Internet Video Marketing

How To Use Internet Video Marketing

Are you using video to help engage with your customers and boost your exposure across the Internet? If not, then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to start seeing some huge ROI results all from the power of online video. It doesn’t even have to be costly to you, you can use entirely online tools and software to help in creating videos and start embedding your very own video player on your website to attract even more customers.

You’re probably wondering what the whole point is to utilizing online video in your marketing campaign, let alone adding a video player to your website. No, this doesn’t have to be one of those annoying pop-up video players that auto-play, nor does it have to be Flash-based and block out potential customers who might be using an iPhone or iPad. Everything can be easily integrated, play only when your customer wants to engage with it, while still providing yet another channel for even more leads.

Your video can be more than just a way to attract people to your website and make them stay there until they find a lead capture page, it can be yet another avenue to collect new subscribers with an embedded subscription or call-to-action button. Once you have those leads captured, it’s time to follow-up and make sure they remain engaged!

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Video Marketing for Attorneys is a Game Changer

Sixty-two percent of Americans are watching videos online. If that number doesn’t impress you, what about this one – YouTube averages 1 billion views a day? It’s hard to ignore the significance of Web video.

If you are not using video on law firm’s website, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to convert more Web visitors into clients. Your prospects are searching for answers to their legal questions and they will take the time to listen to you and watch your video, as long as you provide them with the information only an attorney can provide.

Web video is the next big thing when it comes to search engine optimization and dominating the competition. Yet, only a small percentage of private practice attorneys and law firms have incorporated Web video into their Internet marketing campaigns. That means you have the chance to gain an edge on your competition.

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How Long Should Your Internet Marketing Video Be?

As businesses embrace Internet marketing videos in their marketing strategies, it is important to understand how users watch video ads. Studies show that roughly 60% of all website traffic originates from online marketing videos, therefore they are essential tools for creating brand name awareness and advertising products and services. When using Internet marketing videos, it’s good to analyze how audiences watch them.

Internet marketing videos are more likely to grab the attention of the viewers in the first seconds of a video, and are much less likely to capture a viewers attention as they continue watching. This is partially due to the fact that the first 15 seconds of a marketing video must introduce the video advert. Consequently, the introduction often determines whether or not the viewers will continue watching the rest of the video. The introductory part should clearly define what the viewers expect to see in the video.

In a survey conducted by Poll Position, 54% of consumers in the United States think that 15 seconds is an acceptable time for an Internet marketing video. The survey involved 1,179 participants, and was carried out through telephone. In addition, it showed that only about 12% of the respondents believe that videos up to 30 seconds in length are appropriate.

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Online Marketing DNA Providing Video Training to Succeed Online

Bellingham, WA — (SBWIRE) — 11/21/2012 — Online Marketing DNA (OMDNA) has now formally released its set of video training courses in marketing on the Internet and dominating one’s niche. The training is designed to meet the need of business owners who realize that they have to run an online marketing campaign but don’t know how to begin.

“Even experienced marketing agents get confused with all the complex strategies out there,” says Simon Volkov, OMDNA founder. “Our video training classes show how to implement a number of proven techniques that will establish a strong online foundation, improve credibility, and expand customer base.”

More and more, companies without a solid Internet presence have difficulty capturing market share. Business owners must adapt to today’s digital world by reaching out to customers online as well as in person. The practical way to get help in this regard is through a directed training program.

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99 online video mobile video and youtube video statistics

Knowledge is power. We have scoured the internet to find 99 Online Video, Mobile Video, and YouTube Video Statistics for your benefit! We have done our best to cite all of the statistics and ensure that they are relevant to the video marketing industry. Please share this article with your friends and return the work we have done to gather these online video statistics by referencing us on your blog or project. Enjoy!

According to Cisco, video will change from 30% to 90% of internet traffic by the year 2013, which means that video pretty much has to be a part of any effective content marketing strategy. If done properly, VSEO can increase search engine performance by more than 5,000 percent. (Search Engine Watch, January 2010)

In 2009, SEO and online videos were the two top priorities for online retailers. (Internet Retailer, January 2009) With the proper optimization, video can increase the chance of a front-page Google result by 53x (Forrester, January 2010) Microsoft’s Tag Mobile Marketing Report from 2011 claims that by 2014, more people will access the Internet via mobile devices than traditional computers.

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The benefits of video marketing

Precisely what are training videos and will they seriously help a company and a charity organization? Well that is what we are going to ponder over on this particular article. Training videos are terrific tools and are already substituting written content. Media for training is advancing and transforming and training videos are playing an important role here.

There are some fantastic new benefits appearing of the use of training video production in the 21st century and how they can show to be useful for any business organization, office space and employees. Global companies have business and clients spread out all across the world. They need to train their staff members every now and then to serve in the best interest of the company alongside their customers.

Commonly, such trainings cost intensively to the organizations due to the traveling costs in addition to organizing such training all over the world. This is the reason why training videos are quickly gaining popularity. Training video production is showing to be a wonderful training tool and offer huge benefits.

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Why Video Marketing Needs to be Considered as an Essential Part of Your Social Media Marketing Identity

We all know the old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, today a good marketing video can be worth thousands of dollars – to your business, that is. With faster-running laptops, wireless technology, and amazing recording devices, video nowadays looks and sounds better online than ever before. In this article, you learn why video marketing needs to be considered an essential part of your social media marketing identity. People are finding video online through the many social media marketing sites. Start thinking video and wherever you go, bring your digital video camera. Are you ready to continue your journey toward becoming a social media superstar? Let’s get started.

The New Video Marketing

The new video marketing is fun, authentic, and real. You no longer need big lights, studios, and production teams to get your video produced. Today, it’s as simple as getting a handheld video camera or a DV camcorder. Take some time to practice pointing and aiming, and you’re ready to go live!

Today, anyone can potentially become the next Internet video TV star. The playing field is leveling out, and this is great news for the entrepreneur or small business owner. Today’s entrepreneur can create an unlimited array of videos that will help with marketing and branding their businesses to the world.

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Video Marketing Has Grabbed The Attention of YouTube

Business entrepreneurs and small business proprietors have been warned for quite some time about the importance of video marketing within the promotional fusion. Formerly, getting people to click your video could have been plenty, and video material did without a doubt aid your website in the search outcomes. Yet progressively, the amount of time guests spend observing your online video or the rate to which your online video attracts them is getting added relevance. Insightful might no longer be sufficient. As online video gets more significant, carrying your spectators’ focus is what really matters.

Viewing the Sights of Video Marketing

Precisely where do you rank well? The fact is, the latest alteration at YouTube, the world’s leading online video streaming website, showed simply how much things have developed. It appears as if YouTube is now scoring video recordings published to its players in accordance with the amount of time folks have invested in looking at them, as opposed to based on the quantity of clicks they have obtained. This is a extensive alteration in exactly how video reputation is determined.

Chat and video put together. Video engagement is growing otherwise too. In actual fact, social online video chat is exploding, as witnessed in the fast increase of ooVoo, a video chat app now put to use by many millions. The product has experienced extraordinary progress, with a newly released report hinting seven million people have registered in the last hundred or so days. The application currently is attaining an estimated one-million users every 10 days.

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Why Can You Count Upon Video Marketing

Visuals have always been a vital part of marketing and the latest aid that is being used to grip the attention of audiences are videos. You must be acquainted with the fact that Video marketing has been adopted by several firms these days and finds use as effective audio visual aid for any campaign.

So, nowadays if you want to promote an offering then a good way to spread the word around is to circulate a video on the web. You will appreciate the pool of traffic that comes in.

The penetration of videos in the memories of the traffic is everlasting and masses develop a liking for them easily due to their interactive format. Numerous studies have established that video marketing is generally well received by viewers. Videos are known to increase viewers’ comprehension rate. It is also a fact, that a video lingers longer than textual display in human memory.

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The Quickest Way to Learn Online Network Marketing

As you strive to build a home based business you’d be proud of, it is important to find the right approach to learning online network marketing. Understanding the principles of how to use attraction marketing to connect with others online can be a useful tool to growing a successful business.

1. Get yourself a marketing system:

There are a few popular online marketing systems out there today that will help guide you and cut down your learning curve. You want to find a system that has a high converting lead capture page, is easy to use, and will pull you in to a supportive community of fellow marketers from who you can get mentoring.

2. Focus on 1 to 2 marketing methods:

Decide where you will focus your prospecting and marketing effort. Facebook, Forums, or Video Marketing? When you have a consistent go-to marketing strategy, you can create momentum from your focused efforts. Jumping from one method to another before you have a steady flow of leads coming in can dilute your results and your income.

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