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Mobile Bulk SMS Software / SMS Gateway

Do you send SMS to your customers as soon as their is any transaction happened on your website like user registration or software purchase?

With new TRAI regulations SMS cost has been increased dramatically, however if you just want to send transaction alerts to your users in low volumes (not spamming) than you can use a small android app, which we have developed for the same (only for transactional SMS).

With this app you will get HTTP (REST) API to send and receive SMS and can also build a cluster of phones for redundancy. Some of the features are:

  • Bulk SMS from web interface
  • Advance group handling i.e. create multiple groups with 1 million members each
  • API support (for outgoing and incoming SMS). You can integrate this gateway with your website or desktop application to send SMS on trigger basis.

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Welcome to Sai Bulk SMS Service

Bulk SMS is one of the most affordable and easy way to promote your business now a days. Bulk SMS increase your sales and profit in less time.  Sai Bulk SMS Service provides you all types of Bulk SMS Solutions with affordable prices and instant delivery. We deals in Promotional SMS, Transaction SMS, API Integration Etc. If you are looking for a way to promote your brand to targeted audience City wise, State wise, Category wise, Age wise or even gender wise, then you are at the right place now. We have over 10,000 satisfied users and over 2,000 Resellers who are making profit daily with their White label Bulk SMS Business Website.

This helps people to remain connected with their customers, agents or distributers. Now a day’s both big businesses and even small businesses needs to remain connected with their customers.  We have a good opportunity for the users who want to start their own Bulk SMS Business. Become our Bulk SMS Reseller to be a part of this growing Bulk SMS Reseller Industry in India. And feels yours is the ideal Business to promote Sai Bulk SMS Service.

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MTN Bulk SMS Service -What To Know

What is MTN Bulk SMS?

The MTN Bulk SMS service is a reliable and scalable message delivery platform that allows businesses and Bulk SMS resellers connect to the MTN SMS gateway and send SMS in bulk to their clientele via MTN secure and reliable connection.
With MTN Bulk SMS service, customers can send SMS over a fast and secure connection from their own systems and servers.

This service will cater to customers’ needs for SMS broadcast in areas such as marketing campaigns, promotional activities, special season’s greetings, political awareness/campaigns, result notifications, product advertisement and so on.

Who is the MTN Bulk SMS service for?

This service is ideal for businesses, value-adding service providers and corporates who require a reliable and secure local message delivery platform for sending large volume of SMS to their clientele.

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SMS reseller: Bulk SMS service simplified

Prior to joining bulk SMS business, you need to know the basics of SMS service. Text messages are used for communication and advertising is also a form of communication. You spread information about the launch of new product, introduce new companies and urge people to visit certain websites through print advertisements. SMS marketing is also a method of spreading information and a SMS reseller is the person, who flashes bulk messages.

Bulk SMS service provider is certainly not the competitor of mobile networks as he works closely with the networks. The SMS service provider uses the infrastructure of the networks. The networks charge the service provider for using the infrastructure and they also allow the service provider to access their database of mobile users. In other words, both the networks and the service provider work in close association.

Ad agencies and media houses are attracted to bulk SMS service because they have clients that need this service. By starting SMS service, an ad agency can make quick money as it doesn’t need any additional infrastructure, manpower or clients for starting this service.

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Bulk SMS marketing is an effective marketing tool and provides great ROI

There’s no doubt that SMS marketing is becoming increasingly popular among marketers as part of their integrated campaigns. There are several reasons why it can prove to be an excellent acquisition and retention tool and also deliver ROI.

As with all direct marketing channels, bulk sms marketing requires thought and planning to ensure the campaign is executed successfully. Due its personal nature and one to one communication it is vital that any messaging is relevant to the target audience. If used correctly SMS marketing can deliver a concise message to segmented audiences in a very short space of time. Unlike other direct mail methods you do not need to wait for print and fulfilment to reach your potential customers.

For acquisition purposes, bulk SMS marketing can help you to qualify leads and segment potential customers quickly and easily. This method works particularly well for brands where a two-stage campaign is required to gain a sale.

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Customer retention using bulk SMS marketing methodology

As customers receive more and more communication it can be hard to maintain customer loyalty. In the old days service was personal and SMS marketing enables brands to reach out to customers and communicate on a one to one basis cost effectively. A mobile phone is becoming the gadget we never leave home without and therefore gives marketers a privileged opportunity to reach customers directly. SMS can be tailored to suit a specific customer or segments needs making it appear highly targeted and relevant.

Proactive communication

If your customers attend an open day, launch of a new product or visit an exhibition you can use SMS marketing to contact them proactively. Perhaps you want to invite them to test drive a new car, attend a special evening to launch a clothing collection or remind them about an appointment. SMS offers marketers the chance to reach out to customers in a timely and constructive way unlike other forms of marketing. Once you have won a customer they will remember this useful service and are likely to mention it to others. It enables marketers to add personal customer service cost effectively.

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Advantages of Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS offers many bulk SMS India advantages which explain why people prefer bulk SMS India over other forms of communication. When people send bulk SMS, they first get the advantage of discretion. The bulk SMS free is quieter compared to other modes of communication and becomes ideal for different discussions when bulk SMS India people do not want to be distracted. Group SMS can be sent any time of the day. People do not have to wait to send bulk SMS to anyone. Bulk SMS India can also be received by the correspondents in a matter of seconds. Bulk SMS free is a great way to stay connected to bulk SMS friends and loved ones.

 The group SMS will keep group SMS people communicating regardless of the distance. Bulk SMS can be forwarded to individuals regardless of the city or country they’re in. Bulk SMS India can even be forwarded regardless of time zone. Send bulk SMS to spread quick group SMS news and let bulk SMS people know about an event or bulk SMS free party.

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Bulk SMS – Everything At Your Finger Tips

VectraMind has most advanced tools to kick start your SMS campaigns. Our mobile strategy  consultants will be more than happy to consult, assess and recommend the best practices to realize maximum ROI from the campaigns.The Two-Way SMS Messaging service is a composite of the sending SMS and Receiving SMS services. It’s the best way to evaluate the response generated towards a campaign.

How the solution works !
VectraMind bulksms gateway is used to broadcast messages to target users and view the customer replies. Our web enable short code application which is an extension of the SMS gateway is used to receive and view the response.

A designated short code number, to which the customer would reply to. This is made available by VectraMind post approvals from the TELCO.Short codes are widely used for value-added services such as television voting, ordering ringtones, charity donations and mobile services.Derive a bulksms campaign that provides real value to your recipients and you.

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How to make bulk sms work for your business

Many businesses of today are exploring the enormous opportunities that bulk sms offer them for marketing of their products and services. This particular type of marketing strategy works wonders for those who know how to make it work for their businesses. There is hardly a business that has not benefited through this marketing tool. However, like other marketing strategies, this one also will provide the desired results for your business only when you unitize it in professional manner.

While the traditional way to lure the customers to your business was to publish coupons in newspapers and magazines, but in these days, a sms coupon promotion will instantly attract the people. All you need to do is to publish a mobile number through email, printed anywhere or on a website and store fronts. The interested customers will send request from their mobile phone for the coupon or special offer that the mobile number holder is providing. The business then gives them a voucher or a discount coupon and sends more text message that contains further promotion for the business.

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How to Send Bulk SMS from Your Mobile Phone

Now you can successfully send Bulk SMS from your mobile phone using a new and innovative app that lets you send bulk SMS in Nigeria. The app was developed by Cybergold Integrated Solutions, an ICT company based in Benin, founded by Efosa Edokpolo. Bulk SMS in Nigeria has become a very popular trend as it makes it possible for individuals and organizations to reach a larger number of mobile subscribers at a time, at an affordable cost.

Now with the help of the GoldSMS application available on Blackberry, iPhone, Android and Nokia smartphones, you can send those bulk SMSes with ease from your mobile phone. The app provides an alternative way of solving basic SMS needs while on the go. With this app on your phone, you don’t need to get on the internet anytime you want to send a Bulk SMS.


The simple design and integration with your phonebook makes sending and replying to messages much easier. You can also download text files containing multiple phone numbers to your handheld device and use the BULK command on the app to send the message.

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