Have You Seen This Awesome But Unannounced Adwords Feature?

Awords has launched a new feature for advertisers that allows them to learn the keyword that searches queried in order to see that specific ad. This is a big step in advertising transparency.

The added column lets you see the keyword that triggered your ad to show for a search. This column helps you see the keyword that matched someone’s search and triggered your ad.

So to the newbie Adwords PPC marketers what does this mean? – It means you can use this information to improve your keyword list!

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Google Changes AdWords Impression Share Reporting

Google is rolling out changes for AdWords Impression share reporting (the number of impressions received in a campaign or ad group divided by the estimated number of impressions you were eligible to receive) in AdWords.

Google is adding new columns to separate search and display impression share, as well as hour of day segmentation. Google is also adding the ability to apply filters, see charts and apply automated rules using impression share metrics, and is improving the accuracy of how the data is calculated.

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5 Fabulous and Frightening AdWords PPC Features

Many Google AdWords features come with fabulous treats that help improve account performance or ease campaign management. Some of these same features, however, have a few nasty tricks up their sleeve that can throw PPC managers off course.

Scared? Don’t be. Learn how you can avoid these tricks, get ahead, and make sure you have the biggest pile of goodies at the end of the night.

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Boost Your AdWords Campaign ROI – Intensive Training at SMX Social Media Marketing

Paid search one of the most profitable and consistent ways to gain and maintain traffic and sales for your site. But not all PPC accounts are created equally. A few tweaks to various settings can make a large difference in your overall account profitability.

On Tuesday, December 4th,  there will be a full day workshop on Google AdWords that will focus on not just the basics, but how to make AdWords more profitable for your business. Advanced AdWords Training starts the day before SMX Social Media Marketing.

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Google AdWords and Keyword Match Types; Introduction and Best Practices

Keeping Google AdWords ROI positive is extremely important to Google, because having happy advertisers means more ad spend and thus revenue for Google. There are a number of features advertisers can use to keep their budget under control. You can think of ad scheduling, regional targeting and keyword match types. In this article we’ll have a closer look at this last feature; keyword match types.

The keyword match types offer advertisers the possibility to create huge, broad campaigns which drive a lot of impressions and clicks. On the other hand it also makes it possible to keep it small and narrow to only drive impressions and clicks for the most relevant searches. How broad or narrow the campaign eventually will be depends entirely on how the keyword match types are being used. This article will give you a close insight on how to build the desired campaign using these match types.

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Google AdWords gets stronger, but travel keywords struggle with conversion

SEO marketer Wordstream recently analysed the economics of AdWords, Google’s pay-per-click advertising platform. While Google’s recent financial results disappointed Wall Street, AdWords overall impressions and clicks increased in the third quarter, leading to a 16% year-over-year bump in revenue for the Internet giant.

Travel companies spent more on pay-per-click advertising than any other industry except for finance, according to Wordstream’s analysis of 2,600 accounts. The top ten travel advertisers using Google AdWords are Expedia,,, Priceline, and Kayak.

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Are You Using Google AdWords For Your Business?

Business owners used to struggle to afford quality advertising to capture the attention of consumers. That changed when Google AdWords entered the picture with its low cost way of helping to spread the word about products and services. However, it is still possible to spend more than you should if you do not spend time carefully plotting your course.

Google AdWords advertising is driven by keywords and show up on Google’s search page. These are the sponsored links you see on the right-hand side of the page. People searching for any terms that relate to the ones you have selected are presented with your ad. In many ways, the amount you are willing to pay determines how close to the top your ads will appear.

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AdWords Grader Helps You Optimize Your PPC Campaign

Many marketers place a great deal of time and money into proper AdWords campaign organization, careful keyword selection and prudent daily budget management, but then quickly recognize that if too much time is spent on pay-per-click marketing, there will soon be no business to market. The answer for large companies is to hire a full-time in-house search engine marketing manager and analytics team, but what is a small business to do? Well, now there’s a tool for that.

Larry Kim worked as an SEO consultant for 10 years and ran a Google AdWords assessment with each client encounter. “’How am I doing? Could I be doing better?’ is everyone’s first question,” Kim says. Although Kim charged up to $1,500 per assessment, his greater vision was to make these same services available to businesses of all sizes. Kim soon founded Wordstream, a site that helps small to medium-sized companies leverage the power of search engine marketing in order to drive traffic and acquire customers. Kim and Wordstream have stayed true to their word with the creation of the Free AdWords Performance Grader.

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Is AdWords getting too expensive for SMBs?

This week there were several articles written stating that the cost of using Google AdWords has become too expensive for SMBs.  The old saying, “If all you have is a hammer, the world looks like a nail,” applies.  If that is the case for an entire industry, the cost of nails is likely to increase.  Is an entire industry missing out on the advantages of advertising online?

Google AdWords was launched in 2001, and the method that advertisers used for measuring success was initially CPM (cost per thousand impressions); then it went to CPC (cost per click); and then it arrived at CPA (cost per acquisition).  This is how the majority of online advertisers measure their success — How much does a conversion cost and how many can you get.  This is how it has been for many, many years.

In our experience, we have found that in any industry most advertisers will value every conversion roughly the same.  For example, in the consumer electronics industry the CPA runs around $20, and the average conversion is worth approximately the same to most companies (including affiliates). For simplicity, now assume that the average conversion rate in the consumer electronics industry is 1%.

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Learning AdWords: PPC Campaign Management Made Easy

Learning AdWords can seem overwhelming if you haven’t had first-hand experience with PPC marketing. Google AdWords is a great place to get free training on the many pieces that go into creating and maintaining an effective PPC program. What’s also important to remember is that learning AdWords is just one piece in your overall Internet marketing program.

In order to really benefit from AdWords, you have to incorporate other components into your search marketing strategy, such as engaging in personalized, data-driven keyword discovery, and building a solid keyword taxonomy to fuel your ad groups and site content prioritization. WordStream gives you this functionality while incorporating AdWords right into the dashboard, making AdWords campaign management very simple.

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