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Top Paying Google Adsense Keywords of 2012. Everybody Top Paying Google Adsense Keyword is trying to fill up their article or content with highly paying keywords for Google Adsense. High Paying Google Adsense Keyword As we all know that keywords are the main-part in how much you earn from your Google Adsense or whatever income you are High Paying Google Adsense Keyword getting from your Google Adsense Account. And you cant fill your High Paying Google Adsense Keyword blog only with highly paying keywords that don’t have any match to the content of your blog. The secret High Paying Google Adsense Keyword is to make more and more income with your adsense account is to use highly paying adsense keywords with quality content High Paying Google Adsense Keyword in your blog. Below are some of the Most Used Top Paying Keywords For Google Adsense With Payouts Of $2-$100 Per Click!

After This You High Paying Google Adsense Keyword will get paid for each click on any one of these highly paying adsense keywords, from $2 up to$100. And Yes you can High Paying Google Adsense Keyword even get $100 us dollars for a click. If and onlu if you can fill up your content with these high paying adsense keywords into your blog’s/website’s content. But keep in mind High Paying Google Adsense Keyword that your content should be meaningful. You can even make big amount of money by High Paying Google Adsense Keyword using only few pages of your blog’s or website filled with highly paying adsense keywords with quality content.

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50 Highest Paying Google Adsense Keywords of 2012

Many people use Adsense on their Blog or Website with dreams of earn huge money through Google Adsense. But generally they fails and not able to make it huge. Have you ever noticed why your GoogleAdsense account pays you less? On one hand you get to read many success stories based on Google Adsense payments and on the other hand Google Adsense disappoints you by paying you pennies. There are only two factors behind Google Adsense payouts, the big traffic and the highest paying Google Adsense keywords.

Don’t worry Here is how you can increase your Adsense Income. You just need to focus on keywords that you use in your article. The Google Adsense revenue is also depend on your blog/website niche.

The Google Adsense payouts depends on your Blog niche and the keywords use for post. If your blog is on the very niche that cover one of the keywords given below, you would certainly make huge amount with your Adsense account. Here is the list of high paying Google Adsense keywords that will certainly increase your Google Adsense revenue.

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Top 20 Highest Paying Google AdSense Keywords Of 2012!

How to make money out of our personal blog using Adsense. For that you need a good paying keywords. So take a look at the below keywords for the year 2012 and find where you lack at. BUT do read out the last section of this post. Even though we have this list, it could ruin your blog too! So be cautions. The keywords listed below are Cost Per Click (CPC) rates, that is each time your AdSense ads gets clicked, you get the following bugs straight away in your AdSense accounts. Its funny how high paying these keywords are.

There are people who takes years to get to their first AdSense Cheques for 100$. And with the following keywords, Boom! You’re first Cheque would fly in in few days!

What Not To Do?

So its pretty often that newbies tend to get to such Google AdSense High paying keywords list and start using them straight away without knowing the impact they could make on their blog in terms of traffic drop.

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Most Profitable AdSense Keywords / Niches

We want to share with you a list of the most profitable AdSense Keywords / Niches.

We understood that not all keywords are the same. Different keywords pay different amount of money. Different keywords in different niche markets also pay differently. It is very important to target the right keywords and to invest time into optimisation. If your blog is not targeting the “ most profitable” keywords you will probably be earning less money per AdSense click than you should be.

It’s cost/day (keyword price X clicks/day) that makes you rich, not keyword price itself.

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Best Adsense Keywords For All Time A Must Read article

Best AdSense keywords are the key factor for having huge income by blogging. You can implement this keywords in your article for higher income but you must need to know which are these keywords that you should use. The matter is you cant use these keywords in any article or website if that word never match the subject of your article or website or blog niche.

That’s why we can see that for high income in AdSense niche blogging has played a great impact in the case of rapid income in online. So you must know the best AdSense keywords for all time. I have collected  highest paying google keywords or  best AdSense keywords that you can follow for writing your own article. Lets take a look of these keywords.

Best AdSense Keywords For All Time A Must Read article

Keyword Cost | Per Click

  • Insurance $54.91
  • Treatment $37.18
  • Loans $44.28
  • Attorney $47.07
  • Mortgage $47.12
  • Hosting $31.91

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Highest Paying Adsense Keywords

If you are an adsense publisher, or want to become an adsense publisher, you will be looking at making the most money possible from adsense. So it is a good thing to do some research before selecting your niche for a website. If making money from adsense is your primary monetization tactic, then you need to carefully see the top paying keywords for adsense and then decide which niche you are going to start off with. Without high paying adsense keywords, you will not be able to make much money from the Google Adsense program.

What Kind Of Niche Works With Adsense?

Usually, Technology, Blogging, SEO etc are the kinds of niches that work really well, but they are not the best niche to make loads of cash from adsense. The best niche are those in which the people visiting your site are not tech-savvy, which means, they must be people who really do not know what adsense is.

Gaming is a niche that works very poorly, very low paying ads which are not worth the traffic you will be losing. Entertainment is also one such niche where there are no high earning adsense keywords.

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5 Ways to Earn Good Money from Google Adsense

If you want to try making good money online, you can start by participating in Google Adsense program. However, if you are newbie, first remember this caution. Never click your own Adsense ads. Most newbies get banned by Adsense very quickly because of this bad practice. Now, if you are ready to make money with Adsense, here are 5 ways to earn good money from Google Adsense:

1. Optimized niche blog

You can create a blog about a narrow topic and create one post a day. Fill the blog with keyword-optimized articles. Place the Adsense code below each post title and after the end of each post. Don’t choose a too broad niche. Make sure that you are familiar with the niche and you will enjoy writing one article a day for your blog. Once you get lots of readers, you will start to see your earning.

2. Youtube videos

Post one or two Youtube videos around good keywords every day. Make sure to post useful content in the video. How to and tutorial are good for your videos. Once you get good number of views, you can place Adsense code in your videos. Just make sure that you are creating videos that can potentially attract viral traffic and lots of viewers. Aside from how to and tutorial, funny videos and video game videos are good types of video that will attract lots of viewers.

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Make Money With Adsense Keywords and Blogger

If you are new to blogging with Blogger (Blogspot) and wondering how to make money with Adsense this article is for you. If you have Google Adsense on your blog but are disappointed with the revenue generated so far then read on. Even if Google Adsense is performing well for you I am going to give you some tips that will mean you will earn extra money from Google Adsense.

Why Are Keywords So Important for Bloggers?

In order to make money from blogging with Blogger it is important first to understand the significance of keywords and keyword phrases. Via Google Adwords, the sister of Google Adsense, advertisers bid for keywords and keyword phrases. The more frequently these keyword terms are searched for the higher their value. That is why keyword phrases like make money or make money online which receive a huge number of monthly searches are top paying keywords and are worth so much to advertisers.

To make money with Google Adsense all you need do once your blog is receiving traffic is sign up with Google Adsense, receive a unique code and then place Google Adsense ads on your Blogger blog. These ad units are targeted automatically based on the keywords and keyword phrases which appear in the content of your posts. You get paid for every click on one of your Google Adsense ads. The amount you get paid is determined by the value of the keyword or keyword phrases used.

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AdSense Secrets: Choosing the Best Keywords for AdSense

Ever wondered how to select the best keywords for your Adsense websites? Your focus is earning money as well as attracting organic traffic towards your website. Here is what you need to know while choosing a keyword, a scientific study that maps the ideal keywords for your next upcoming adsense website.

We shall first study how to choose keywords that lead to more Adsense money.

CPC – Advantages and Drawbacks
What does CPC indicate?

When we think of high paying keywords, the first thing that pops up in our mind is CPC. CPC (Cost Per Click) is the maximum amount of money an advertiser is willing to pay for a click. Higher the CPC of a particular keyword, more will be the payouts you can expect by targeting that keyword in your AdSense websites. You can get the most accurate CPC from the source itself – Google.

However, CPC is not the only factor that tells the profitability of a keyword. There are many other factors that you should consider.

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300 High paying adsense keywords 2011

Highest Paying Adsense Keywords for the year 2011

This is the regular Orangecopper update post that we publish post our regular research on the high paying Adsense keywords and niche specific keywords that would earn you the most. So in case you are starting a blog primarily targeted at high adsense earning, my suggestion would be first select the niche, develop good content and thereby traffic and further add the adsense on to the blog.

Personally i would not support the keywords specific blogging approach as Blogging should come from your interest and except for quick bucks you would not achieve any long term success without quality content and niche interest.

Below is the list i have prepared based on my members request on the OC Forum and is prepared from extensive keywords research using google adwords tool. Hope this helps you!

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