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Google adsense in google trends

Google trends shows Searching for ‘google adsense’ is increasing day by day. Google adsense program, hence proved that this is the money making giant in the internet world. Majority of the search is from the country Vietnam. Indonesia and Philippines comes next to the top queried country Vietnam. India placed at 6th position in searching “google adsense”. But USA and UK are not get listed in first 10 positions in searching adsense money making program. Actually majority of internet users is from USA and UK. But in the case of google adsense search they moves backward. It is an important point for those who are searching for google secrets.

Kula Lampur city in Malaysia comes first in the hunt of google adsense. Second position is from Florida city of USA. When comparing country wise and city wise, we can see that most hunters of google adsense comes from USA, But USA is not listed in first 10 countries.

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Ultimate Collection Of Google Adsense WordPress Plugins

Don’t Forget to participate in a contest where you can win the world’s biggest UI elements pack “Impressionist User Interface Elements Pack” for 3 winners (1 developer license and 2 personal license) to design your project more creatively.

Are you looking for some plugins that will help you insert Google Adsense to your WordPress blog or website? If your answer is yes and you have not found out anything useful till now then stop looking any further. We are presenting a useful collection of some high quality and best WordPress plugins for adding the Google Adsense ads to your website or blog.

Google Adsense does not need any introduction, or does it? Well, it is the most popular and widely accepted online contextual advertising program. With proper custom integration, you can easily and effortlessly increase your Adsense earning. So, try exploring these plugins and choose which one you would opt for. Enjoy!

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6 Tips To Get Approved By Adsense – Adsense Tips

Google adsense approval tips

Google adsense is the worlds best paying ad network. Lots of publishers around the web use adsense to monetize their blog/site and earn their livings. And they earn hundreds and thousands of dollars and even more with adsense.
Blog/site owners who have been approved by adsense and running ads on their sites are very happy. But there are lots of people on the web who have many problems getting approved because adsense is very strict with its program policies. We must have to comply with all of its policies and requirements to get our adsense account approved.

Some people do not even know the full requirement of adsense and some can not fulfill the requirement of adsense. They need some guidelines and tips. Here I am giving you some adsense approval tips you can follow to get your adsense approved.

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AdSense Adds Half-Page Ad Unit

As web design trends evolve ( and as the devices users employ to access the Web provide more immersive experiences) the ad units that publishers require to monetize their digital properties must also change.

Google has just announced that a massive 300×600 unit will soon be available in publisher accounts. These half-page units are one of the fastest growing sizes by impressions (according to Google’s recently released Display Business Trends – PDF) but while full of promise and pizazz, they are not without their limitations.

Integrating these much larger ad units is likely going to take some creative integration to ensure both advertisers and users receive an optimal experience – but that’s only the tip of the digital iceberg. Google has made it known in the past that it does take page layout into account (at least to some degree) when ranking sites and these banners are bound to present some problems – we’ll see how much as more publishers integrate them.

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Why Your Google Adsense Account Is Banned – Reasons of Disapprove

How to get approved in Google adsense program is a big question in the mind of many bloggers and webmasters, Google is disapproving and disabling the adsense accounts of many bloggers and webmasters those are violating Google adsense program, in this post i am going to explain in detail why Google is not approving your application in Google Adsense program and also why Google disbaled or disapproved your account.

Google is fighting with spammy websites and blogs, at present the approving an account in Google adsense process is entirely changed, when you apply for your Adsense program Google will allow you to insert ads into your blog and the engineers of Adsense will review your blog for 2 days, if they find anything against adsense policy they will immediately disapprove or disable your account.

Today i got an email from Google adsense they disbaled my adsense account, they don’t illustrate the main reason but they said its not safe to keep your account in our program it will damage our advertisers in future, so i want to share the reasons why my adsense account is banned?

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AdSense for Feeds Dies, AdSense for Search Rocks!

AdSense publishers are bloggers and webmasters who have been approved by the Google AdSense team to participate in the program and earn a cut from the ads placed on their blogs.

In a nutshell this is how the AdSense program works: Advertisers set up accounts in AdWords and Google will attempt to match up the ads and display them on the web pages with relevant content. The hope is that people will see an ad that interests them, and they will click through to the Advertiser’s site and eventually invest in their products or services.

Face it, some people just don’t like AdSense

Seems like a nice simple strategy were in the end, everyone is happy. The Advertiser gets business, Google makes money, and the AdSense publisher (you) get’s a nice cut too. But the the concept of using AdSense as a method of monetizing your blog or site is met with some controversy.

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4 Best Alternatives to Google Adsense

Google Ad sense is the most famous advertising program launched by Google. It is highest revenue giving site. Google ad sense have some terms and conditions if someone don’t follow their rules and guidelines the simply banned that user.

There are also other reasons they block Ad sense account. Most of the publishers from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Philippines are blocked due to their government policies. Due to these problems bloggers and web developers look for alternatives.

Some bloggers, who have their Ad sense, search for alternatives to boost up their income.There are hindered of alternative out there. You have to choose right one for your blog. While choosing you need to keep some points in mind.

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Applying to Google Adsense before read this ?

Making money online is not easy and not difficult. Every one who are maintaining blogger blog/ wordpress blog can earn money by true methods.

Google Adsense is Giant Advertiser in the Content advertising category. But, these days Google Adsense has changed their terms and conditions with Privacy policy.
Some of the guys are going to open a blog to earn money online via Google Adsense, this is not a bad idea but you have to follow certain senses to earn money online via Google Adsense.
Before you going to apply first read the Google Adsense policies carefully, whether your blog matches with Google Adsense policies.
Before Google Adsense rejects your application Check whether your blog content not voilating Google Adsense policies.

If you confirmed that not violating any type of Google Adsense policies, then cheerup you are eligible for Adsense and earn money online.Google Adsense is best choice for New bloggers
Earning money depends on the content of blog/website, Google Adsense targets its ads on the basis of content related.

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Top 10 Highly Optimized WordPress Templates For AdSense!

Earning money is almost every one’s passion out there. As everyone of you would want to earn the most amount you can to fulfill all the desires which you have and which you want to fulfill in this lifetime of yours.

For this purpose everyone struggles and works hard to the utmost level one can and according to his level. But in this modern era of today, only hard work isn’t the only way through which you can earn that much through which you can fulfill every desire of yours, complete all your plans you have made. Surely you need to have some other tools with you that contribute to your hard work and help you in achieving your ultimate goal.

Now if i talk about the community that earns on line and in it the blogging community in particular, The use of tools is a really important and the basic task as finding and using the most efficient tool is really important. And it is a hectic job folks i agree to this point and hope all of you too agree to this. And surely the use of tools do help a lot. Making this thing really easy, my today’s post includes some of the best templates that can help make your on line stuff much better and give a boost to your on line earning, for sure folks!

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Google AdSense Publishers

If you’re only going to use Google AdSense, may need more a niche website. You need a network of websites to a large income. Some people have literally thousands of niche sites, all with AdSense ads on them and this is their only source of income.Many people try to promote your niche websites using Google AdWords. For most, it is rarely pans. You need to optimize niche sites for search engines to the spot, and rely on search engine optimization traffic. Other promotional can also be used, but if on the promotion of thousands of individual websites, is that these impossible. You need to use AdWords and your budget depending on how AdSense ads are, or use the search engine natural traffic engineering.

AdSense ads can also be used on their blogs. In fact, AdSense publishers a lot of money by simply writing about what they know or are interested. They all use marketing techniques to make blogs successful as ping and trackbacks use.They placed the Google AdSense code in all its Blog pages, and can also promote affiliate products on their computers. AdSense publishers too much time for adjustment and tuning of its website, ensure that they fully search engine optimized and highly targeted Ads on their sites.

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