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How To Create A Free Business Blog In 15 Minutes

One of the most effective forms of getting noticed on the web and inbound marketing is a business blog or site. Engage your customers with your latest news, services, views and developments and help build brand loyalty.
If you have a brick and mortar business that lacks an online presence – read more to find out how to create a free business blog in 15 minutes!

Sign up
Visit and sign up for a free blog. All you need is an email address. If you don’t have one of those – head-over to and get one. If you have a domain, head over to and upload the file to your site.

Choose a domain
While signing up for you will eventually be asked for a domain name. Take a minute to think about this. If you want to rank in Google for any specific term (like cars), try to use that word in the domain name. You will also be asked if you want to purchase a premium domain, this isn’t required to start, but if you want to remove the from your website address, that is how you do that.

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How To Create Free Website

There are numerous online website platforms that allow people to create their own blog without paying a single penny. You are only required to choose a design that is most appealing to you. In addition, you are expected to customize it and then publish the website online instantly. Building a free site is suitable for both small as well as big businesses. To widen your marketing base, it is very imperative to get your business online. Unfortunately, hosting a website may be quite expensive especially to the up-coming businesses. This can effectively be handled by opting for a free blog.

The good thing about creating a free website is that free web address is offered. On top of that, the website is simple to update and modify. Many of the sites allowing people to Create a free website give an all-inclusive guide, education and tip to help them throughout the creation process. That means even a teenager is capable of developing website.

Yes! It is possible to come up with a professional looking blog without necessarily digging deep into your pocket. However, it is essential to keep in mind that the internet is full on scam websites-don’t become a victim. You should never for any membership fee or any other requested amount. With an easy website builder, you can actually put any form of the business online without making payment.

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How to Create a Media List for Free

In my last post, I talked about how to create a public relations campaign on a shoestring budget. For this post, I’d like to provide insight on how to create a media list for free. I am a Publicist and when I first started my company, The NetworkFAM, I knew that I would need excellent media contacts in order to land press coverage for my clients. Since I didn’t have the budget for PR software, I had to create my media list for free and from scratch. Now, I’m teaching you to do the same.

Step 1: Create an Excel Spreadsheet

I recommend creating an Excel spreadsheet that will house your media list first. This way, you already have a place to put a media outlet’s contact info once you obtain it. The Excel sheet should have columns for each piece of information you need to collect, including (but not limited to): Outlet Name, Outlet Type, Reach, Website, Blog Writer/Editor, Email, Phone Number, Mailing Address, Phone Number, and Mailing Address.

Step 2: Research

Visit the websites and blogs of media outlets you’d like to work with to learn more about them. Then, identify specific writers, editors, and bloggers you’d like to pitch to. This is also when you should determine an outlet’s reach. Most blogs and media outlets have media kits, so either request one to find out their stats or see if it’s listed on their website. You can also assess an outlet’s reach on your own by seeing how many Twitter followers, Facebook fans, etc. that they have. It’s important to know an outlet’s reach because that determines if you pitch to them and what you can offer them.

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How to create free Mobile theme for WordPress blog

Smartphones allow easy access and interaction with the online content. Now more people are accessing websites from their mobile phones. As a web publisher, you should have plan ready to provide best user interface experience for users accessing your website content from phone and other mobile devices. There are free ways to setup mobile theme layout for WordPress powered blogs and websites specially customized for mobile phone visitors.

1. Use Responsive WordPress theme
Lot of WordPress themes are now responsive, it means they adapt to the width of device being used to access. Even official and the default Twenty Tweleve theme now has responsive layout (and its a free theme). They are many WordPress theme providers like Studiopress who release all new themes with responsive layout as default feature set. While selecting WordPress theme for your website, make sure you confirm on its responsive design using either of online tools to check responsive design layout.

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How to Make Money With A Blog Using Google

One of the most frequently searched queries on the internet is how to make money with a blog using Google. Truth be told, Google is an Internet giant and one of the greatest ways to make money online. However, Google does not employ people to work at home; at least not directly. If you are a blogger, Google is probably the most helpful tool for making money blogging. What is more, it is totally free.

Google’s blogging tools

If you want to learn how to make money with a blog using Google, the first step is to familiarize yourself with Google’s blogging tools. Google offers two major blogging tools that are gold mines if utilized well. These include:


Blogger is a free blogging platform developed by Google. This platform is usually the best option for bloggers who want to make money blogging for free. It allows you to create a free blog and fully customize it. The blog is hosted on the platform and as such, it will cost you nothing in terms of hosting fees or domain name registration. However, your chosen domain name has to carry the extension. You also get free customizable templates that allow you to change the look of your blog to your taste.

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How to Make Money with a Free Stuff Blog

The concept of starting a blog and making money seems like an easy one but it’s actually much harder than most people think. Don’t get me wrong, it’s dead simple to start a blog of your own and ad content… but then what. With millions of blogs out there and many of them already much larger and in direction competition with you, why would anyone want to visit your blog over another one that is already established?

To make money in the world of blogging you need a few things:

  • A voice and brand people trust
  • Ability to provide content people need
  • Have an excellent montization plan

Since blogging is one of the slowest methods for making money online, if you are going to attempt to create a business out of it you better have a plan in place first.

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Guest Blogging : Should You Create Free Content For Others ?

In current SEO scenario Guest blogging is becoming very popular. Today its one of the best way to generate natural backlinks with relative dofollow tag and anchor text. You may have heard of people referring to guest blogging before. Essentially, guest posting is where you write a guest post, usually an article, guide, tutorial or collection, for another website where you want it to get published.

This is basically like offering free content to the website, so you really have to understand what the benefits are in order to be encouraged to do this. In exchange, websites that accept guest posts usually allow you to write a short, “about the author” section at the bottom of the post. It is here where you can advertise yourself, and even leave a link pointing back to your personal or business website.

Wondering : Should I Perform Guest Blogging

You might be wondering, how is this at all an even trade-off for the content that you are providing? After all, it probably took you a significant amount of time in order to write up the article, and ensure that it was high quality and engaging for readers. Well, most webmasters think that spending a significant amount of time writing articles for their own website is the way to go about being successful online.

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Download ebook – How to create a successful blog

“6 Steps Guide for Creating a Successful Blog” is a free 30-page ebook, designed to help both new and experienced bloggers create successful WordPress blogs. Using my expertise as a web designer and hosting consultant who has insider knowledge of the most up-to-date design and SEO tricks, I show you how to build and market a popular website from scratch. By implementing the suggestions in this ebook, you will be able to create a profitable and professional blog that will stand out from the crowd.

Whether you’re creating your very first blog, or have been running your own website for years, you need to read this ebook. As well as first-class information, and helpful tips that are guaranteed to expand your regular readership, I’ve poured a wealth of advice into “6 Steps Guide for Creating a Successful Blog” that will help you save money, and improve your website traffic!

The ebook’s content covers the complete blog setup process, from choosing a domain and hosting company, to marketing your published blog posts. Learning about these topics through one-to-one tuition with a consultant could cost you hundreds, even thousands, of dollars, but with this deal, you can get it all for free. Download the information you need to make your blog successful now and start building your dream website today.

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How To Create a Blog for Free in 4 Easy Steps

Creating a blog might seem like a daunting task, and you might not know where to begin. Truth be told, it’s very easy to create a blog (for free), and you can do it in under an hour by following these four simple steps. What are you waiting for? Join the blogosphere today!

Step 1: Choose a free blogging software.

Read these articles from Web Logs to help you choose the best blogging software for you:

  • 6 Questions to Ask Yourself to Find the Best Blogging Software for You
  • Blogging Software Comparison

Step 2: Register for an account and create your blog

These articles from Web Logs provide step-by-step instructions to help you start a blog with either of the two most popular free blogging softwares – and

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Top 10 Blog Websites to Create Free Blogs

It’s a great idea to create a blog. Maybe you want to write something to share your knowledge, your discovery or just for fun. The first thing about blogging is to choose a website to create a blog and then host it. The following 10 blog websites are the most popular ones among millions of active bloggers.

1. Blogger

Blogger is one of the most popular blog websites and now it is owned by Google. Blogger is a great starting site to get to know blogging and its user dashboard is very user friendly.

2. WordPress

WordPress is another major blog website besides blogger. With its own blogging platform WordPress, you can easily choose your favorite theme and blog layout.

3. Livejournal

Livejournal is not only a great blogging website but also a social networking website where you can search people by interests and school and participate in community discussions.

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