “over optimized” or spammy content, sites with high bounce rates, etc.), Google’s Penguin update, first released in April 2012, specifically targeted inbound links. While Google had taken steps in the past to limit the rewards of questionable linkbuilding, it seemed that most sites still managed to prosper using shady techniques. Penguin has proven to be a different story altogether, and unlike its rather endearing namesake, this update has teeth.

(An aside – penguins do not have teeth. They have sharp barbs on their tongues and in their throats that allow them to catch and hold fish. Not being an ornithologist, I looked it up.)

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List of SEO Hashtags for Social Sharing

In October, LunaMetrics’s Dan Wilkerson published a study about the impact of hashtags on reach, which have always seemed to be an afterthought in SEO. For me, a typical interaction with Twitter goes something like this.

“Wow, fifty percent of US mobile owners have smartphones that keep search engines continuously within reach. I should share this fun fact. Unfortunately, the musty gentleman next to me on the T doesn’t seem concerned about the growing influence of mobile search on organic web traffic. Tweet: ‘Still holding off on that mobile site? @eMarketer reports 50% of US mobile pop. has a smartphone.’ Send. Oh, wait, I probably should have used #SEO and #mobile, but I’ll remember next time.”

Dan’s report on using Twitter hashtags changed that process because he found that using two per tweet resulted in 87 percent more retweets and 255 percent more mentions. So, Dan, now you have my attention.

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