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Fast Chat: Google ‘Ad Cop’ David Baker

Ad cop is a nice description of a lot of what I do. I have a few responsibilities, but one is to lead a number of different engineering teams in the fight against bad ads. We firmly believe that it’s in our long-term best interests to make sure that all ads are trustworthy and that we are showing the right ads to our end-users. If users begin to distrust the ads they are shown, then regardless of whether Google makes money in the short term on that ad, Google is harmed rightly in the long term. So we work hard to build systems to detect and identify different content of different types that range from things that are illegal to things that we think are appropriate for only certain audiences and make sure that we get as many automated decisions as possible but involve real people in making the final call in questionable cases.

Not to get too in the weeds, but how do you go about evaluating the ads?

We approach this problem from three separate dimensions. We analyze individual ads. We look at an entire site in trying to determine, “Is this entire site unacceptable for some policy reason?” For example, a site that’s selling counterfeit goods, it doesn’t matter what particular product a user ends up on—if they’re selling counterfeit goods, we don’t want to do business with them. And we look at the advertiser account perspective. When we get a new account, we inspect it and try to determine if this a legitimate advertiser and how behavior for an advertiser changes over time.

How sophisticated are the people trying to game your system in order to run bad ads, and how do you keep up with them?

There are some fairly sophisticated bad actors. An advertiser who tries to slip into our system after he’s already been suspended by doing some very low-level advertising that looks perfectly fine and then later will add into their account the ads for counterfeit goods and try to get their ads served as much as they can—that’s a behavior we have seen frequently. In that particular case, we can’t analyze an advertiser only once or only right after the account’s been created. We have to continually analyze advertiser accounts and catch them when their behavior changes. A bad ad that gets an hour or two worth of visibility, that’s a huge problem.

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Google Ad Revenue Now More Than U.S. Print Publications Combined [CHART]

During the first six months of 2012, Google generated more money in advertising revenue than all U.S. print publications combined, as illustrated in the chart above from Statistica. Google brought in $10.9 billion in ad revenue in this time period, while U.S. newspapers and magazines brought in $10.5 billion.

There are a couple caveats to this, however. First off, the data here factors in Google’s global ad revenue, rather than just the ad revenue it generates in the U.S., so it’s not entirely a fair comparison. Second, Statistica, does not factor in revenue that comes from ads placed on newspaper websites.

Still, the data clearly shows that Google’s ad revenue is trending up from year-to-year while print revenue is declining. What’s more, as Statistica points out, it’s impressive that Google is operating at close to parity with the print industry in ad revenues consider that Google is just 14-years old, while the print industry as we know it has been operating for more than a century.

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Yup, Google Has Christmas Sales on Ads, Too

Google’s ad business generated some $11.5 billion last quarter. This quarter should be even better, because everyone spends tons of money selling stuff online during the holidays.

So Google is the last company that needs to engage in holiday promotions to goose sales, right? Maybe not. Here’s an email Google’s AdWords unit sent me earlier in the week, promising to give me up to two months of free advertising — up to $250 total — if I signed up for “AdWords Express” by Dec. 16, and spent money on it this month. If I did, I would get ad credits in January.

And just to be sure I didn’t miss out on the sale, Google sent me another email an hour and five minutes later. Same offer, slightly different language at the top: “We hope you’ve been having a restful holiday season. Recently, we sent you a message inviting you to try AdWords Express and wanted to remind you that it’s not too late to sign up and get our special holiday offer …

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Ultimate Collection Of Google Adsense WordPress Plugins

Are you looking for some plugins that will help you insert Google Adsense to your WordPress blog or  website? If your answer is yes and you have not found out anything useful till now then stop looking any further. We are presenting a useful collection of some high quality and best WordPress plugins for adding the Google Adsense ads to your website or blog.

Google Adsense does not need any introduction, or does it? Well, it is the most popular and widely accepted online contextual advertising program. With proper custom integration, you can easily and effortlessly increase your Adsense earning. So, try exploring these plugins and choose which one you would opt for.

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Google Ads Earning Over $100 Million Per Day [INFOGRAPHIC]

According to a new analysis by WordStream, Google’s flagship product is pulling in over $100 million in search advertising dollars every day. In addition, Google search ads had 5.5 billion impressions per day while the average CPC on Google Search declined to $0.53. This analysis comes just one week after Google’s third quarter 2012 earnings missed high Wall Street expectations.

“In the end, huge increases in ad impression volumes and clicks more than made up for declines in cost per click and click-through rates,” said Larry Kim, founder and chief technology officer at WordStream. “This research reveals that the Google economy is evolving. An individual click is not as expensive as it used to be, but many more impressions and clicks resulted in yet another record quarter for Google ad revenues. I believe this is advantageous for both Google and advertisers – it’s a win-win. Advertisers can now get more customers for lower costs, which increases the ROI of this marketing channel.”

Earlier this week a Google business development executive spoke to small businesses in the Lexington, KY area about the importance of search advertising. Though not everyone in the audience seemed to grasp the basics of internet marketing, the presentation highlighted how Google is marketing AdWords to small businesses, now that major enterprises are beginning to diversify their ad dollars to social media and other search engines.

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How Google still makes money from text ads

For that, Google’s stock tumbled from over $750 (£465) a share to under $680 (£422) as of 24 October. But the quarter’s results were actually good news for advertisers and Google itself, according to Larry Kim, the founder and CTO of Wordstream, which helps companies use their search budgets wisely.

Kim notes that despite the negative growth in prices companies pay per click, Google’s ad revenue climbed 16 percent year-over-year, and five percent from the previous quarter. That’s because the number of ads it showed went up — 21.6 percent in the case of AdWords and 29.1 percent for its display ads.

After the Google announcement last week, Kim ran what he describes as the biggest study of the AdWords funnel ever, looking at ad budgets and performance of some 2,600 companies, which he used to extrapolate trends for all of Google. The analysis was used to create the infographic above, analysing the top 10 industries advertising through Google.

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300×600 Huge Ad Format Coming To Google AdSense

Google announced on the Google AdSense Blog that they are soon going to enabled a larger ad format for publishers to use on their web sites. The new ad format, they call, is “brand friendly” and is commonly referred to as a “half page unit.” Yea, it is huge and it takes up about half the page. A typical content width is 640, the ad width is 300.

Here is an image comparing the other ad format to the new one. Note, these ad sizes in this image are not the full size, they are smaller, so think of them scaled up a bit:The increase in the 300 x 600 unit is indicative of a trend where publishers are offering more visually impactful ad sizes that are favored by brand advertisers, over the functionality to direct response advertisers. So while Google’s organic search side is telling publishers to remove the distracting ads, Google’s paid side is telling publishers to do the opposite.

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Google Introduces AdWords API Test Accounts, AdWords API Sandbox to Sunset December 15

Last week Google announced the introduction of AdWords API Test Accounts, a new method of testing AdWords API requests sent from applications that are in development. AdWords Test Accounts are free to use and allow API requests to be made against the production version of the AdWords API.

There are several benefits to using AdWords API Test Accounts, which include:

  • Applications can be developed and tested without spending API units
  • Live AdWords campaigns are not affected by applications using test accounts
  • Ads will not be served when testing applications
  • Test accounts do not require an approved developer token

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Google Adsense – Search ads by using images in ad review center

When it comes it to advertising its a necessary part of website to earn money, but there are some rules like competition on competitor website ? No one wants to accept advertisements of their competitors on their website, thus for Google Adsense one of the best advertising solution keeps on making changes that allow users to take control of the ads which are to be displayed on their website , this solution is famous due to Google inc but it is liked by users because its trusted and simple.

This new way to find ads according to your need is powered by the same technology which is used in finding the similar images in which you copy, upload or paste a link on Google image search and similar images starts to show up, the only difference between image search and search ads by image is that you would not be able to use Drag and drop, Copy and paste the URL for an image , Right-click an image on the web because they don’t exist in search ads the only option available is to upload image.

The image ads which you can block using search for ads using images are only those which are shown when you use filters to show image ads, if any other image ad downloaded and then uploaded , this feature will show no ads to display.

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Is Google’s search manipulation hurting consumer?

As Google continues to transform itself into an entity building all things for the Internet, concerns and criticisms about its platform are building. Is the platform putting small business and buyers at a disadvantage by giving better placement to businesses lining its pockets?

Way back in 1998 when Google launched, its core product was search and its main customer was the user. Throughout its early years, the company was laser focused on making the best search engine and refining the content it surfaced PageRank. Google wanted to perfect search so that users could find the best results based on an unbiased algorithm.

Almost 15 years later, Google has morphed into a search engine, advertising platform, software developer, hardware developer, game and app developer, mobile operating system developer, Web browser, video host, blog platform, social network, and most recently, an e-commerce site with its release of the pay-to-play service Google Shopping (formerly known as Product Search).

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