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Google offering free SMS with Gmail – now support all Indian Telecom Operators

Google is innovating in every possible way to get people connected online and offline. Gmail has expanded its popular feature which allow users to send free SMS messages to their friends directly through its integrated online chat service. Google’s free SMS with Gmail now supported by all telecom operators in India which includes Airtel, Aircel, Idea cellular, Loop Mobile, MTS, Reliance, Tata DoCoMo, Tata indicom, BSNL, MTNL, Vodafone, Etisalat, HFCL, Stel, Sistema and Videocon.

Google grants a credit of fifty messages to users through which users can send free SMS through Gmail Chat. Every time users send a message, the credit decreases by one and every time users receive back an SMS message in Chat (when a mobile user replies back) their SMS credit increases by five, up to a maximum of 50. If you use up all your free SMS credits then Google will replenish the free SMS credit 24 hours later.

Step 1 – Type the phone number in the Chat & SMS windows and click Send SMS ( Your must also add the country code in front of the mobile number, like for India add +91 before the mobile number)

Step 2 – Add the SMS recipient’s name and country, then click Save.

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Send Free Sms Online from Facebook

Sms’ing have been a daily activity of almost every mobile users.
With sms you can convey your message faster and with less cost.
But sms’ing can be costly in some countries and specially when you send a lot of sms and do sms chatting then your balance gets zero! within hours.

So the best alternative is to send free sms online.
And if you are a facebook user also then here is an easy way for you to send free sms to your friends using your facebook account!

Send and receive  free sms online from your facebook account:

To send and receive sms for free from your facebook , First of all go to this facebook app.:

And If you are asked to allow the app to run , then click on allow.
And then you set to go.
Now you can send free sms online and can also receive the reply sent.

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Send Online Free SMS without Internet from Airtel & Docomo

160by 2 and Way2SMS are the two biggest name’s in online message marketing, they have individual and business accounts that can be used to greet and send money making advertisements through sms. Well obviously you need Internet to get access to these services and even to send messages to your friends. But obviously telecom brands come up with some offers that you can use there service to send free sms without any internet so now Airtel and Docomo have come with an service to send sms through 160by2 and Way2SMS but without internet and that too from your Airtel and Docomo numbers.

160By2 SMS without Internet from Airtel & Docomo

Well I tried using 160By2 account with this trick and it worked I just got my account created and my sms were activated so now I can send free sms from my Airtel number to anyone using 160By2 and that too without any access to internet.

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Send Unlimited Free SMS Across India with Free SMS India [Android App]

Now-a-days, sending an SMS is not big deal because of the extremely low prices and most mobile companies offer SMS packs that reduce the SMS cost to somewhere between 1 to 10 paisa per SMS. Even with all the SMS packs available, we can’t deny the role of online SMS services which offer a similar service but at zero cost. The main difference between online SMS service and Mobile operated SMS is that online SMS contains advertisement and they do not offer a guarantee that your SMS will reach the recipient for sure. There are some other drawbacks of online SMS services but at present, it is the most popular way to send SMS to friends and family without spending a single penny.

You can use a number of free online SMS services on the internet but it would be easier still if you could integrate all the SMS services into a single Android app. That’s where Free SMS India comes in. It is an amazing Android app which gives you the freedom to use all the popular SMS services from a single place. The User Interface of Free SMS India is very sleek and simple; even a kid can operate this app. It is internet connection based so you must have an internet plan on your Android smartphone. You can use any internet connection like GPRS, EDGE, 3G and Wi-Fi. It works without any connectivity issues because it needs only a small amount of internet resources to send an SMS over the internet. As of now, it supports Way2SMS, FullonSMS, Site2SMS, 160by2, SMS440, IndyaRocks, YouMint and Ultoo SMS gateways. This list will most likely expand in the near future.

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Cloud Telephony Provider CallFire Offers Customers Free SMS Keyword Promotion to Mark AmEx Small Business Saturday

Waving the flag for the American Express Small Business Saturday® campaign, CallFire ( announced that it is offering a special promotional opportunity for current and future customers, beginning today.

As part of its commitment to helping small businesses grow using its telephony-driven text marketing and mobile messaging tools, CallFire will give away a complimentary SMS keyword to any new signup or existing user. Recipients who sign up from Nov. 19 through Nov. 26 can receive and incorporate the keyword into their digital marketing campaigns – inviting customers to text that keyword to redeem promotional items and other incentives.  The promotion represents a $75 savings for participating customers.

“CallFire has long been a champion of small businesses across the country,” said Dinesh Ravishanker, CEO of CallFire.  “Our suite of text marketing and mobile messaging products is ideal for start-ups and entrepreneurial operations looking for easy, affordable ways to kick-start better communications with their customer base.  We’re pleased to offer added incentives to our own clients this week in support of the American Express Small Business Saturday initiative.”

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Why Using A Website To Send Free SMS Is A Superb Idea To Save Money

During the past 20 years we have seen a revolution in the way that we are able to communicate with others. One of the most important communication tools we all tend to use is the mobile phone. This is because it allows us to communicate in a variety of different ways, including the sending of text (SMS) messages. However using such a feature can prove extremely expensive and that is why the use of websites to send a free SMS has now become increasingly popular.

But it isn’t only the cost of sending text messages that is turning people to looking to using websites to send text messages. Many people are now finding Internet text messaging services also a lot easier and convenient to use. Plus it isn’t just teenagers who are turning to using such services, many adults and businesses are as well.

As these services become so popular the number of websites that offer such have substantially grown in the last few years. Of course when it comes to deciding which one to use you will find that you are going to be spoilt for choice.
As you look at what is available as I did you will discover that each website is set up in a different way. There are some who allow you to send free SMS only when you have set up an account with them. Then there are others that simply need you to enter certain details to be able to send your messages out.

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Send Free SMS And Earn Money

Text messages or SMS is one of the easiest way to keep in touch with our friends.Most of us exchange funny sms, wise sms or a good morning sms or even a simple hello with our friends.Sending such not-so-necessary sms is a nice and less creepy way to get attention, just saying the truth!.But none of the mobile operators gives you free sms. That’s why many people register on online sms websites.Wouldn’t be it nice if you could also earn some money for sending sms insteading of loosing money? ULtoo is a free online sms service websites that also earn you money for every text message you send through them.

To get started with ULtoo, all you need is to register an account there with your email id and mobile number. You will earn Rs. 3 right away on your ULtoo account for registration and email verification.From there on you can also send sms to your friends and earn 2 paisa for every sms you sent.

In other online sms services like, sms is received as delivered from service numbers like 5889 or such four digit numbers.This makes it difficult for the receiver to identity the message sender and it is more likely that such message would get ignored.But in ULtoo, messages sent from it are received as delivered from your mobile number.This is very useful and it is not likely for any one to guess if the text message was actually delivered from an online sms service.

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This website allows you to send unlimited free sms text from pc  or computer to mobile without registration to anywhere in the world over internet,online.
Who doesnt love  sending messages for free.? I have browsed the internet searching for sites that will successfully deliver the sms messages.I came across numerous free sms sites that give you the feature of free sms and you even get a report in their website that the sms has been successfully sent But that sms never actually reaches you.I dont know why.Some of them required registration and some didnt.I remember,I tried close to 15 websites that claim to send free messages.I sent to my own number just to check whether I would receive it or not.To my dismay,I received none.

Finally , I came across a website that does the job.It allows you to send free sms worldwide and that too without registration.

Infact, I was successful finally :) Let me tell you how to send free sms worldwide using this website.All you have to do is to click on the free sms tab.There are two tabs. And you can click on any tab that you desire.After that,just select your country and type in the phone number of anyone you want.Type the message and hit send.The message is instantly delivered on your mobile phone.You can send one sms message every three minutes, maybe this feature is  to avoid spam.

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How To Send Free Sms Text Using Gmail

If your prepaid balance just went to 0 and cant reload because all stores are closed then no worries just go to gmail and send a quick sms. It is now possible to send free text online using gmail. If you used a phone to activate your gmail account then this option will be available for you. There are a number supported mobile operators where you can use this service. By going to this LINK you can check if this mobile service is available for your country.

You are given 50 sms credits by gmail. The way this works is if you send a free text, your sms credit is decreased by 1. If you recieved a message from a phone (including your phone as sender) to gmail, your sms credit will increase by 5 (sender will pay the minimum amount per text, may vary in each country) to a maximum of 50 sms credits. Your sms credit wont go to zero as long as there is a reply to your gmail.

Here is a guide on how to send free sms text:

1. Log in to you gmail account. Click Gmail dropdown button.

2. Go to contacts

3. Go to the bottom left and input name of the person your texting in the search box and in the popup choose send SMS

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How To Send Free SMS Using Facebook

Today Facebook is a top social community site in the world. Many people daily spend 3-4 hours on Facebook to sharing ideas with friends, or to chat with friends.
But there is no option in facebook to send free sms to your loved ones. Sometimes we need to send sms to our friends, and we know many sites are available on internet to send free sms.
But it is great when Facebook adds this feature to its, As we know Facebook served many third party apps to fulfill our requirement. Similarly, we have one app to send free sms text messages in the world,
we always ready to take this types of advantage to send free text messages to save our money.

To send unlimited free SMS to any mobile in any country, there is one fbapp that is Chatsms. Chatsms help us to send SMS using Facebook, using this you can send sms as many as you want.
But it doesn’t support secure browsing, if you enable secure browsing on facebook then you get trouble to use this app. Before using this app you want to disable your secure browsing feature.
Your SMS will sent instantly and destination number will instantly received your text message.

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